Saturday, December 27, 2008

Response to Shri Chaudhari's comment

Subj: Response to Shri Chaudhari's comment
Namaskar! There is a Sanskrit verse: SARVA DHARMAH SAMBHWAY, it does not say that in it an ADHARMA can also be accommodated.
Hindus are often bullied and blackmailed that if our scriptures say all religions are same then why do they exclude Islam. This sort of blame also comes from ignorant Hindus too.
Some persons, who must be of the lowest intelligence cannot come to the terms that Religion is pious, religion is Maryada, religion is Civilised and civilising code and conduct. How can we include a school of thought in the definition of religion, which advocates perpetual conflict with those, who do not subscribe to such an ideologgy?
Therefore all religions are indeed same as envisaged in our holy scriptures, but irreligion has no place there or any where!
BK Chaudhari
2. My Take:
Namashkar to you as well, Chaudhari Sahib.
Some persons, who must be of the lowest intelligence cannot come to the terms that Religion is pious, religion is Maryada, religion is Civilised and civilising code and conduct. How can we include a school of thought in the definition of religion, which advocates perpetual conflict with those, who do not subscribe to such an ideologgy?
COMMENT: Quite true !
Sullas are not particularly bright, they are not even smart enough to recognize that:
a. Islam has spread through the use of force ( sword ), and that Islam has let loose a tornado of Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) slaughter.
b. Civilization of Islamic societies is nearly zero.
c. Islam’s toleration of Kafir religions ( Non-Moslem religions ) is less than zero.
3. You are absolutely correct that religion is supposed to be pious, civilized, and for the uplift of the soul. But Islam is exact opposite of this definition. Islam is for the wreckage of soul, and for the destruction of Kafir religions ( Non-Moslem religions ).
To put it simply:
Islam is not a religion at all. Islam is an imperialist political ideology. To include Islam among the civilized religions or as a Dharma, is just about the most ill-advised notion.
4. To put it in historical sense of depth:
It was the Sullas of India who stated in 1946 that:
They did not want to live with Kafirs of India, and wanted to live in a land of their own, which they labeled as Pakistan. But after the creation of Pakistan ( in 1947 ), more than 90 % of these same Sullas stayed back in India…..why & with what face ?
Why don’t these Sullas get their A** up in Pakistan ?
The loyalty ( to India ) of these Sullas is Highly-Suspect.
If it were up to me, I would send these sneaky-crooks ( all of them ), cart-wheeling to Pakistan.
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, December 25, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Hindus have been told & are still being told, every day of the week, by Phoney-Liberal Hindu Holy Men ( HHMs ….90 % of the HHMs are of the phoney-liberal brand ) that all religions are the same, and that they all lead to the same destination. This is a Big Fat Lie, In fact, this is first-rate, ace lie, there is no truth or reality in this ballyhoo. Many among these HHMs also ballyhoo:
“ Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai “
Neither are all religions the same, nor do they lead to the same destination. If all religions were the same, then why would they use different scriptures, why would they go to different places of worship, why would their messages be different, and so on & on ?
2. Regarding Hindu Muslim Bhai Bahi Baloney:
How can a butcher & his victim be bhai bhai ?
How can a sinner & saint be bhai bhai ?
How can a bank-robber & bank-manager be bhai bhai ?
How can a Moslem & Hindu be bhai bhai ?
What is not baloney is that, Hindus have received bum dope from, Hindu leaders & HHMs. If we Hindus do not wake up to this phoney-baloney, then we are all lost. One has to be insane not to recognize, the reference & meaning of revolting-teachings of Quran & Hadis. Take a look:
a. On unbelievers ( that is, non-Moslem Infidels, also called Kafirs ) is the curse of Allah
b. Allah is the enemy to unbelievers
c. The unbelievers are impure, and their abode is hell
d. Moslems are superior people, entitled to rule the rest of the world
And so on & on.
3. Islam’s record of history reveals ( Christianity is same way ) that:
Islam’s contribution to human civilization is big fat zero. The followers of Islam ( the Sullas ) want to live in the sixth century, they want to impose their boorish, barbaric Islamic ideology, on the rest of the world. Throughout the year, the Moslems are engaged in terrorism, coups, blood-shed, and above all Kafir-Killing ( killing of Non-Moslem Infidels ). Islam was born in blood, it succeeds through blood, and it shall continue its blood-letting, as long as it survives, or is allowed to survive. Islam cannot operate any other way. It is absolutely foolish to conceive that, Islam can be reformed. According to Moslems, Islam is perfect, revelatory and hence cannot be changed, modified, or amended in any way. Any attempt to modify it, would invite the penalty of death.
4. Moslems in a Kafir-country always complain of injustice, which has never been done to them. The only injustice done to them in a Kafir-land, is their inability to dominate the Kafirs & convert the Kafirs to Allah’s religion, and they regard this as, iniquity & unfairness. Because they expend their time on Quran & Hadis, rather than learning the sciences & skills of modern age, they cannot compete with Kafirs, in either education, knowledge, skills, or earning power. Moslems can certainly improve through the study of modern science & education, but not through the study of Quran & Hadis ( the two gospels of hate ). Nor can they learn the entities of freedoms, rights, responsibilities, or duties, through the study of Quran & Hadis. Through the study of Quran & Hadis, they will only learn to hate the Kafirs, to kill Kafirs, pillage & plunder Kafir property, and rape Kafir-Women.
5. Moslems are told by their grease monkeys ( Islamic-Clergy ) that, their Islam is the perfect religion, and will rule the world. This is not going to happen. Moslems are living in a Fool’s Paradise, because they are not smart enough to realize that what their grease-monkeys ( Islamic-Clergy ) are telling them, is a fiction & fabrication.
Regardless, however, Moslems cannot be reformed, improved, or made reasonable, by asking them to respect others ( that is, Non-Moslem Kafirs ). They have not done this in the last 1400 years, and they are not going to do it, this time around. The only way is to confront Sullas & eliminate them.
6. To conclude:
If you don’t defeat Islam, then Islam will defeat you.
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, December 21, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The recent terrorism attack on Mumbai has brought to light, the incompetence of the UPA government, its ideological-confusion, & the pathetic failure of its intelligence agencies. UPA government is trying to save its face, by inventing excuses, finding scapegoats & dumping them summarily, occasionally ballyhooing with a roar, and then shrinking into a whimper. UPA’s gift of goofy, soft & silky approaches towards terrorism, do not square with the challenges of Islamic-terrorism, because its anti-terrorism methods have a total-disconnect with, the reality of the ferocity & bloodthirstiness of Islam. Islam was born in blood, it succeeds through blood, & it will continue its blood-letting of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), as long as it survives ( or is allowed to survive ). You can bet your bottom dollar on this verity. Islam’s religious hatred & intolerance of Kafirs & Kafir-religions, is phenomenal.
The basic aim of Islam, which is quite vicious & barbaric is that:
“ Kafirs must be destroyed & Kufr must be eliminated from Allah’s world.”
2. Moslems believe that this world is Allah’s creation, everything in it belongs to Allah ( and by implication, it belongs to Allah’s followers ), and Kafirs are in illegal possession of the assets of this world. The Moslems, therefore, feel free to dispossess the Kafirs of what they have.
Because of this, it is not correct to say that, Islam is a spiritual religion. There is no place for spirituality in Islam. Islam is a political religion & political-power is Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ) for the Moslems. This is the reality of Islam’s belief system.
Islam is not good, Islam is evil because it teaches that, any bum, any thief, any cheat, scoundrel or adulterer, can go to Janat, if he accepts Islam. This kind of absoluteness rubs off on believers of Islam, in a very very nasty way.
It is fitting to describe the type of sermons that, Islamic-Clergy parcels out to its faithfuls:
Moslems have no alternative to, an armed holy war ( Jehad ) against profane religions & governments. And what is Holy War ? Holy war means the conquest of all Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) religions & territories. Such a war may be declared under the direction of the Islamic-Imam or under his orders. The final objective of this Holy War is, to put Quranic Law in power, from one end of the earth to the other. Moslems have no recourse other than to overthrow, all Kafir governments that do not rest on pure Islamic principles, and are thus corrupt, and the Moslems must tear down these rotten & unjust systems.
3. Thus Islam has one focus & one objective, and that is to root out Kufr & Kafirs. Moslems are taught that, in some cases deception is necessary, for the maintenance of Islam. Without it, the faith of Islam cannot survive. That is why Islam has put so many people to death, to safeguard the interests of the Moslem community. In fact, Islam has obliterated many tribes, because they were sources of corruption, and were harmful to the welfare of the Moslems.
And how has the UPA government protected the interests of the Kafirs of India ? Very very shabbily !
At no time, has this UPA government taken any measures that, result in successful protection of the rights of the Kafir-Hindu. In fact, UPA has been relentlessly undermining Hindu rights & interests. Its policies & programs are designed to assist the Moslems of India, to secure their votes in the polling booth, under the notorious system of vote-bank politics. Vote-bank politics does next to nothing for the Kafir-Hindu, but helps Islam to make further inroads inside our Bharat-Varsha.
4. The lesson of the phoney-liberal politics of UPA, is not lost upon the sworn Jehadis of Islam. The resolute Jehadis can see that, UPA government is a paper-tiger, its bombastic pronouncements are “ sound & fury, “ they signify nothing. They can see that:
a. The UPA government could not even hang a convicted-terrorist Afzal Guru ( the mastermind of the attack on the Indian Parliament )
b. On every occasion, whether it is Ayodhya temple or Barbri Masjid, Article 370, Infiltration of Bangladeshi Moslems, Enactment of Common Civil Law, Hindi vs. Urdu, Vande Maatram, Cow Slaughter, UPA has bent over backward, to accommodate the Moslems at the cost of the Hindu.
c. The Phoney-Liberal members of the UPA issue phoney-rhetoric, to justify their soft ( goofy ) approaches, and then retreat into their phoney-liberal cubby-holes. By & large, they are giving a Nelson’s Eye to Islamic terrorism ( they need Moslem votes, don’t they ? ), knowingly or unknowingly contributing the destruction to the indigenous Hindu culture.
d. Some phoney-liberals are topping it all, with a totally-foolish suggestion that:
“ A stable Pakistan is in India’s best interest, and that more financial aid should be provided to Pakistan ( our enemy ), to transform a “ bad boy Pakistan “ into a “ good boy Pakistan .” In other words, they are suggesting some kind of Marshall-Plan for Pakistan.
How Crazy can you get ? Do they & those who support them have a Death-Wish ?
5. What these phoney-liberal fail to recognize is that, Pakistani army controls virtually the whole of Pakistan & its entire economy. Any economic-assist to Pakistan, will only assist Paki-Army & its notorious ISI ( 100% controlled by Paki-Army ). Both Paki-Army & its ISI have a pathological hatred of India.
Assisting these notorious Jehadi outfits is like telling the bull to:
“ Come and Hit Me. “
Phoney-Liberals have never been accused of being terribly smart. Consequently, you can expect almost any thing, any coca-mania idea, from the phoney-liberal politicians of India..
If these Phoneys had their smartness in the right place, then rather than trying to make Pakistan a true democracy, they would want to destabilize Pakistan, split it into as many countries as they can, and get rid of the problem once & for all. Period ! Then there will neither be bamboo, nor a flute, and Jehadi drums will become quiet…at least for a while !
