Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dr. Muqtedar Khan's complaint about Gujarat & Modi

2. My Take:
Regarding: Dr. Muqtedar Khan's complaint about Gujarat & Modi.
COMMENT: Look who is talking ! Look who is crying " Help "
Notice this that here, the offender is acting like the victim, in an attempt to swindle the simple & un-sophisticated folks, regarding the truth of what actually happened. He is trying to camouflage the finger-prints of Islam, which are found all over the place, for the whole world to see, not only in Gujerat, but all over India, not only now, but for the last 1200 years. Islam's record of shame, is decorating the pages of history, for all time to come. He cannot get away with diverting attention, from the malevolent teachings of Islam, which spring directly out of Quran & Hadis, which are sanctified by the words of Allah, and which have resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of millions of Kafir-Hindus ( Non-Moslem Infidel Hindus ).
3. To a devout Moslem like Dr. Muqtedar Khan, Hindu-Moslem unity means, subjugation of the Kafir-Hindu by the Moslem, and the elimination of Kufr from India, and from the rest of the world, according to the teachings of Islam. Let no body in the world have any ideological confusion about Islam, which is a lethal doctrine. It is a doctrine which has done much damage to humanity, and which will do more damage, as long as it survives.
4. Dr. Muqtedar Khan's one-sided and highly-biased viewpoint, not only mis-characterizes Modi but also the Hindu mind. All he cares about is the Moslem and the victory of Islam. He does not give a tinker's damn about Islam's victims, the hateful-Kafirs. He picks at the Hindu, but conveniently ignores the beastly cruelty of the Moslem on the Hindu, which has existed for well over 1200 years. If he were honest, he would look at both sides of the equation, and start describing the burning-alive of 58 Hindus, aboard a train at Godhra, which started the Hindu counter-action. What the hell are you supposed to do, when some one comes shooting at you ?
5. Dr. Muqtedar Khan needs to be reminded that, communal harmony is a two-way street, it is not a one-way street, where only Moslems have rights. The question is not why the Hindus of Gujerat retaliated, but why the Hindus in general have not retaliated before this, even though they have suffered so much blood-letting, at the hands of the Moslems, for well over 1200 years.
6. At this point in time, it is a common observation, in almost every city of India, to notice bearded, fez-wearing & menacing-looking Moslems, who procreate like Hell, who send their children to Madrassas & Maktabs, to come out as Jehadis, ready to pounce on the Kafir-Hindu, and who traumatize a whole lot of Hindus.
7. Since the record & history of Islam are so damn-bad, Dr. Muqtedar Khan would be aptly-reminded that:
" Those who live in glass-houses, should not throw stones at others."
Also Dr. Muqtedar Khan would be well-advised to ask himself:
" How many of his Hindu ancestors, were murdered by the soldiers of Hazrat Mohammad, or were his ancestors the ones, who did the murdering. ?
If he thinks hard on these issues, he would have a much better understanding, of the cardinal-problem, which goes straight to his Islam.
Surinder Paul Attri

