Sunday, June 22, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Christian missionaries of late are accusing Hindu social organisations of spreading hatred against religious’ minorities. A shrill propaganda by secularists against these Hindu organisations is also on to further confuse the public. They say that VHP and its associates are distributing literature that promotes hatred against the minorities in general and Christians in particular.
2. My Take:Look who is talking, who is complaining…it is the Christian Missionaries, who are acting as the aggrieved-party. They have been nettled by the literature that has been distributed by Hindu Organizations. Does the Missionaries-complaint have any substance ?No, it does not. Their complaint stinks. Why ?Because for decades, if not for centuries, these Missionaries have been robustly pumping out their hate literature, against Hindus & their Hinduism, in the guise of educational promotions. Their complaint now against Hindu Organizations, is as phoney as a three-dollar bill.
4. Christian Missionaries make no bones about their purpose, which is to annihilate Hinduism from India, and take it all for themselves, for their Christianity. They have been abusing & vilifying Hinduism, its exemplars, and using the thrust of their poisonous-propaganda, to destroy the heart of Hinduism. Their malicious Anti-Hindu propaganda, is essentially a Gospel Of Hate. It is no secret that Missionaries have been labeling Hindus, as being possessed by Satanic-Powers, and Hindu scriptures as being the works of the Devil ( a totally-imaginary creature, a creature of no-existence ).
5. They are praising Jesus Christ to the skies, forgetting that this imbecile was driving out the Devil ( a totally imaginary creature ) out of people, and taking credit for it. This imbecile also promised that, he will return. Stupid Christians have been waiting for his return for 2000 years. But Jesus Christ cannot return any more than Harry Houdini ( Harry Houdini also pledged by word of honor, that he will return ) can. These ignorant missionaries are misleading people, maintaining that they are opening the gates of heaven for the Hindu converts, when in fact they cannot even un-shut the gates of their own house, or keep an open mind. How can they help anybody else, when they can’t even wipe their own A** ?
6. Missionaries are very crafty & cunning at their trade. To unsuspecting, simple crowds of disadvantaged sections of the Hindu society, they display clay images of Hindu gods & goddesses, showing them sinking in water, while at the same time, wooden images ( painted same color as the Hindu gods & goddesses ) of Jesus Christ, floating on water.
Missionaries take out prospective Hindu converts, on a picnic tour. In the middle of the ride the bus stops. The people are asked to pray to their Hindu gods & goddesses, but the bus does not start. Then they are asked to pray to Jesus Christ, and the bus starts. With such deception & deceit, the Missionaries are able to pick up some converts, who do not realize at all that, they have been had, that they have been admitted into the prison-house of Christianity.
7. It is impossible to sympathize with such hypocrites, who practice treachery, fraud & deceit, and whose stock-in-trade is Hatred Of Those, who do not endorse their, Half-A** religion of Christianity.
Surinder Paul Attri