6. The biggest mistake of the UPA bunch is its failure to perceive that, Pakistan’s jugular vein is its dependence on India, for water for its agriculture. All the rivers of Panjab going into Pakistan, have their origin in India, and lie in India’s hands. This is a “ TREMENDOUS “ strategic advantage that India has. India can stop Chenab & Jhelum ( and other rivers too ), without even giving notice of, unilateral termination of Indus water treaty. This kind of action, will get Pakistan’s attention in double-quick time, and will force it to agree to terms, to the extent we desire. Reason is very simple:
Pakistanis have an addiction, they are addicted to eating. Consequently :
“ When the choice is between food on the table, and Islamic-Jehad, 99 % of the Moslems will vote for food. “
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, December 18, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Because of its note-worthy eminence in terrorism, Pakistan carries the name-brand of “ Epicenter Of Terrorism, “ a title of real distinction. What we have seen & are becoming apprised of is that, the encampment of world’s deadliest terror groups is in Pakistan. These terror-groups want to establish Islamic states every where in the world. For their mission, they are willing to kill & get killed. Their chieftain, Hazrat Mohammad, tried to make his Moslems, fanatic, ferocious, & fearless, in pursuit of misdeeds of murder & misery. In Quran it is stated :
“ Count not those who were slain in Allah’s way as dead, but rather living with their Allah, by him provided, rejoicing in the bounty that Allah has given them…….”
Note: If those who have been slain in the way of Allah, are not dead, they why should they be afraid of death ? Then why can’t they continue their acts of terrorism, without any concern or moral compunction ?
2. Is there any mystery that, that Hazrat Mohammad’s teachings, injected hatred, prejudice, and barbaric violence, into the hearts of ignorant Moslems, and resulted in the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), of the world through fourteen centuries. Moslems are taught that everything in the world is Allah’s creation, and belongs to Allah. So Moslems can freely use ( and possess ) everything that is in the world ( the implication here is that, Kafirs are in illegal possession of what they have ), and build an Islamic empire ( every where in the world ). Moslems reject every other Kafir ( Non-Moslem ) religion or culture, and describe it as Jahiliyya ( Ignorance ). It is the same stock of ignorance, that prevailed in Arabia, before Mohammad’s time. Considered in the ideological sense, Islam bears a very close affinity & resemblance to both Fascism & Communism.
3. In Islam, it is the greatest sin & heinous crime, not to believe in Mohammad ( and his teachings ). So Mohammad’s teachings in Quran & Hadis, are the starting point of the thinking of these terrorist-groups. Both Quran & Hadis provide an ideological-boost, to their transnational-terrorism. The Islamic Clergy tutoring these Jehadi groups, makes it clear to them that, an absolute confrontation exists ( they don’t have any nagging doubts about it ), between Moslems & Kafirs, between Dar-Ul-Islam & Dar-Ul-Harb, and that it is their duty to free the world of all Kufr ( that is, of all Kafir/Non-Moslem religions & cultures ), with the use of military prowess. When the objective is this immense & cardinal, the Moslem faithfuls find it very helpful, to use clandestine organizations. Thus Moslem terrorist groups of Pakistan ( and of other places ) develop a network of associated organizations & fronts. They quickly move into throngs like students, labor unions, and other skilled & unskilled groups, to force-multiply & propel their design of establishing new Islamic states, & bring about new Islamic order of ages.
4. Do these terrorist-groups have any difficulty, finding faithful Jehadi-pupils in Pakistan ? Not at all ! In fact, thousands volunteer each week, all of them are eager to become, the revolutionary-vanguard of Islamic-Jehad, against the hateful Kafirs of the world. The revolutionary-rhetoric of these terror-groups, draws heavily from the themes of Quran & Hadis. The power of these terrorist-groups stretches out, far & wide into the Moslem society of Pakistan. They have roaringly-infiltrated Pakistani military & intelligence agencies. They glean powerful support, supplies, and training from the Pakistani military & intelligence agencies. Because of this far-flung support, lots of deadly terrorist-groups have become established in Pakistan, some of them are named as “ Mujahideen-Militia. “
5. There is no doubt nor any skeptical concern that, Mumbai-attack was the product of sophisticated thinking & planning. It could not have been possible without the “ Active “ support of Pakistani state apparatus. But Pakistan is denying this. Pakistan is even refusing to accept the bodies of killed-Jehadis, as that would amount to confession of guilt. Pakistan had refused to accept the bodies, of its soldiers killed in Kargil war too, because that would prove that it was the aggressor. As usual, Pakistan is trying to lie its way, out of a problem, this time around as well.
6. To put it simply, Jehadies & Terrorist-Groups, constitute a half of Pakistani-Establishment. India, USA, UK, and the UN, are trying to get Pakistan to crack down on its terrorist groups, and close down their camps. Pakistan is making a big show of crack-down on the terrorists, but in actual matter of fact, Pakistan is doing nothing of the sort. The terrorists have just gone into the shadows, and are running as freely as ever. This farce should not amaze any rational person.
Why would the government of Pakistan, act against the Jehadis ( and terrorist groups ), when its own intelligence agancies ( ISI et al ) & its own military, are so profusely-involved, in supporting & strengthening these terrorist-groups ?
7. India ought to dismiss the fallacious-explanations of Pakistan, and take strong action, to disband & destroy the terrorist groups & camps, inside Pakistan, so that they think twice, before daring to attack India again.
Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, December 15, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Pakistan/ Jehadistan/ Terroristan. This land of the Pak ( pure ) is the terrain of triple-stan ( or triple-satan ). Its injudicious people have been brain-washed into Kafir-Hatred, and extra-strength Jehad, by the imbecilic grease monkeys of Islam ( Islamic-Clergy ), through promises of a sure ticket to Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), which is the goal of every single Moslem.
It does not occur to imprudent Moslems that, these promises are big-fat lies, and what they are getting is., a Bum-Dope from the Islamic Clergy..
Worse yet, every Moslem ( especially Pakistani ) is taught that, Allah has bought Islam’s Followers, in exchange for the gift of Janat, provided they fight in the way of Allah, provided they kill & get killed. This is a promise binding upon Allah, and who can fulfill this covenant truer than Allah ?
2. This contract, between Allah & his Moslems, reveals the real nature of Allah & his Jehad. This contract will not be considered a Legal-Contract, in any court of a civilized country. It is Not a legal contract, but it is Binding ( upon the Moslem ). This contract exposes Allah’s morality &demonstrates that:
Allah has no respect for human life. Every civilized society regards murder as the most heinous crime, but Allah considers this horrid-activity ( Jehadic-Killing ) as a Sacred-Duty of the Moslem. Allah declares that this contract is so beneficial to a Moslem that, he ranks it as a bargain.
To make sure that Believers ( that is, Moslems ) commit these kinds of detestable-misdeeds, Allah assures the Believers that he ( Allah ) is the best keeper of promises. Thus with these kinds of promises, Allah legalizes all horrors of murder, war, and immorality.
Further, Jehad is not ordinary, run-of- the mill, contract. It is a Divine-Command ( of Allah ), which ranks it into the same category, as the five basic cannons of Islam. What is noteworthy here is that, Allah encourages believers to be “ Willing-Terrorists ,“ with promises of protection & very attractive rewards in Janat. In one Hadis ( House of Imran ), Allah asks:
“ Those believers who have been slain in the way of Allah, are not dead, so why should they be afraid of death ? “
Read-out of this question is simplicity itself. It means that Allah wants his believers to, continue their acts of terrorism, without any qualm, concern, or compunction.
3. It appears from Quran ( Allah’s Commands ) that Terrorizing Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) is the Basic ( and Sacred ) duty of a Moslem.
Is anybody surprised at the recent terrorist-attack on the city of Mumbai ? This terrorist-attack is 100 % Jehad, and totally in compliance with the teachings of Islam.
Think of the great evil that has befallen on this world, as a result of Hazrat Mohammad‘s fanaticism. Think of hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs, who have been murdered through his despicable-teachings, mothers bereft of their children, children made orphans, whole countries & cultures destroyed, and hundreds of millions of innocent people massacred.
Moslems are taught that, every ritual, form, image, or ceremony , carried out by a Kafir ( Non-Moslem ) is Kufr ( Sinful ). The Moslem does not think so, when it comes to his own shrine of Kaaba. Every Moslem, wherever he prays, must imagine that he is standing before the Kaaba. When he makes a pilgrimage to Kaaba, he must kiss the black-stone ( an idol ) in the wall of the shrine. But Moslems have never been accused of being either terribly smart or immoderately consistent. In fact, they are highly deviant & contradictory.
4. Regardless, however, Islamic religion allows a Moslem to kill Kafirs, that is, all those who are not of his religion. It is “ clearly “ stated in Quran:
“ Kill the Kafirs ( Infidels ) if hey do not becomes Moslems. They must be put to fire & Sword. “
In the entire history of mankind, there has not been a religion, which has shed so much blood, and which has been so cruel to Kafirs ( Non-Moslems ) as Islam. Quran’s teaching to Moslems is that:
“ It is a mercy to kill Kafirs ( Non-Moslems ), and it a sure way for a Moslem to get to Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), where he will have the wildest-sex with 72 houries. “
Think of the colossal amount of blood that has been shed by Moslems, in pursuance of this imbecilic belief of Islam.
History of India is filled to repletion, with accounts of Moslem’s barbarism against the Kafir-Hindu. Wave after wave of Moslem barbarians rolled over, the sacred land of our Bharat Varsha. “ Allah Ho Akbar “ has rent the skies of India, for hundreds of years. No Hindu knew what moment would be his last.
A Moslem’s watchword is:
“ There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet “
Every thing else beyond that is only bad, and must be destroyed forthwith.
5. Because of these teachings of Islam, a Moslem has believed that:
The Hindu is idolatrous, hateful-Kafir, hence in this life he deserves to be killed, and in the next, eternal hell is in store for him
Is there any doubt in anybody’s mind that, Islam has a commitment to high level of brutality & barbarism, against the Kafirs of the world ?
5. What should the Hindus do ?
The Hindus ought to be unsparing in dealing with, the ruthless Jehadis of Islam, and crack the hell out of Pakistan.
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, December 7, 2008


By S.P. Attri (USA )
1. The recent blood-bath of innocent people, the razing & wracking of hotels & railroad terminals in Mumbai, was no more contemporaneous than, the slaughter of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of Mecca, the tearing down of Meccan temples & shattering of all idols inside them, some 1400 years ago. The usual suspects in both cases are Moslem-Mujahideens. The propaganda of Islamic-Clergy that, Islam is a religion of, peace, love, and brotherhood, is a half-a** baloney. It is a rhetoric that is designed to, justify the brutal, plunderous, & piratical instincts of followers of Islam, and of the imbecilic teachings of Islam & of its clergy.
Islamic Clergy ( Mullahs, Maulvies et al ) insist that, Moslems have been maltreated & molested, and they are only struggling to eradicate this injustice. This phoney-baloney explanation may sound acceptable & satisfactory to, the smooth-speaking jerks of the Phoney-Liberal gang, but cannot mask the specific reality that, this harebrained bunch is terribly out-of-touch with the true face of Islam. Their perspective is suicidal, it is totally disconnected from, facing up to the terrorizing-threat of Islam, that is making an ugly face at them.
2. Throughout its entire history of 1400 years, Islam’s followers have continue their fiendish & gory deeds of murder & massacre, plunder & rape of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), with the greatest Islamic glee & gusto. The phoney-liberals neither have the knowledge nor the pride to, bravely & fiercely defend their ancient & holy Vedic faith. To expect them to renounce & denounce the sickening record of, un-mitigated Islamic barbarism, is expecting a lot. It is not going to happen. But phoney-liberals do not abide in India alone. They have a stay in nearly all Western countries. As a result of their pussy-footing approaches towards Islam, a wide network of Muslim-Mujahideens, carry on their Islamic-Offense all across the globe.