Dr. S. Sharma's note

Subj: Dr. S. Sharma's note
1. Writes Dr. S. Sharma Jee:
The solution to this Islamic-Jihadi-Muslim terrorism in India is to create
a situation so that the Muslims start running away to Pakistan/Bangladesh.
The country was divided on the basis of two nations - two religions and it
was a stupid mistake of Jawarlal Nehru and the congress party of India
and as result we Hindus are suffering and would go on suffering until
India is turned into Islamistan because this is the goal of Muslims of India
as well as all the Muslims of the world because they are supporing the
Indian Muslims with unlimited petrodollars and all the Jihadi organisations
of the world.
Muslims have clear aim and definite goal according to Quran and their real
leaders Mullas,Imams and Ayatullahs and they are working to reach to that
goal by every dirty method possible and let us not forget how they won
to have Pakistan and Bangladesh and all the other 55 Muslims nations.
We Hindus are not clear about our aim and how to achieve our Hindudesh/
Until we declare openly and work to achieve Hindudesh we will suffer and
disappear like our Hindu brothers,sisters and children in Pakistan and
Bangladesh and other countries.
How to achive Hindurashtra?
Severe all diplomatic relations with Pand B.
Start deportation of Muslims where they should be.
Ignore the world opinion.
Do what is right for you to survive and exist first then anything else.
India cannot be 80% Hindu and 20% Muslim or vice versa.
It will be 100% Hindu or 100% Muslim this must be clear to Hindus
because this is clear to Muslims.
Time is running out for Hindus because there is no Hindu leader in sight
with clear aim.
See the history of Islam and Iam sure you would draw the same conclusion.
We can save Hindus but we have to organise and act now because
everyday gone is wasted in false stupid slogans likeHindu-Muslims Bhai Bhai.
Do or die and die for a cause and that is to acheive 100% Hindudesh[Hindus,Buddhists,Jains, Sikhs]
2. My Take:
No matter what situation is concocted or contrived, the Moslems of India are not going to depart to either Pakistan or Bangladesh. Like cockroaches, they are despicable & disgraceful, and they are used to preying upon the Hindu ( with a history of 1200 years ).
3. What has escaped the attention of majority of Hindus is, that Moslems are chicken, and that they have yellow-bellies ( due to genetic-predilection ). In centuries gone-by, the only option for a Kafir-Hindu was conversion to Islam or Death. The Moslems of India, are the progeny of the weakest segments of our Hindu society, who could not withstand the relentless pressure of conversion-oppression, of slaughter, arson, rape, and plunder of the Kafir-Hindu. They can be brought back into Hinduism, by same measures in reverse, measures that are strong but determined, measures that limit the options of the Moslems, without the necessity of deportation.
4. Another thing that has not come to the attention of Hindus is, that the Moslem has an addiction, he is addicted to eating. If the only option is between eating & Islam, he will kick Islam and vote food. He can be brought out of Islam, which is holding him in prison.
5. We Hindus should have taken this kind of forceful-step in previous centuries, but have totally-goofed on this score, because of our failure to grasp the real nature of Islam, and because of the total-incompetence of our Hindu leaders, who did not have in them, what it takes to do the job of Hinduism-Defense. These inept & incapable leaders opted for softer-approaches, like peace with Moslems, and projecting the benign face of Islam ( what bull-sh** ? ). They did not notice at all that:
Islam is the twisted-logic of a mad-man ( Hazrat Mohammad ), that Islam has smeared the world with war, terrorism, persecution, blood-letting, and Kafir-Hatred ( especially of the Idolatrous Kafir-Hindu ).
6. In our own time, because of the atmosphere of Phoney-Liberalism in India, the wishes of the 12 % Moslems of India, are riding rough-shod over 85 % of Hindus, who are being abused in all sorts of ways, and who have to tolerate the Moslem’s barbarism, terror, torture, and Kafir-Hatred of his Jehadi-Islam. This as well as the Unfinished-Agenda of Islam in India, of total-eradication of Kufr & Kafirs ( Kafir-Hindu ) from India, is a prospect, that Hindu cannot swallow.
7. After what the Hindu has been through, Islam should not and cannot be allowed to hold, a veto on the fortunes of the Hindu.
A way has to be found ( and it can be found ) for the total-eradication of Islam from India.
Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, July 25, 2008