3. Islam teaches its followers that, they don’t have to deal with Kafirs, on the basis of either fairness or with straight-shooting. Because of this ingrained-ingloriousness on the part of Islam & of its followers, there is a wide gap between what the Moslems say & what they mean. That is why there is no relation between what the Pakistan government says, and what kind of truculent movements operate within its territories. Their responsibility cannot be nullified by, a few picked-up gestures & pious-platitudes, offered to American & European leaders..
Islam is very ill-tempered, and its pugnaciousness is further heightened by, the phoney-liberal politicians of India, USA, & Europe. As a consequence of their soft approaches towards Islam, Islamic outfits like LeT ( Lashkar-e-Taiba ) are boldly recruiting thousands of fresh Mujahideens in Europe, Pakistan, India and at other places, in blatant view of the local populations. LeT has demonstrated that it can strike any where, and at any time, and that counter-terrorism drills of democracies, are totally useless in stopping them. Democracies expend too much time & effort, studying what motivates the Mujahideens, and devote too little effort, nerve & vigor, in going after the Mujahideens in real earnest.
4. There are no places in the world without Moslems. Islam has pierced & punctured through every place on earth. Is there anything that India &, other democracies of the world, can do ? Yes, they can. They can abandon their phoney-liberal peccadilloes, and go after the dirty-scoundrels of Islam, who are snakes in the grass, and eradicate these rotten characters, without the least bit of lingering.
To repeat: Mujahideens of Islam, who have a sacred-duty to eliminate Kafirs, are a well-established international organization, March of these Mujahideens is a paramount fact of our life. Urgent, not urbane, measures are needed to quickly put them out of business. What is needed is not rhetoric, but a potent counter-action.
5. Some of the Mujahideens in India, are openly shouting that :
“ Moslems ruled India for 800 years,
Inshaaallah, we shall return to power again. “
Against this threat, we Hindus can be, either Pro-Active or Reactive, but not Both. In this world, those who anticipate & pro-act, become winners, but those others who only react, become the garbage of history.
Lesson to be learned is awfully-simple. We Hindus need to shed the false notion, of our 1200 year old habit of, reactivity & defensive mentality, and go after the Sullas, with the intention of liquidating them.
Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, December 1, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The people of India ( and of the world ) in general, and of Mumbai in particular, have just beheld, the nauseating-face of Islamic-Terror in Mumbai. The silky-soft & pussy-footing approaches of the UPA government, have brought the repulsive face of Islamic-Terror to several Indian cities, the most recent one is the city of Mumbai. Terrorists continue to attack India, because India does not retaliate. There is also the question of composite culture & secularism ( in reality it is pseudo-secularism ), on the basis of which the UPA government is trying to bring about Hindu-Muslim Unity in India. The non-violence school of UPA is trying to solve the problems of India, on the basis of this theory. Wave after wave of terrorist attacks against the cities of India, is the consequence of this bankrupt theory, the latest episode is the nightmare of Mumbai, the UPA government is to blame, but Indians particularly the Hindus & the foreign tourists, had to pay the price for UPA’s incompetence.
2. Has the UPA government solved the problem of Hindu-Muslim unity ?
Hardly ! They have done no such thing. They are making such a fetish of Hindu-Muslim Unity, totally ignoring the reality, which is that to a Moslem, Hindu-Muslim Unity means, the subjugation of the Hindu Majority by the Muslim-Minority, the way it had been during the period of Islamic Rule in India.
Islamic Clergy talks of Universal Brotherhood, but what comes out of Islam is, that any body who is not a Moslem, shall not be admitted into this brotherhood, most likely he shall have his throat slit.

3. How can you live peacefully with a religion whose principle is Intolerance, which says blatantly that Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) shall not be tolerated ? How can you live peacefully or have composite culture with a people, who follow a religion that teaches intolerance of those who do not subscribe to their religion ? How can Hindu-Muslim unity be arrived at when, Moslems go on converting Hindus practically all over ( Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India…Kashmir ), while Hindus are advised not to convert any Moslem ?
Can the Moslems be made tolerant & harmless ?
Not a chance, in the spectrum of possibilities !
The kind of teaching & preaching that the Moslems receive, from their Mullahs & Maulvies eggs them on to wars. Like Christians, they have engaged in religious wars for 1400 years, they are not about to abandon their profitable business, of Islamic-Propagation & Domination through Jehad. Islam was born in blood, it survives through blood-spilling, and it shall continue its blood-letting as long it survives or is allowed to survive.

4. In spite of historic examples of Islam’s mammoth-barbarism, the UPA types have chosen to ignoring the stinking record of Islam, hurt the Hindu, and appease the Moslem. Some blatant examples of Anti-Hindu Bias of the UPA types & of its ineptness are:
a. It was Manmohan Singh who tried to grant pardon to Afzal Guru ( a convicted-terrorist ), his UPA cohorts were talking politely to relatives of terrorists, for getting some Moslem votes.
b. UPA government has totally failed to stop illegal migration of terrorists, across the border from Pakistan & Bangladesh. In fact, the UPA types have colluded with Muslim League, Majlis, & Islamists of Assam. Thousands of Pakistanis coming to India as visitors, never return to Pakistan on expiry of their visas. UPA government does not even know where they are, let alone take any action against them.
c. Because of its incompetence, the response of UPA to Mumbai-Terror, was slow, confused, and inefficient. The forces initially sent to the scene were inexperienced police officers, many of them were killed. It took them ( UPA ) some time to grasp the scope of the attack. The terrorists had killed over a hundred & wounded three hundred, before the skilled Commando forces of the military ( MARCOS & NSG ) were deployed.
d. Several local Moslems helped the terrorists, who not only provided them shelter, but also showed them around places & police stations. The widely held view is that, terrorist foot-prints go back to Pakistan.
e. The performance of Indian Intelligence agencies, both at state & federal level, under UPA watch, has been pathetic.
f. And so on & on.
5. On account of superficial knowledge or total ignorance of Islam ( and its hatred of Kafirs ), on the part of UPA types, & its chosen profession of vote-bank politics, they are dooming the Hindu population of India for sure.
The ignoramuses of the UPA bunch have totally failed to realize that, the Moslem terrorists are not just following the dictates of a commandant. Their master is Allah, and they are doing Jehad in Allah’s name. All Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) are their target, all infidels are equal ( equal-Kafirs ). Unless this fact is clearly understood by the Hindus ( and by the democracies of the world ), they cannot stand together to confront Allah’s Mujahideens.
In attacking Mumbai, the Moslem-Terrorists attacked the Dar-Ul-Harb of India. They need no permission to attack a Dar-Ul-Harb. Islam allows Moslems to kill all those who are not of their religion. Quran clearly states:
“ Kill the infidels if they do not become Mohammedans. They must be put to the sword. “
The anti-national gang of India, comprising Leftists, UPA types, and Phoney-Liberal Hindus, have all contributed to the act of, bold terrorist Jehad on Mumbai. These ignoramuses blame the dreadful terror practiced during Jehad ( Islam’s Holy War ), on the actions of some misguided Moslem youth, rather than tell it like it is, that is:
Islam is a cruel & cunning scheme of terror. Islam goads its followers, with the promise of a beautiful Janat ( Islam’s Paradise ), with its luxurious surroundings & wildest sex with 72 Houries for each Moslem. This is a cunning promise of Islam, which motivates Moslem youth to secure followers of Islam, through terror, torture, and treachery ( the tools of Jehad ). A Moslem treats Jehad as the most sacred duty.

6. The five Non-Jehadic pillars of Islam, provide no guarantee to a Moslem, for entry into Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ). But Jehad, which requires a Moslem to murder, maime, and mutilate Non-Moslem Infidels ( the Kafirs ), provides an Absolute-Guarantee of entry into Janat.
Says one Hadith:
“ Leaving for Jehad in the way of Allah, in the morning or evening, will merit a reward better than the whole world, and all that is in it. “
Another Hadith says:
“ The martyr will desire to return to this world, and be killed ten times for the sake of the great honor, that has been bestowed upon him. “
“ Paradise lies under the shades of swords. “
“ Acting as Allah’s soldier for one night in a battlefield, is superior to saying prayers for 2000 years. “
“ He who travels to participate in Jehad, the dust he encounters in the process, shall become fragrance for him, on the Day Of Judgment. “
7. In the Nightmare that has just visited the city of Mumbai, the dark vision of Islamic-Terror, has come upon India & on Hindus in particular. The details of Hindu’s Future under the UPA government, are not difficult to predict. No Indian and certainly no Hindu, should have any illusions, about the competency of the UPA government. UPA needs to be thrown out !
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, November 27, 2008


By S.P. Attri (USA )
1. That is why the Jehadists of Islam swooped down on Mumbai, with their customary Islamic-Fury. The Jehadis, who were rifle-men, machine-gunners, & grenadiers, not only were lavishly-equipped, not only were very well trained, and highly-coordinated, but were very well informed about the lay-out of the city of Mumbai. Although they came by boats from the Arabian Sea, they seemed to know exactly where to hit. No way could they have struck the heart of Mumbai with such precision, without the active support of the local Muslim population. What about our Intelligence agencies of Police, Military, and Government ? They were caught sleeping…every one of them !
2. Now we are hearing harrowing tales of slaughter, kidnapping, hostage-taking, killing dozens of innocents at every place, through rifle, machine-gun fire & grenade assaults. Certainly many Moslems ( if not all ) are relishing the devilish deeds of their co-religionists. Such acts of terrorism & barbarism go against the innermost voice of civilized societies, but terrorism is something very sacred in Islam. Islam’s leader, Hazrat Mohammed secured his prophet hood through terror. His Quran blatantly declares that:
“ Allah is the enemy to Un-Believers ( that is Non-Moslem Infidels, identified as Kafirs in Quran ). “
As a consequence, Allah will throw all Kafirs, into burning hell-fire.
This makes both Hazrat Mohammed & his Allah as the biggest terrorists, yet Quran repeatedly calls Allah, the most-merciful & most-compassionate. Since this is the way of life, prescribed for a Moslem by Islam, how can Islam mean peace ? That is why though Islamic-Clergy presents Islam as a religion, of peace, love, & brotherhood, in actual practice, Islam is the worst type of terror.
3. What is the response of GOI, to this blood-bath of the Kafir-Hindu, to this Islamic ceremony of murder ?
They are issuing routine perfunctory statements, such as:
We are horrified, shocked & stunned. They are advising the population to stay calm, while the expansionist barbaric ideology of Islam marches ahead, and wants the Kafir-Hindu only dead.
Some Hindus also feel some kind of guilt. They say:
“ We must have mis-treated these poor fellows ( Sullas ), that is why they keep coming back at us, again & again. “
That is how they rationalize the barbarism of Islam.
This is rationalization alright, but it is not true, it is a bummer, very depressing & disappointing. We Hindus have not mis-treated the Moslems. The poverty & backwardness of the Moslem, is in the very make-up of the Moslem mind. The Moslem believes that Islam is a perfect society, and Moslems are superior to all other communities in India. They are a minority in India, but never stop dreaming of spreading their faith throughout India & of ruling India. That is why they oppose family planning for Moslems of India, they are obsessed with the idea, of increasing their numbers to control things in India.