Violent Exorcisms

Subj: Violent Exorcisms
2. My Take:The ritual of exorcism is used, to drive the Devil ( a totally-imaginary creature ) out of an individual. Christian-Clergy is absolutely convinced that, Devil exists. They tell you “ repeatedly “ that the Devil’s deepest wile, is to persuade us that he does not exist, but he does exist & Jesus Christ says so. Of course, Jesus Christ was the Biggest-Exorcist, but he was also the Biggest-Imbecile. Jesus had no idea at all, what the hell he was talking about.
3. The Devil does not exist at all. The Devil has been invented, to answer the problem of Evil, which does exist ( and science cannot answer, according to repeated-recitations of the Christian-Clergy ). But the Devil comes in handy to the Christian-Clergy, to scare the Hell out of their congregation, and to keep them inside the Prison-House of Christianity. The congregation is told repeatedly:
“ If you don’t follow the preaching of Jesus Christ, you are going to Hell, and meet the Devil over there. “
Hearing this kind of scare, the Christian-Congregation considers itself, in grave danger of being sucked down to Hell. Engulfed in darkness of this type, the Christian-Congregation is scared of the tattered majesty of a totally imaginary creature, labeled as the Devil. Countless Christians regard the Devil as an ever-present threat. But it keeps the Christian-Church united.4. To put it simply, as a result of repeated Anti-Devil propaganda, conducted over the centuries by the Christian-Clergy, the Devil now has become a thorn in the side of Christians. The truth, however, is that it is Christianity itself that, has created the monster that became the Devil. Many churches harbor exorcists, but don’t admit it. But Catholic churches & Vatican are not shy, about having their experts ( the exorcists ).
5. Although Devil is a creature of No-Existence, it is central to the theme of Christianity. In fact, the New Testament is a story of the war between Jesus & the Devil, between good & evil. Without the Devil, Jesus has nothing to do, and no one to defeat, no way of dispensing with the problem of here & now, and no way of ushering in the kingdom of God. Thus Devil has become central to the tradition of Christianity, although the Devil is as phoney as a three dollar bill, it does not exist. The concept of Devil is as phoney as the Christian-Conviction of the Second-Coming ( of Christ ).
6. In his three-year ministry, Jesus’s principle weapon in fighting the Devil was exorcism. In the days of Christ, Jews were a profoundly-superstitious people, and they quickly grabbed the phoney-explanations ( of Devil being the cause ) of Jesus Christ.
7. Many rituals of exorcism, some of them quite-violent, are practiced even now-a-days, on people who are believed to be possessed by the Devil, to make the Devil depart. The rulings of Texas Supreme Court, excusing the violent rituals ( which harm the victim physically & mentally ), in the name of religious-expression, shows the power & influence of Christianity & the superstition of the Christian-Congregation, which exist in profusion & plenitude.
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Women: Islam’s Domestic AnimalsBy

Women: Islam’s Domestic Animals
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. I totally concur with Abul Kasem’s observation that, Islam considers its women as domestic animals. But Islam not only considers, but also treats its women as domestic animals.Was Hazrat Mohammad’s last instruction to Moslems ( as related by Abul Kasem ), really related to beating women, and to treat them as domestic animals ?Yes, it did.
2. But that is not the only explanation, why Moslem men mistreat their women. Moslems treat Hazrat Mohammad as a model ( to be followed ), and it has become a mould of Islam, it gives a lethal edge to the power of Moslem men over women. Islam is a pitiable system, for the treatment of women, in which Moslem men wield vast authority over their women. Islam is an ideology, but it is a disgrace.
3. The cruel treatment of women in Islam, goes back to the “ great “ Hazrat Mohammad himself. Mohammad married Khadija Bibi, who was his boss, his employer, and 15 years older than Hazrat Mohammad. Khadija was a business woman, very rich, and Hazrat Mohammad acquired a life of great luxury, without having to do, a darn thing toward putting an honest day’s hard work. Hazrat Mohammad carries the committed definition ( of dictionary ) of being an Opportunist.
4. Khadija died when Hazrat Mohammad ( HM ) was 49 years old. Now HM was totally free to pursue his sexual-pecadillos ( misconducts ) with passion. Between the ages of 49 & 63, the “ great HM “ married at least 11 times, besides having numerous Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) concubines & slave girls. HM married Ayesha, who was only 6 years old. This shows un-questionably that HM was not only a woman-chaser, but was also a pedophile.
5. HM’s adopted son Zayed was married to Zainab, daughter of Jahsh. One day HM beheld Zainab “ in a loose under-dress .“ Immediately, the beauty of Zainab propelled an irresistible desire in HM, to have Zainab.His son Zayed ( a follower of HM ) understood HM’s hint, yielded without hesitation, and promptly divorced his wife, to enable HM have her. Clearly, HM cut his son down, to satisfy his sexual urges.This also shows that, HM was not satisfied with his over-flowing harem ( of Kafir-girls ), but had to capture his son’s wife.
6. Because the Moslems are following the preaching of HM, using him as a model to follow, what can you expect from Moslem men, except to treat their women as domestic-animals, and beat the hell out of them. Actual examples of mistreatment of Moslem women ( by Moslem men ) upholds this conclusion. A Moslem woman in Pakistan, who was fired from her job, in a hotel in 1990, for shaking hands with a man, says:“ To be a woman in Pakistan, is a terrible thing. “
7. A Pakistani-Mullah, while addressing the dissenting women of Rawalpindi ( Pakistan ), declared loudly:“ Let these women be warned. We will tear them to pieces. We will give them “ such terrible punishments, “ that no one of them in future, will dare to raise a voice against Islam. “
The Mullahs, Maulvis, and other Islamic Ulema ( Clergy ), control every seminary. They control Madrassas & Maktabs, they also control the mind-set of those, who control the community in different geographical areas. They have great capacity to ignite the entire community.
8. Because of this un-equaled power of Moslem men ( over women ) in Islam, is it any wonder that crimes against women in Pakistan ( and in other Moslem countries ), have increased dramatically ? Pakistan is a country, where every Moslem man feels, that he can get hold of any female, and tear her apart. Pakistan claims to have been Islamized. Indeed, it has been.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Criminal Jats have taken over Sikh politics