4. Sullas don’t kill us Hindus, because of their poverty, but because they take pride in killing Kafir-Hindus, they perk themselves up as Ghazis after killing a hateful-Kafir. They become proud as a peacock, with a guaranteed ticket to Janat ( Moslem’s paradise ), where each one of them, will experience sex with 72 Houris & 28 handsome boys. They would kill any Kafir for that kind of rich-reward/ Bloated as they are with the pride of having killed Kafirs, since Mumbai is Not Dar-Ul-Islam, why should it have peace. Since the course of life in Islam, is based on terror & torture, it is disdainful & very shameful of Phoney-Liberal Hindus, to put up a good face on the savagery of Islam.
This kind of attempt by the Phoney-Liberals, to deal with the terrorism & barbarism of Islam, has no credibility. They are not confronting Islam, they are playing games, they are putting their talents in a napkin, they are not thinking through the problem.
5. The present outcome ( nightmare of terrorism, slaughter & destruction ) did not drop out of the sky. It is a “ Direct Pay-Off “ of the policy of going soft on terrorism by GOI. It is an after-effect & aftermath of the policy of Phoney-Liberalism, which does not have the motivation, to get tough on Sullas, without which Islamic-Barbarism cannot be defanged.
What is disturbing is the individual Hindu’s attitude of selfishness, of blind-individualism, and lack of community-mindedness, which entices & encourages the barbaric-Sulla, to do his dirty-thing on the Kafir-Hindu, in accordance with the percepts of Islam, which teaches a Moslem to kill & get killed.
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. There is doubt & debate within the Hindu community, about the conversion enterprise of the Christian Missionaries. Concepts of freedom of religion, civil liberties, and constitutional rights are all under review. These are not remote or abstract concepts, they outline practical problems & the challenges that we Hindus face. We Hindus desire to live in peace with Non-Hindus, even though we & our Hinduism are reviled daily by Non-Hindu religions & dressed down by our Phoney-Liberal politicians. Phony-Liberal politicians claim to be secular, but they are really not secular, they are pseudo-secular & beggars of vote & power. That is why they practice the game of vote-bank politics.
2. What exactly is the freedom of religion ? Freedom of religion implies not only the freedom to practice one’s own religion, but the duty to respect the freedom of all other people, to practice their own faiths. When any group breaks this rule, it sets in motion a whole set of un-dignified & unsavory consequences. Organized religions, such as Islam & Christianity ( Note: Islam & Christianity are really not religions, they are ideologies ), have become totally oblivious & indifferent to this basic rule of freedom. This is due to, their ideology of expansion, as a result of which they are strongly committed to seek power & influence, to enable them to control things in the world. Because of this expansion-objective, religion to organized religions has become an industry, a big business enterprise rather than a vocation, and like all big businesses, is driven by profit-motive. Acquisition of X number of converts means that much more new wealth, that much more profit. Harvesting of souls ( a term used by the Pope ) means harvesting of profit, and increase in the number of followers of Christianity ( likewise Islam ). That is why they are always looking for fresh pastures.
6. This desire ( on the part of Islam & Christianity ) to increase their numbers has nothing to do with spirituality of their religions, it is a rebellion against spirituality. This approach to religion corrupts & totally destroys religious freedom. In fact, religious freedom becomes a hated-commodity. The aim becomes to convert, to force your religion on others, on somebody else. It is a narrow-minded religious bigotry that, unfortunately organized religions refuse to recognize.
Records of history bear witness to the awful slaughter of hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs & Heathens ( Non-Moslem & Non-Christian Infidels ), by followers of Islam & Christianity. Both Islam & Christianity unleashed serial blood-baths for centuries, in pursuit of propagation of their faiths. Throughout these centuries, the religious elites of both Islam & Christianity, have denied religious freedom, not only to those outside their religions, but in many cases to those within their own religions.
7. The old mode of understanding & practicing religion in the spiritual way, has long since departed, it is no longer fashionable or attractive to the big-whigs of organized religions. They do not take into account, the unfair, the un-spiritual, and objectionable consequences of conversion, particularly when conversion is never practiced without force, fraud or allurement. The war-like scenario, with respect to right to convert, devised by organized religions, points to a serious flaw that is common to all organized religions. True religious freedom is the last thing on the mind of organized religions. Consequently, it is a folly and a dis-honesty to equate religious freedom with, the right to convert. True religious freedom implies, total freedom from profit, fraud, and allurement.
8. Is there profit-motive in the conversion business ? Yes, there most certainly is. Christian Missionaries are making billions in the name of conversion. Their healing-ministries ( 99% of them are fraudulent ) are running insanely, deprecating all spirituality.
Fundamental cause of pursuit of conversion, is Christianity’s belief ( likewise Islam ) that, it has a mandate ( and a sacred duty ) to migrate people of other faiths into Christianity.
When the Missionaries see poverty & caste-oppression on the faces, of a large section of the disadvantaged Hindu classes, they detect a very attractive target for conversion. But to promise them freedom from caste-oppression by converting them to Christianity, and then subjecting them to caste segregation within Christianity is Double-Fraud. That is why so many Dalit-Converts to Christianity, do not like the feel, of being so manipulated & lavishly cheated. What this brings to light is, that all Christian conversions are spurious, fraudulent, and mercenary.
9. The humanitarian services that Christian Missionaries provide, are conversion-traps. Religions zeal & profit motive of these Missionaries, kills all religions freedom, and enlarges their license to do evil in the world.
Christians need to ask themselves, why do they feel free to convert Hindus in India, and not repeat their conversion business in a Muslim country, such as Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. If they tried their fraudulent stuff in Pakistan, they will get their A** kicked.. The inevitable truth is that, Missionaries themselves are the worst enemies of religious freedom. It is imperative to separate truth from spin, to assure our Hindu survival & moral stature.
Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, November 22, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Christianity is flooded with pedophiles, many of these pedophiles swarm inside the Christian church itself. This may flabbergast you but it is an absolute reality that, Christian church is a remarkably safe heaven for pedophiles, indicating a serious problem inside the Christian church. These pedophiles do not belong to any particular subculture or distinct group which distinguishes them from the larger culture. They are not dope-addicts, mafia-kingpins or Satanists. They are all Christian Clergy, of all brand names and verbal attributes. They enfold priests, ministers, preachers, and missionaries, especially from Western countries. These are the very same preachers, who shriek & howl at the top of their voice, from their pulpits, about the " wickedness of homosexuality " and the " sinfulness of fornication. " They all ballyhoo that all men need " redemption, " that only good lord Jesus Christ can bestow.
2. Some of the apologists for these hypocritical priests, glibly profess that " they are not true Christians, " and get the monkey off their back. They put on a make-believe pretension that, it is someone else’s problem. But is child-protection someone else’s problem ? If child-protection is not entertained as everybody’s responsibility, the transgression continues un-checked. Here is how the infraction stacks up. The evil-deeds of Christian Clergy and their pedophilia, which have a range of definitions ( including psychological disorder ), are epidemic in Western societies. The term " Sodomizing-Priest " has now become a stereotype, with a preconceived image of a pedophiliac. This encroachment is not limited to any particular branch of Christianity, it stretches out to all Christian kind, class, and grades.
3. The parents of the abused child often complain to clergy, but find that clergy does nothing, and report the matter to the police.
Most abused children do not report abuse to their parents, due to feelings of guilt & culpability, and due to threats by the molester. It is only after they are old enough to say-so that, they ( the abused children ) come forward to reveal their molester, in his real light. In many cases, the statute of limitation kicks in, and the molester goes scot free ( legally ). In spite of this flop, some brave children do report pedophile activities to the church & clergy. The molesters are sent for a period of " therapy. " Often they are shipped off to another church, where their pedophile past is completely unknown, and the cycle of abuse resumes.
4. Thus whether intentional or un-intentional, the Christian church ends up as a safe dating service for pedophiles. Christian church maintains that:
" Christian church will take care of the problem, and there is no need at all, to bring in the authorities. "
The consequence is that hundreds of thousands of children, end up being raped by Christian masters ( Christian clergy ), when in fact the clergy should have been sent to jail.
There are several economic reasons for this approach of the Christian church. When the amount of money paid out to victims, reaches a certain percentage of church's revenues, the Chrsitian church starts to do its own policing.
5. Regardless of what the Christian church does or does not do, the inescapable truth is that, the Christian clergy screams against homosexuality from the pupit, in order to draw attention away from their own horrid crimes, and in this endeavor, they are successful.... onward Christian Soldiers !
Some in the Christian congregation use excuses, that are familiar, such as:
a. He ( molester ) is a respected member of our community.
b. It is not our job to judge, it is the Lord's job.
c. He ( molester ) is a wonderful person. He has got our support 100 percent.
d. When he ( molester ) preaches, his face shines like an angel.
e.He ( molester ) is a good person. If he did this, he will have to answer to God, when he dies.
f. I thought he ( molester ) was doing the right thing, because he was a priest.
6. When the hypocrisy with which the Christian clergy conducts its preaching, becomes known to the Christian congregation, should that congregation renounce its faith, and join some other faith ? A rational answer is they certainly should. It would obviously be unfair to subject the children of this congregation, to infractions of any kind. It would be most fair to put these hypocritical priests out of sight. The viciousness of their crime, and the virulence of their abuse, needs to be brought to a halt.
These sodomizing-priests proclaim horrible pictures of Non-Christian religions, painting that this is what happens when Satan rules the entire religion ( the Non-Christian religion ). Aren't their pedophiliac actions not black enough to be Satanic ? How can such Satanic priests take up the task of saving souls far awar, and ask their congregation to give them funds for preaching the virtues of Christianity, while concealing their own Satanism ( pedophilia ) ?
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, November 20, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. We Hindus have just born out the brutal murder of Swami laxmananda & four of his disciples, by a gang of proselytizing Christians. These guys were raging-mad at Swami’s anti-conversion campaigns, particularly his re-conversion success, As he was on their Hit-List, he was a Marked-Man, his execution murder was only a matter of time.
Christian doctrine dictates :Then & then alone you are a Christian when you, carry forward the crusade to Christianize the whole world. All actions of aggressive Christianity that we see, are a consequence of this Christian doctrine, and not of Christian-Compassion as alleged by Christians. Everything is traced back to this Christian doctrine. The Christian doctrine is the last word on everything & develops a dynamics of its own. Christians are also subject to this doctrine, for their own salvation.
2. Another enemy of the Hindu is the politics of Phoney-Liberalism, that has been underway in India for at least 60 years. Phoney-liberal politicians are now going in a completely different direction, their yes-men are finding canny ways of shifting the label of terrorism to Hinduism, instead on Islam & Christianity, where it properly belongs. But logic matters little to phoney-liberal politicians, they want to get elected & re-elected ( they do not want to pack up & leave, on being voted out ), their heavy-handed industry panders to vote-bank politics, in the most corrupt & shameful way.
Phoney-Liberal politicians dislike of Hinduism has a multitude of reasons, they particularly regard Hinduism as an obstruction to secularism ( in reality pseudo-secularism ). Why else would they label Hinduism as superstitious & opium of the masses ( the Hindu masses ), and declare that “ we have to do something about it ? “ They never mount such labels on Islam & Christianity, even though both are much more superstitious & and way over the deep end ( yet are never referred to as the opium of the masses…the Moslem & the Christian masses ). The phoney -liberal bunch earns the biggest discredit, because of their pummeling & smashing of the Hindus, in a disgraceful & despicable way.