Subj: Criminal Jats have taken over Sikh politics1. KPS Gill is Good Jat Leader. During the operation Black Thunder he had the Jihadi supported Khalistani Cowards with their Pants down and begging for their lives. Dr. Aulakh.
Criminal Jihadi Jatts of Pakistani Punjab Terrorize the Entire world with their Global Jihadi enterprise... Dear brothers Sat Sri Akal, Sikhs may deny it but I smell that the "Sikh Basket" is pretty stinky. I am a trained scientist, I don't talk in vague terms or generalities. Here are some questions for you. 1) Do yo deny that that criminals Jats have taken over Sikh politics, religious and educational institutions? 2) Do you deny that criminal Jats have been collaborating with PakistaniJihadi leadership since 1947 to undermine Sikhism and Sikhs to line their own pockets? 3) Do you deny that criminal Jats are mainly responsible for the blood bath of Sikhs during the last two decades? 4) Do you deny that most of the sant / baba are criminal Jats? Randhur singh Grewal, Gurbachan Singh Khalsa of Damdami Taksal, the list is very long? 5) Do you deny that most of the crimes committed overseas by Sikhs are by Jats(Including the bombing of Kanishka)? 6) Since 1947, can you name any Jat Leader, whether politician or religious who is (was) a decent human being what to speak of being a good Sikh? Waris Shah' observation about Jat behavior are very accurate, point a single one which does not apply to criminal or Jat. Waris made these obsevations only about two and a half century back, Waris Shah was a keen observer of the character of various tribes of Punjab and he devoted almost a page to the characteristics of Jats and most of them are negative. For instance: jat jed na koee gvar ditha jiven yar na koee sipahian da. No one can surpass a Jat in barbarity and no one is the friend of policemen. jat choh da chuha bna lande chale vas na malkan saeean da. Jats can distort the meaning of a hill-stream into a mouse, which makes it impossible for the authorities (to get the truth out of Jats). A Jats amorality comes out roaringly at the slightest external stimuli. Bal Nath told Ranjha that a yogi is not supposed to look at the face of a woman, so when you go begging for alms caste your glances downward at the feet of housewives. Rnajha retorted back angrily: pta hunda je rana theen mnah karna tere tilai te dhar na marda main. Had I known that you would prohibit me from seeing women, I would not have pissed on your camp. Look how accurate was Herodotus, the Greek Historian who met the ancestors of so-called modern day jats on the steppe of central Asia. he said' "The Scythians, the ancestors of Jats used to drink the blood of their enemies." I do not know whether their descents, the modern Jats of Northern India have regressed or advanced, but one thing is sure -- they drink the blood of their kith and kin. Have you not heard the angry expression of a Jat: O, I will drink your blood (O main tera lahoo pee jun). Similarly, when children pester a mother (Jati) she screams, " these brats have sucked my blood." It is high time that the vast majority of Sikh-Jats who are descent, honest and hard working take a look at what is happening to their community and denounce and condemn the criminal elements within their ranks from every available platform at every opportunity they get. Let us remove the cancerous mole from our beautiful and healthy body. With deep love and respect to all of you. Baldev Singh
2. My Take:
The Jats of Pakistan-Punjab are composed of Jats plus Islam, which is a wretched-combination, and makes them extremely villainous & crooked. These are the same Jats, who butchered massive numbers of Balochs, Sindhis, and East Pakistanis/now called Bangldesh ( especially East Pakistani Hindus ). Pakistani Army consists largely of Punjabi-Jats. Because of their barbaric & perfidious actions, they are a “ pain in the neck “ of nearly every Non-Punjabi Pakistani.
3. Despite the observations of Warey Shah, there are still good Jats , however few in number they might be.
Similar to Warey Shah, Shaikh Saadi made a stark-observation. Says Shaikh Saadi:
Never trust three castes/creeds:
a. Awal Afghan ( First: Afghanistan )
b. Do-am Kamoh ( Second: Kamoh )
c. So-am Badzaat-E-Kaashmeeri ( Third: Inferior & felonious Kashmiri )
4. Examining Kashmir: When the Moghuls first came to Kashmir ( this is when the Hindus had control of Kashmir ), they uttered blaringly:
Gar Firdaus Bruey Zamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast
( If there is paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this )
Now, when the Moslems have control of Kashmir, you can state, without fear of contradiction that:
Gar Jhanum Bruey Zamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast, Hamin Ast
( If there is Hell on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this )
5. This is what Islam has done to Kashmir. Kashmir has not survived in its original beauty & grace. If a Kashmiri was Badzaat in the days of Shaikh Saadi, he is now ten-times more so. Islam has been hastening Kashmir to its doom. That is what Islam has done elsewhere. Why should it be any different in Kashmir ?
Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, July 14, 2008