3. Another reason: GOI’s soft ( largely symbolic ) approaches have not yielded much success against the Moslem terrorists, rather than lose credibility, they are moving in another direction, by going at invisible-terrorists ( the imaginary Hindu terrorists ). By giving a whip-lash to imaginary Hindu terrorists, GOI can support claim that they are doing something about terrorism. It also helps them broadcast the propaganda that, terrorism has no religion. This is a crock of bull-sh**, it totally ignores the Gospel Of Hate Of Islam & Christianity, lodged abundantly in Quran & Bible, and engraved on the pages of history, by the actions of soldiers of Hazrat Mohammad & Jesus Christ. Given the stinking record of both Islam & Christianity, both have zero credibility. To equate Islam & Christianity with Hinduism, is like equating Imperialist political doctrine with Dharma, totally pseudo & make-believe.
Phoney-Liberal politics is doing another mischief. By labeling Islam-Inspired ( and Christianity-Inspired ) terrorism as the work of some misguided Moslems/Christians, they are supporting the Phoney-claim of Islamic/Christian clergy, that Islam/Christianity is a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood. That is what they ( the Islamic/Christianity ) want you to believe Islam/Christianity is, but that is not what it is. Phoney-Liberal jerks are playing patsy to both Islam & Christianity.
If ever there was an additional menace to Hinduism ( in addition to Islam & Christianity ), it has been the politics of Phoney-Liberalism, that has been going on in India, for at least 60 years.
4. The custody & harassment of Sadhvi Pragyan is a perfect example, of brutality inflicted on innocent Hindus, on concocted charges. She was beaten day & night, to make her confess to crimes she did not commit. This is against the law, disgraceful in the most extreme, and total distortion of justice.
ATF officials, controlled as they are by the Phoney-Liberal politicians, have an agenda, which is to destroy Hinduism & replace it with composite culture. Phoney-Liberals are doing to Hinduism, what Moslems & Christians did to Hinduism in earlier centuries ( and are still doing it ). Hindu’s enemies are teeming with vultures, Hindu’s passivity in the face of these challenges, makes his escape next to impossible.
5. Even though the Hindus are passive, they continue to be tormented due to bad things that are happening to their Hinduism. Why are the courts of India not pulling up the ATF officials, for their high-handedness, for such inhuman, unethical, and illegal treatment to Sadhvi Pragyan & other Hindus ? Hindus, as a minimum, ought to make the ATF officials pay for their illegal actions against Sadhvi Pragyan & for flouting the sentiments of the Hindus.
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, November 13, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. A kooky situation, largely un-heeded by majority of Hindus, seems to be in style in India, no rational person can fathom, the characteristics of this trendy-pattern. Hindus make up at least 80 % of the Indian population, and are labelled as the majority-community, but have neither the rights of the majority nor of the minority. Hindus have not been thrown out of India, but are at the bottom of the Indian Social Totem-Pole, in deadly-desperation & totally ill-equipped to deal with the social & legal abuse, that is being heaped upon them, by GOI ( Government Of Inddia ) & by the Phoney-Liberal politicians of India,who have the agenda of pushing & plugging in Secularism ( in reality Pseudo-Secularism ) & Composite culture in India. Of course, GOI vehemently denies any involvement with discrimination against the Hindu. How much truth is there in this assertion, can be un-earthed by examination of facts, which speak for themselves. An example would illustrate the way, in which secularism is practised in India.
2. Every year for decades, Moslems have been receiving a freehanded Haj-Subsidy, from the ungrudging hands of GOI, for travel to Saudi Arabia. This year's last batch of Hajis departs India, on 16 Nov 2008, with Indian Government's customary subsidy of Rs 20,000 each. A little more than a week after that event, on the 25th of Nov 2008, the first batch of Christian-Hajis ( Christian-Pilgrims ) flies out of India for Jerusalem, with exact-same subsidy-amount of Rs 20,000 each. GOI does not want to be accused of dishing out un-equal treatment, to either the Moslem or the Christian, or for not showing equal respect to either Islam or Christianity. Equality of treatment has been the biggest propaganda tool, in the hands of GOI, for broadcasting the merits of Secularism ( pernicious Pseudo-Secularism ) in India.
3. But when it comes to the subsidy for Hindu-Pilgrims ( the Undesirable Hindu Pilgrims ), the situation gets cold, the concept of " Equality Of Treatment " goes out of the window, and the Hindu-Pilgrim does not get a tinker's damn. One begins to wonder what the hell is wrong with the Hindu, why he gets such a step-motherly treatment from GOI & from the Phoney-Liberal Indian politicians, why he is viewed as a drag on the concept of Secularism ( and Composite Culture ). Why ?
Why has India become such a haven for the appeasement of minorities ( Moslems & Christians ) and for the persecution of the majority ( Hindus ) ? Why has the Hindu been denied his legitimate rights, and shoved to the undesirable-end, as a traitor to Secularism ( and Composite Culture ). Why every politician who wants to succeed, wants to join the bandwagon of secularists, and why the political atmosphere in India, is so supercharged with secularism ? No body dares to question the meaning, utility, or relevance of the concept of Phony-LIberalism that is practised in India, lest he be labelled as a communalist ( or a Hindu communalist ). Every secularist is following the other secularist, like the blind leading the blind, to the dark valley of Phoney-Liberalism.
4. While exploring reasons for this odd & outlandish situation, responsibility must be placed where it belongs, and not shifted to incidental or ancillary causes. Though Hindu has been the victim of Islamic & Christian aggession for at least 1200 years, and has been swindled out of his life, property, religion, and land, on a vast scale, it is well-known from records of history that, barbarians ( such as Islam & Christianity ), go where they can go with ease & without too much trouble, where there are areas of weakness & vulnerability. Consequently Hindu must check himself, and his methods of dealing with Islam & Christainity, how his own attitude has contributed to his ruin, and what role his commitment to Blind-Individualism has played in the defeat, disgrace, and degradation of the Hindu. To put it in a straightforward manner, Hindu is the prisoner of the mental-space in which he lives, his selfishness and his absolute priority on the welfare of his self & of his family, and his total disregard for the welfare of the Hindu community, puts him exponentially away from building any political or social strength of his Hindu Order. Under this kind of Hindu mental attitude, there is no way to plan for the consolidation of the Hindu community. All the individual merits of the Hindu, his smartness, his sacrifices, and his loyalties to Indian Nationalism, come to naught.
5. For centuries, Hindus have gone out of their way, to be nice to Non-Hindus ( Moslems & Christians ) with little or no reciprocation from either one of them. Instead, both Moslems & Christians have returned Hindu's compassion & large-heartedness, only by crediting him with cowardice. The Hindu is 100 % Indian and has been so for thousands of years. In fact, India & Hinduism have been one & the same thing. But such is neither the case with Islam, nor with Christianity, whose ambitions & loyalities are totally different & distinctive. Neither Islam nor Christianity recognizes any territorial-affinity. Their affinities are religious, ideological, social, & political, and, therefore, Extra-Territorial.
Both Islam & Christianity ( as well as their scriptures ) are Gospels Of Hate. Both of them regard Non-Moslems/Non-Christians as Hateful-Infidels, who have no future, who are headed only for Hell, and both of them want to replace these Infidel-Religions, with their own brand of religion. Power is much more important than spiritualisty, to both Islam & Christianity. The ambition & aggression of both Islam & Christianity, have paid huge dividends to both Islam & Christianity. Haj-Subsidy & Christian-Subsidy from GOI, are perfect-examples of this payoff.
6. It is the ambition & aggressiveness of Islam & Christainity ( which comes out loud & clear ), which leads every Moslem & Christian in India, to say that:
" He is a Moslem/Christian First & Indian Second. "
That is also precisely the reason why, the Moslem spends himself to exhaustion, to take up the cause of Moslem countries ( and Christians take up the cause of Christian countries ). India occupies a second place in the thoughts of both Indian Moslems & Indian Christians.
To put it in the simplest of terms, the allegiance of a Moslem/Christian, does not depend upon his domicile in the country, but on the faith to which he belongs. Wherever there is Dar-Ul-Islam ( where Islam rules ), that is the country of the Moslem ( Christianity is exact same way ). Because of this commonality, both Islam & Christianity, are two sides of the same coin.
7. You can never get either a Moslem or a Christian to admit, his lack of allegiance to the domicile of his country. Both will diplomatically lie that they are just like any body else, no more, no less. This is a bundle of jokes, both Moslems & Christians are shady-guys, they will lie through their teeth to conceal their belligerence & hatred of Non-Moslem/Non-Christian religions, and for good measure they would add lavish claims of their religions, as being religions of peace, love, and brotherhood. If their claim is valid, then how come their historical record does not, bear aloft their sheer-shady claim.
Let it be clearly understood by one & all that, the so-called Brotherhood Of Islam, is the Brotherhood of Moslems, By the Moslems, and For the Moslems only. Brotherhood of Christianity is exact-same way.
8. Veneration of the country ( India ) come naturally to a Hindu. Hindu worships idols for the powers that they represent. Veneration of the country is another idol to the Hindu, which is to be worshipped. Hindu's scriptures speak of worship of the Motherland. But neither Islam nor Christianity, permit the veneration of a single country, both of them are International religions ( in truth both of them are International-Ideologies ), both of them are Replacement-Religions, both of them want to decimate all religions, other than their own.
Both Islam & Christianity are ideologies of invaders & conquerors. Their shady-denials of aggressiveness, and phoney-claims of peace, love, and brotherhood, should be dismissed & debunked by all rational persons.
9. Faced with the aggesssive ideologies of Islam & Christianity, the Hindu cannot live as equal with either one of them. Hindu has been subject to the authority of his historical attitude, but it does not have to be that way. Hindu can get out of his self-created prison. It is not impossible for the Hindu, to discard his Blind-Individualism & his paramount commitment to the welfare of his self & his family, It is possible for Hindu to become community-minded, which benefits his own Mother-Faith of Hinduism.
A quote from Benjamin Franklin ( addressed to the American colonies ), is well-suited to re-tool the Hindu. Says Benjamin Franklin:
"We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. When you talk to a Moslem in the USA, he will profess a total-disconnect with violence & terrorism, and make a pretense of his religion of Islam, as being a creed & canon of Non-Violence, Peace, Love, & Brotherhood. He probably believes in peace too, but this is the peace in the Islamic sense, which is the peace of Dar-Ul-Islam ( the land of Peace: this is the land in which Islam rules ). All Non-Moslem/Kafir lands are Dar-Ul-Harb ( the battle-ground ). A Moslem must engage in battle, to bring all lands of the Dar-Ul-Harb, under the banner of Islam. This is the basic supposition of Islam, and no hypothesis or deduction, can be allowed to interfere with this basic assumption of Islam.
2. Where does the Moslem stand with respect to this basic presumption of Islam ? A Moslem remembers very well what, his Mullas & Maulvies don't let him forget, which is that Jehad is the agenda of Islam. It is disclosed to the Moslem that, whether Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) like it or not, Islam is coming to the USA, one way or the other, and that Islam will dominate the USA, with Islamic-Sharia taking the place of USA laws. It is made quite clear to the Moslems, at the very outset that, Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) have no rights in Islam.
As a diplomatic-deception, Moslems harp on the theme, all the time that, Jehad in Islam means, effort or struggle to control one's lusts, passion and desires & so on. But that is not what Jehad is. In the simplest language, Jehad is " Kill the Kafir, take his women as slaves or concubines, pillage & plunder his property. " Seventy-Two Houries & twenty-eight handsome boys, await a Jehadi in Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ) as rewards for his engangement in Jehad. That is the whole vocation of Jehad.
3. Jehad is the tool within Islam which, makes the Sulla fearless, not at all afraid to kill & get killed, and makes him believe that, Jehad is his primary & Islamic duty. The love of Jehad & love of Martyrdom go together in Islam. Mullahs & Maulvies go out of their way to, promote & perpetuate the Jehadic message, in all its forms, they try to get the Sullas to share the basics of Jehad, from one Moslem to another. Sullas are warned that, Jehad may not be delightful to them in the beginning, but eventually they will find it very attractive, and they would want to know more about it.
This is the method of the Islamic-Clergy, of making Un-Willing Jehadis into Willing-Jehadis converts. This is the real meaning & method of Islam, which the Kafirs never understood, and conducted themselves as blind-idiots, while the Sulla-Jehadi hordes slaughtered them.
4. It needs to be understood through & through that, Islam has no respect nor any sympathy, for any Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) religion. Sullas are constantly & sedulously warned that, that there is a need to defend Islam from those who, due to their ignorance & lack of understanding of Islam, may want to destory Islam ( as is their suspicion in the USA ). Sullas are alerted to the danger of humbling themselves out of existence, and advised to become strong enough & willing to engage in Jehad. Islam is in danger because of the actions of, those Moslems who are not willing to do Jehad.
5. Islamic-Clergy considers two ways of making USA Islamic. One is by attacking it militarily & then controlling it in all its spheres of activity. The second is by infiltrating it & destroying its culture, by developing propaganda & creating divisions within the USA society, enflame one side against the other, making them kill each other, create complete disunity amongst them ( that is amongst the Kafirs of the USA ), so they cannot gather strength, to fight the real enemy ( which is Islam ). Thus & then the USA would become vulnerable to domination by Islam. The Islamic clergy touts that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world & in the USA.
At least 25% of American Moslems condone suicidal missions. Some amongst them are thinking of attacks on the USA, larger than 9/11 attack.
6. One of the primary tactics of USA Moslems is Deception. When asked about terrorist groups ( Moslems ), Moslems are either silent or evasive. Many of the so-called moderate Moslems, cheer groups like Hamas. The agenda of the Moslem-Brotherhood is to establish Allah's religion in the USA. Some Moslems have been caught on tape, asking America to become Islamic.
About 18% of American prisons are Islamic, some amongst them are Islamo-fascists, who become united by a common identity. They want to impose their faith on the rest of the USA society. This is the kind of belief that, has kept the Moslems dedicated to Jehad, for 1400 years.
7. Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) fail to recognize that, Islam is a radical enemy, and that Kafirs are in a battle for the survival of their civilization, and that their freedom, libety, and security are all at stake, and that they must stand up to the evil of Islam.
Allah's warriors ( Jehadis ) believe that, Allah requires a bloody Jehadic war from a Moslem.
Hell-Boy, Hazrat Mohammad, was a scheming-hoodlum and a desperate-crook, with un-bridled greed & desire for dominance.
To deal with Hazrat Mohammad's Jehad: You either defeat Islam, or Islam will defeat you.
Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, October 31, 2008


By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. Our Hindu people look upto to our Hindu Holy Men (HHMs), whom they extoll to sky. But our HHMs are not doing a damn thing right, for the safety, security, or survival of those who pay them so much respect. Their continued bearing as the Head-Honchos of Hindus, is a fore-shadowing of worse things to come to Hinduism. Our HHMs have no interest in dealing with either the evils of the world, or the evils that have crept into our Hinduism. They are much more interested in securing a place for themselves in the after-world, than in saving Hinduism from going to hell.
2. Many of our HHMs, not only subscribe to the Pseudo-Secular politics, but are also openly touting the Utterly Nonsensical Gandhian Slogans of:SARVA DHARMA SAMABHAVA
The imapct of their actions cannot be good on Hinduism. They are not only destroying the Kashatriya (Military) Spirit of the Hindu, but are also taking the mind of the Hindu, away from Hinduism-Defense. Several of our HHMs are openly praising Sonia Gandhi as:Sonia is welcome to be the Prime Minister of India. She is a good woman.
3. Our HHMs have no knowledge of the problems and challenges, that Hinduism faces in the world of today. They have less than zero understanding of the consequences of the practice of our Perverted Caste-System. They have no appreciation that every Hindu is equal, and that Dalits have as much right as Non-Dalits, to enter any temple, and to chant Mantras and Bhajans, in any temple, any where in India. Because they (our HHMs) do not have this understanding, they are not going out in the Hindu-Society, to secure the Hindu-Rights (Vedic-Rights) of our Dalit-Brethren.
We cannot ignore the damage that this attitude is doing to our Hinduism. Any HHM who does not feel and work towards the equality of all Hindus, should be IMMEDIATELY kicked out of his position as Shankar-Acharya, Swami, Priest, etc etc, and helped out of the temple.
4. Whose duty is it to do this Dirty-Job? Answer: It is the duty of all of us Hindus. All Hindu Organizations must aggressively move into tackling this problem. They must kick out our Rotten HHMs, and replace them with the Right Kind Of people, to act as our Head-Honchos. Time is running out for us Hindus, the world is not going to wait for us Hindus, to get our act together. The world has no hesitation, in spitting us and our Perverted Caste-System out, by the forces of global competition. Our Perverted Caste-System is our own problem, our own garbage, and it is our job, to clean our garbage. Our HHMs are the Head-Honchos of our Hindu People, they are the ones who build and develop Hindu-Opinions and Hindu-Attitudes. We must have the right kind of poeple to develop Hindu-Attitudes, to clean out our Perverted Caste System.
Our Perverted Caste System is the cause of Disunity within our Hindu-Parivar. The Barbarians of Islam and Christianity (who have murdered hundreds of millions of Non-Moslems and Non-Christians), take advantage of our caste-based disunity. They go to the weakest sections of our Hindu Society, as Liberators from Hindu-Tyranny.
5. Elimination of our Perverted Caste-System, is a Wake-Up Call to all Hindus (around the world). Our Knowledge-Based (Vidya-Based) Vedic System, has no place for superstitions and blind-beliefs, of the type that are found massively, in Islam and Christianity. Hinduism is knowledge-based, and is a Reform-Religion by definition. We Hindus must kick out our Perverted Caste-System, that has destroyed our Hindu-Technology for centuries.
Our Perverted Caste-System is BAD-BAD NEWS for our Hindu-Technology. Reason: It is a Static-System, it keeps our Hindu-Technology at the same place, where it has been for centuries. But the world in which we are living, is a Highly-Dynamic World, in which technology is changing and advancing at break-neck speed. We cannot afford to keep a Bullock-Cart Hindu Technology System, in the world of airplanes and rockets. What we Hindus need to do is to join hands, and get rid off the Bull-Sh** of our Perverted Caste-System. To do that, the people that we appoint as our Head-Honchos, must be the Right Kind Of People.


By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. Everything of significance that is undertaken in Islam, involves theservices of Islam's Greese-Monkeys. The greese-monkeys of Islam are:Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis, Qazis, and other members of Moslem-Clergy.These monkeys are the only class of people in the whole of Islam, that iseducated in the doctrine of Islam and Quran (An average Moslem is neithereducated in Islam nor in Quran). The enormity of the role of Greese-Monkeyscannot be judged from the look on their faces, but from the job that they doon their Moslem-Followers.Almost the entire job of indoctrinating (Educating in Islamic Law and Duty)the Islamic-Followers is done by these humorless greese-monkeys, they are theones who produce the so-called heroes of Islam, the Jehadis. The Jehadis arethe Hit-Men and Mass-Killers of Islam, the greese-monkeys make sure that theperformance of Jehadis is upto standards of Islam. They do this by teachingthem how to fight in the ways of Allah, and how to establish Allah's Supremacyover Non-Believers (Non-Moslem Kafirs/Infidels). They not only expose them tothe tenets of Islam, but also show them the green-gardens of Islam, temptingthem with after-death rewards that await a Jehadi in Janat (Moslem'sParadise), this always includes choicest sex with 72 Houris. It is because ofsuch attractive rewards, shown to the Moslems by their Greese-Monkeys, that aMoslem becomes ready to kill and get killed.In both outcomes, the Moslem wins, he ends up in Janat. These rewards are sortof "Eye For Eye" compensation for their sacrifices of undertaking Jehad in thename of Allah, this Jehad always involves killing of Hateful-Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels). In other words, the greese-monkeys teach Sullas, the gospelof hate, the hate of Non-Moslems whom they label as Kafirs (Infidels).And what is Jehad?Jehad is the Perpetual-War that a Moslem engages against Kafirs, the Greese-Monkeys convince the Moslem that:"A person's biggest crime is to deny Allah and Mohammad's Exclusive Right To BeBelieved In And Adored."2. It is from these greese-monkeys that a Moslem learns, his hatred of Non-Moslem religions, and his attempts to deny Non-Moslems all rights, except theright to serve their Moslem-Masters. There is little hatred that a Moslem canlearn, without the coachings from these Greese-Monkeys of Islam (That is why,for practical purposes, breaking down these greese-monkeys is breaking downIslam itself). This hatred is a sufficient factor, to inspire a Moslem to tryto raid and subjugate Non-Moslem territories (labelled as Dar-Ul-Harb/TheBattle-Ground). There is little that a Moslem can do without teachings andservices of these greese-monkeys, these greese-monkeys are the ones who keepthe Donkey-Engines of Islam going, and running at full blast. Essentially,these greese-monkeys are the Sanctuaries of Islam. Eliminating this sanctuaryis eliminating Islam for practical purposes.One Greese-Monkey influences the lives of at least 40,000 to 50,000 Sullas, atleast half of these Sullas are Potential-Jehadis.Because of this ratio, disaster to greese-monkeys means catastrophe to Islam.In other words, eliminating of Greese-Monkeys is sentencing Islam to death. Infact, if 10,000 Greese-Monkeys of Islam are eliminated, then Islam wouldn'tlast more than a week.Why is Islam so fragile? Answer: Because of the BASACKWARD-PYRAMID structure of Islam (as well as ofChristianity). This structure is stunning in its constitution and application.NOTE: A full explanation of the BASACKWARD-PYRAMID of Islam/Christianity, isbeyond the scope of this message, which is intended to be kept short. I shallwrite up a separate message to explain the Basackward-Structure of bothIslam/Christianity.3. Given the absolute reality (fully backed by mathematical-probabilities)that, you can NEVER completely eliminate Violence from the world, you can onlyminimize it. A logical question becomes: Which is better, removal of 10,000Greese-Monkeys of Islam or 140 million Sulla-Followers?Why remove 140 million people later, if removing 10,000 now can accomplish thesame thing? Why expend more time, effort, and money than what is absolutelynecessary? Isn't it a smarter way of doing an effective, and more professionaljob?4. In the fulfillment of his Karma, man has to do a wide variety of jobs. Butof all the jobs, the waging of war is the most unpleasant. If one can avoidwar, so much the better. But in the real world, situations arise in whichwaging of wars becomes inevitable. In our world, in which there are alwaysaggressive people, who come to burn and loot your country and people, wagingof wars becomes inevitable and essential Karma of man, to defend his peopleand the safety of his nation. The 1200 year long history of Muslim Rule inIndia, is evidence of murder of hundreds of millions of Hindus by Barbarian-Sullas, coached into action by these Greese-Monkeys of Islam. It is beyondupsetting that we Hindus have learned neither any lesson of history, nor theduty of our Karma, to defend our people. In defending his people, it becomesthe duty of a soldier, to wound and even to kill his enemy. There is anabsolute and essential need to implement that duty. That is the only way tokeep our Hindus people safe from assaults of career-barbarians (Sullas andKharistas).Isn't it obvious that instead of moaning and groaning, bitching and barking,over tragedies of lost Hindu lives, we now need to figure ways to fend offsuch tragedies in future.5. We need to be aware that, our enemies (Sullas and Kharistas, together withtheir Greese-Monkeys) are scarcely above the degree of savage life, theirrespect for life is not very much, and violence comes natural to them,murdering, looting, and raping Kafirs/Non-Moslem Infidels is their compulsivetrait. Their hatred of people of religions other than their own, is beyonddescription. This hatred cannot be dissipated, because without this hatred,there is no reason and no justification, for the existence of either Islam orChristianity. If Islam and Christianity ever stopped hating other religions,then that would be the end of both Islam and Christianity. It should beobvious, that Moslems and Christians wouldn't choose to commit suicide, byabandoning their hatred for other religions.Consequently, this in-built hatred of other religions in both Islam andChristianity, is guaranteed to continue, and their blood-thirsty violenceagainst these Kafir (Infidel) religions shall continue, it is foolish toexpect that Moslems and Christians shall abandon their well-established andhighly successful methods, just to be nice to other religions. In fact, thiskind of nicety towards other religions, does not come within the jurisdictionof morality, as understood by Sullas and Kharistas. Much more likely is theprospect that, colossal Sulla-Violence that occurred against Hindu during thelast 1200 years was just a skirmish, compared to what is yet to come. SullaViolence against Hindu is not over, it has not been defused, and it cannot bedefused. Instead of sleeping on the couch, we Hindus need to wake up, andfigure ways to beef up our security.6. Can 10,000 Greese-Monkeys be replaced? Yes, some of them can certainly be,no doubt there shall be serious attempts to replace all of them. But theycannot be replaced much more often than once or twice. If we Hindus stay thecourse and do the swift job of Greese-Monkey Elimination, then soon therewon't be many more Monkeys to go around, and that is the end of Islam, forgood. What Hindus are doing here is, to take the fight to the enemy, to thesite of Enemy's Power. They are eliminating the exporters of terror,barbarism, and violence of Islam. They are eliminating the Sanctuary Of Islam.7. Hindus must understand and understand it CLEARLY that, Sulla-Attacksagainst Hindu are Not invited by Sulla-Strength, but by Perception Of Hindu-Weakness, on the part of Sullas. We Hindus have been tested again and again bySullas (those Thugs, Terrorists, and Barbarians) for 1200 years, and dangersto Hindus have not passed, in fact threats to Hindus have taken on a Nasty-Turn.What this suggests is that:It is an Act Of Absolute Decency (which involves absolute minimum loss ofhuman life), to remove 10,000 Greese-Monkeys now, rather than having to remove140 millions Sullas later on (which shall surely be needed). The latter optionis a Dumber-Way of doing the same job, at much higher cost, with much greaterdifficulty, and much greater loss of life.8. It is a matter of common observation that, every job of significancerequires the right tool and right technique. We have made tremendous stridesin understanding the beast of Islam. We know where Islam is the weakest, weknow the location of the soft-underbelly of Islam. The soft-underbelly ofIslam is the class of Islam's Greese-Monkeys. For practical purposes, thesegreese-monkeys are the Battle-Staff of Islam. These Monkeys have become toobig for their breeches, they need to be eliminated.Hindus would be doing themselves a favor by hitting this soft-underbelly.Immediately after we hit this soft-underbelly, something wonderful will happento Hinduism. War-Dance with Islam shall be over, and Islam shall be:Out Of Circulation, For Good.9. Hindus are smart people, they understand the value of time (you might haveheard that "time is money"). It behooves us Hindus to make Smart-Choices,keep collateral damage to a minimum, apply focused and determined force, todo the job that is required.Hindus: Eliminate Greese-Monkeys Of Islam now.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HANG-MAN HAZRAT, THE MEAN-MOHAMMAD: His Aggressive-Imperialism

HANG-MAN HAZRAT, THE MEAN-MOHAMMAD: His Aggressive-Imperialism
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The Holy-War ( Jehad ) against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), started by Hangman- Hazrat some 1400 years ago, continues this day, beyond Hazrat’s grave. But the Phoney-Liberals of India and of the West, continue to ignore this aggressive-imperialism of Hangman-Hazrat. Islamic scholars point out that, the real purpose of Islam is to identify evil in the world, but in actual practice, what Moslems identify as evil in the world, are the Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, and the existence of this evil ( the hateful Kafirs ) cannot be overlooked by the Moslems. This is a distortion of the right orderliness, but it does not matter a bit to a Moslem, who does what he thinks his religion teaches him to do.
2. The Phoney-Liberals ( of India and of the West ) totally fail to grasp that, the aim of Hangman-Hazrat’s followers is, to destroy all the Non-Moslem religions/cultures of the world, and to forcibly bring them into Allah’s Islamic-Empire, via the Holy-War, which they label as Jehad. Dhimmi is the name given by Moslems to Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) which includes Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and other Kafirs.
3. The most noticeable feature of Hangman-Hazrat’s Islam, is its total unwillingness to subject its system, beliefs, and rules, to critical analysis, as well as its total opposition to toleration of alternative viewpoints. Concepts like rationalism, secularism, democracy, and human rights, have no business in Islam. In fact, darkness of illiteracy, ignorance, fundamentalism, corruption, and decadence, run rampant in practically all Islamic societies. In addition, half of the population of these lands ( the women ), continues to be brutally trampled upon, in the name of Allah, faith, and laws of Islamic Sharia. Women of Islam, who are suffering under the brutality of Islamic laws, are unable to break the fetters of slavery, that Islam imposes upon them. Will the women of Islam ever wake up, and arise from the humiliation and degradation, that Islam imposes upon them ?
4. In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly came out with a declaration:a. To separate church and stateb. To establish democracyc. To abolish gender apartheidd. To establish equality of sexesNearly all Islamic countries, are in total violation of UN declaration and guidelines of 1948. As a result, freedom of women has been sliced apart, and the horror of Islam’s cruelty on its women, continues unabated.
5. Question: What is so special about Quran, that makes it supersede the Universal Declaration of Freedom, issued by the UN General Assembly in 1948 ? In addition to women, Non-Moslem Infidels ( the so-called Kafirs ), are the victims of Islam’s religious apartheid, and Islam’s cruelty and intolerance continues without interruption.
Yet when you go and talk to any Moslem-Mullah, the first thing that he will tell you is, that “ Islam is the religion of peace.” What horse-sh** ? This has got to be the biggest distortion and falsehood. The entire history of Islam is bloody. Moslem murdered tens of thousands of Non-Moslem Kafirs, in broad daylight, again & again, and again & again. Mean-Mohammad, during his lifetime, had reduced the population of Jews to a bare minimum.
6. In spite of all this atrocious record, Mullahs ( and Moslems ) are not even bashful about telling us that:“ Islam is the religion of peace. “What a Joke ?
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, October 26, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Christianity ( like Islam ) claims superiority over Non-Christian religions & alleges that Christianity is a perfect religion. Diligently brainwashed with this delusion/deception, the Christians of Kandhamal are saying:
“ Don’t make poor little Christian Me suffer. We Christians are superior to Hindus, and Hindus are persecuting us for that reason.”
This is a very bad joke, because the Hindus don’t regard the Christians superior to Hindus. Hindus look upon the Christians as “ Mlecchas.” This term is considered a Put-Down expression , and sometimes even Racist, even though it is contextual at best.
2. But the problem is not terminology, the problem is bad-mouthing ad infinitum of Hinduism, by the Christian Missionaries, as well as their unlawful activities, to gain converts from the disadvantaged sections of the Hindu society. The problem is not un-equal wealth, among the various members of the Hindu society ( as sometimes declared by the Missionaries ). There are strong affirmative action programs, for the uplift of weaker sections of the Indian society, and there are plenty of opportunities for the citizens of India. The solution of the economic problems of the Indian society, neither requires the services of Missionaries, nor needs the mixing of religion with economics.
3. Christian Missionaries want an extension of the Reservation System, to the Converts, without giving up their Organized Conversion Activities. This is Not acceptable to the Hindus.
Christians cannot have it both ways, that is, the right of conversion as well as the privilege of reservation system.
Christian demand is also hypocritical, because Christianity claims to be a casteless religion, but wants the privileges of caste-based Hinduism. If Christianity wants extension of the Affirmative action to the Dalits ( Converts ), then it must first denounce Proselytism as a Pre-condition.
4. Christianity also sounds phoney when it mocks the caste system of the Hindus, but keeps totally ( and shrewdly ) quiet about what its scriptures say about the un-believers ( that is, the Non-Christians ), what kind of treatment they should get in this life, and what kind of punishment is in store for them in after-life. The institutionalized condemning of the rest of humanity ( that is, the Non-Christians ) to Hell, and treating them as unclean & inferior sub-humans, is much worse than the caste system of the Hindus, but the Christians go out of their way, to prevent any discussion of this issue, from taking place. This is a slick-trick that they play, while mocking the Hindu caste system, but keeping their big mouth shut, about the Institutionalized condemnation & in-equality of the believers & un-believers, that their religion slaps on humanity. There are also verses in the Bible, that describe how to treat the slaves, but no Christian talks about them.
5. Caste system is not integral to Hinduism. If caste system vanishes today ( and it is headed in that direction, although it will take a generation or two to get there ), Hinduism shall not be harmed in any way at all. But the differences between the believers ( the saved, clean, & privileged ) and the un-believers (doomed, unclean, & slaves ) are Absolutely-Central to Christianity, they cannot be taken out of Christianity. If theses differences are ever taken out, then the whole of Christianity would collapse, because then there is no rationale for the existence of Christianity. No Christian wants to talk about the True-Personality of Christianity ( because it does not look right ), its Ingrained-Inequality between the believers ( the Christians ) & the un-believers ( the rest of humanity ), and the utter condemnation of the Non-Christians, and the division of the entire humanity into two warring camps, that Christianity puts in place, is not any thing to write home about.
6. Inequality is the central tenet of Christianity, not of Hinduism. In Hinduism, everybody is empowered to attain salvation, based on his or her own Karma ( merit ). Christianity is political in nature & seeks to expand. It depends upon expansion to survive, we have seen it for centuries. It is not that we have not given Christianity a chance. Christianity has been given plenty of chances, and it has brought untold misery & suffering upon the populations far & wide. Two-thirds of Pagan-Europe was murdered by the soldiers of Jesus Christ during the Christianization of Europe, and 41 million native Americans of North & South America were murdered by the Christian Immigrants to North & South America.
If somebody desperately wants to pray to Jesus Christ, he can do so privately, no body even needs to know that he is doing so. But the usage of the church for expansion, is not just a matter of personal faith, it affects social stability, it is dangerous. The terrible historic record of Christianity ( Christianity is totally naked ), is more than enough to justify banning the conversion process. This ban along with massive Hindu effort to re-convert Christians to Hinduism, will end the problem of conversion in India.
7. Christianity has sinned more than Hinduism, in perpetuating inequality & social injustices against Dalit-Christians. In Indian Christian communities, caste system swings & sweeps far & wide. Caste discrimination takes many forms in Christian communities of India. There are some churches built specially for separate groups ( castes ). These places of worship retain their caste identity. Separate places are allotted in churches, usually the Christians of scheduled castes, occupy the rear of the church. A glaring example of caste distinction is found among the dead of the Christians. The dead of the Dalit-Christians are buried in separate cemeteries.
8. Out of 156 Catholic Bishops in India, 150 belong to upper caste Christians. Out of 12,500 Catholic Priests, only 500 are from the Dalit community, even though Dalits constitute 80% of the Indian Christian community. The control over the church, is in the hands of the 20 % upper caste Christians.
At least 10 million Dalit Christians of India, feel cheated by the church that converted them to Christianity, with the assurance that they would be given equal rights & status in the community.
9. To put it simply, Dalit-Christians are more un-touchable in Christianity, than they were in their original faith.
If any Christian sneers or scoffs at Hinduism, and talks about the inequality of Hindu caste system, you ought to tell him:
“ We know who you are, don’t play games with us. “
Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Comment on my rejoinder

1. Atri ji:
Fantastic. Wish I had the power you have.
Save your rejoinders somewhere so that future generation culd use that material.
Best regards.
Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735
2. My Take:
Kataria Jee: Thanks.
I am tickled pink that you endorse my rejoinder.
You are endowed with talents that I don’t possess. Because both you & I are on same side of the fence, that matters the most, for the good of our Hindu Order. .
4. I am starting to keep paper copies of my messages & articles. May be some day, these can be put together in a book, by a low-cost publisher. Until then, the free world of the Internet ( a few websites ) would make my write-ups visible..
Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, October 24, 2008

Missionary Menace1

Subj: Missionary Menace
1. swamijyoti to me Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Danger of Hindu Christian Riots in Andhra Prad...":
Hi All,
Yeah, let's wake up, whine and then go to sleep. Let's pick up swords against the Christians missionaries who atleast are doing something which we Indians never do. Do something good for the poor, build hospitals, build schools, provide free education, cleanup the caste system stench, provide something to feel proud about instead of feeling ugly with low self esteem, looked down by the upper castes, no jobs, not future, dont have anything to eat, etc, etc, etc,..the list goes on.If Christians are harvesting souls, so be it. A lost Indian soul is better than a empty stomach and a step towards suicide or possible crime.
Common guys!!! Stop whining!!! If you got the big balls, Donate time, energy, effort and money to do something what the christians are doing. Mimic them. Do something good for a change. Then watch your fellow disgruntled Indians retain their souls.
Frankly speaking, you really do not need a foreign power to provide you with the financial resources. You got ample lagpatis/millionaires/billionaries at every corner of India. Wake them up to do something good.I bet, every person who is reading this comment is atleast a lagpati who never donated a rupee or an hour for social work.
No. That, you dont want to do. Like Saaju Bhaskar says in the above 'we never donate a rupee at charity'. But we bitch and bitch about someone else doing something good for a change. We Indians just cannot digest when someone else is doing good.
All I hear is - typical Indians complaining and complaining but doing nothing like what the christians are doing.
I dont know if I should laugh or cry at the pathetic stand we educated and or so-called cultured Indians take when some poor/uneducated/lowCaste/etc Indians are getting benefited. If their souls are going to someother religion, so be it. Put yourself in their shoes, go on empty stomach for few days and then see who will come do something for you, especially when you are in some rural area. Nobody, my brother. Chances are high that some Christian will feed you something.
When Mohd Gazhni slaughtered us, we complained. When BritishRaj robbed up, we royally licked their bottoms for 200+ years and complained. Now, when missionaries are doing something good, BINGO!!, we complain. Looks like complaining is in our genes.
Give me a break and decide what in the above three scenarios is benefiting Indians.
One thing seems to be clear, the missionaries want your soul. Not your blood, sweat, money, or your women or your lands or cattle. They are willing to sacrifice all their personal monies, blood, sweat and efforts to do some good. The net effect is simple - some pathetic/poor Indian getting a free benefit!!!
WHY DONT YOU DO THE SAME???STOP WHINING!!!DO SOME GOOD!!!!GO, SUPPORT AN ORPHANAGE!!!GO, FEED A POOR BEGGAR!!!GO, DONATE AN HOUR EVERY WEEK OF YOUR TIME!!GO, DONATE 1 WEEKS PAY FOR FREE MEDICINE FOR THE POOR!!!GO, BUILD A FREE CLINIC!!!GO, SEND 2 POOR KIDS TO SCHOOL!!!GO, FEED 10 OLD PEOPLE IN YOUR VILLAGE!!!!DO 0.0000001% of WHATEVER GOOD MOTHER TERESA DID Oooops!! We Can't do it. Me donate? Just cannot do it. She did, because she was a crazy missionary. Me? No Way!! I'm a proud Indian!!! Just cannot do something for free. The word DONATE is not in Indian dictionary.What's left?? Let's pick up the sword!!

2. My Take:
Signor Anonymous has written a sarcastic message. I do not want to imitate his style with sarcasm of my own, I want to tell it like it is. Correspondently, I do not want to criticize only Non-Hindu religions, and give the benefit of doubt to Hinduism. If I did that, I will be replicating what others are doing, particularly the Moslems & Christians.
3. We Hindus are Not perfect, nor have ever claimed that we are. We are selfish, and welfare of ourselves & our family, carries the highest priority in our reasoning. Every body else, our neighbors, our community, state, or nation, take much lower rank. With the coat of arms of this blind-individualism, we Hindus cannot advance into being public or community-minded. We also blaze with troublesome Lakeer-Ke-Fakir ( we prefer to follow the beaten path ) syndrome. Even though our caste system has existed for thousands of years, and is inordinately hier-archical ( a system of in-equality ), our heedless-individualism has not permitted us a sense of urgency, to enable us to reform our social system, for the uplift of the socially-disadvantaged sections of our Hindu society. Even the enormous challenge both from Islam & Christianity, has not persuaded or provoked us Hindus, to set our social house in order.
4. The unperceptive-individualism of the Hindu & defects in his social system, have enabled Hindu’s adversaries ( Islam & Christianity ) to exaggerate, fabricate, and wholesale-distort the characteristics of Hinduism, even though the picture of Islam & Christianity is hardly flushed with re-assuring beauty. Both Moslems & Christians have gotten away with their deceptive broadcasts regarding the greatness & perfection of their own religions, in spite of the degraded & degenerate characteristics of Islam & Christianity. Actions always speak louder than words & the slaughter of hundreds of millions of Non-Moslems & Non-Christians ( because of their refusal to subscribe to their barbaric religions ), by the soldiers of Hazrat Mohammad & Jesus Christ, and engraved on the pages of history, strip naked the barbaric nature of both Islam & Christianity, and totally nullify Islam & Christianity’s claims of being religions of peace, love, and brotherhood.
5. Both Islam & Christianity are proselytism-religions, they want to swell their numbers ( by all means possible, fair as well as fraudulent ), to acquire power to control things in the world. Christian-Missionaries do establish schools, hospitals, and other service institutions, but these are incidental to their real aim ( you will never get them to admit it ) of harvesting souls for Christianity. To harvest souls, both Islam & Christianity, have engaged in slaughter, terror, torture, trickery, temptation & taxation, with the greatest glee, gusto, & pride. It is a pity that majority of Moslems & Christians have not renounced nor denounced Islam or Christianity, for their sickening record of un-mitigated barbarism.
6. Mrs. Radha Rajan says that Islam is sword but Christianity is cancer. Mrs, Rajan is not exaggerating, her description is flawlessly accurate. Christians in US,UK, and other Western countries, raise money for financing Christian Missions in India, with miserably-contemptible slogans, such as:“ Hindus are living in Hell, they are headed for Hell, there is an urgent need to save their souls, by converting them to Christianity. “And so on….
The diligence with which they condemn Hinduism & praise Christianity, makes the Christian congregations in the West, donate money for Christian Missionaries in India. Missionaries target the weakest, the most disadvantaged segments of the Hindu society for conversion.
7. It is easily apparent that:Christianity is not a religion of care or compassion, but is a Gospel Of Hate. Christianity’s hatred of Non-Christian religions is not accidental, it is the keystone of Christianity. With an incredibly vast organization & huge financial resources, Christians go to town to harvest Non-Christian souls.
The Christian church employs 4 million full-time workers to harvest Non-Christian souls, it runs 13000 major libraries, publishes 22000 periodicals, operates 1800 Christian radio & TV stations, all for harvesting new souls. It is a Numbers-Game. Indian Missionaries had a goal of 2000 new churches in India, by the year 2000.
8. One Catholic publication describes “ The spiritual advantages of Famine & Cholera. “ Famine brings in miracles. Baptismal water flows in streams, & starving little tots fly in masses to heaven. A hospital is a ready-made congregation, there is no need to go into the highways & hedges, and compel them to come in. They send each other.Yes, to the Missionaries it is a Numbers-Game & the means take over.
9. Hindus do not have one prophet, one Text, & one church, which the Christians have. Their Prophet’s word ( true or false ) is the Last Word for them, it has been spread over 2000 years. Sedulous practice of 2000 years, has made Christians experts, in capturing converts for pure material gain, grabbing lots of converts during famine & cholera, converts are assured of food, cloth, & medicine supplies. Christians consider these conversion methods fair & square, not dishonest nor dishonorable.But are these methods fair & square, or cunning & crooked ?
10. Missionaries are: “ performing religious & cultural imperialism of India.”
Christian church has a strong sense of community, with a well-organized social, financial, and political network among its membership. Using wealth to purchase other peoples loyalty is a game as old as humanity itself. Rich men use wealth to attract women, un-scrupulous employers use material incentives and disincentives to manipulate their workers. But historical longevity of this practice, neither makes the manipulation nor the exploitation morally or ethically right.
11. Organized religions, such as Islam & Christianity, are inherently POLITICAL organizations. Their financial and political machination, differ mightily from Un-Organized religions, who have a mass of independent, unaffiliated believers, philosophers, and mystics. Christianity and Islam make an organized effort to gain converts. Un-Organized religions do no such thing. Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism show no zeal for gaining converts, that is why you never hear about Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist missionaries.
12. Modern medical and nursing schools teach their students, that the provision of medical services should never be used, as a means to proselytize or promote a religion, but that does not deter many Christian health care providers from doing exactly that. The USA’s Faith Based Initiative law provides Christian missionary organizations with taxpayer funds, that are used to proselytize indigenous populations throughout the world. When missionaries bring outside wealth to an impoverished Third World country and use that wealth to provide services to attract converts, they interfere with local social and economic structure, & destroy local cultures. 13. Many Islamic countries strive to protect the cultural identity of their citizens, by enforcing a ban on preaching any religion but Islam. The aggressive, insidious, and highly political Christian missionaries have no chance in a Moslem country, but they have a field day in the country of India. Perhaps India should become a Hindu State, in order to protect its indigenous religion and culture from the predatory missionaries, and State-sponsored cultural Imperialism, that are coming from both Christian and Moslem countries. If the Jews have the right to establish and maintain Israel as a Jewish State, then the Hindus certainly have a right to establish and maintain India as a Hindu State. When Western leaders talk about a Clash of Civilizations, what they really mean is Judeo-Christianity and its corporate Capitalism, versus all non-Christians and non-Capitalists. Christian missionaries are essentially colonialists working for Christian cultural Imperialism.
14. Hindus are slow to anger, but occasionally Hindus, do rise up to drive out the Christian missionaries. They do this to protect themselves and their indigenous culture, from wealthy and unscrupulous invaders, who have no respect for them or for their culture, whose goal is to replace indigenous Hindu culture, with Christianity.
15. Honesty of expression requires, a level playing field. If Christian missionaries want to come to India, to make converts to Christianity, then they can come with empty pockets, and compete on a level playing field. Otherwise they are only interfering with the indigenous culture & way of life, and the indigenous people have a right to demand that they depart.
Surinder Paul Attri