The only hope for Hindus of Kashmir1

Subj: The only hope for Hindus of Kashmir
1. The only hope for my Kashmiri Hindu brothers and sisters is we take care of each other...i.e Hindu Brahmins take care of each other as the rest of the Hindus in India don't give a damn.....

2. My Take:This is " Not The Only Expectation " for the Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir ( J & K ).Hindus of J & K can take up arms.Hindus of India can arm their J & K Hindu allies. There is " Absolutely No Reason At All " not to furnish the Hindus of J & K with weapons.

3. The problem in J & K is exactly the same, as it is in the rest of India. At both places, Hindus are led by WKOP ( wrong kind of people ). These WKOPs don't have what it takes to do the job, of Hinduism Defense. They cannot cut the mustard.
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Pl give your comments. Thanks.
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The denial of visa by USA to Narendra Modi, an elected head of a state in democratic India, is most unprincipled, unethical, & unequal. This is because neither Narendra Modi nor his state government, have ever been indicted on charges specific to Godhra case.
A judicial commission appointed to examine allegations of Gujerat state’s administration involvement in the riots of 2002, has said that, there is no evidence to implicate either Modi or his administration. Cases filed by Moslems against Modi, have all been rejected by Gujerat High Court, for lack of merit.
2. Of course, Modi is a suspect in the eyes of the Secular media. But suspicion does not symbolize nor points to anything, you have to corroborate & authenticate your accusation in a court of law, which the Secular media has not done. Modi has clearly crushed the media headlines, and has come out as a victim than as a villain. He even went out on a limb, to woo the Moslems of Gujerat, that he is not against Islam, but is against Jehad ( Islam’s Holy-War against Kafirs ).
The Center’s response has been to wholly back Modi & has regretted decision of the USA. If the Center had refused to support Modi, the issue would have been subjected to more political mileage.
USA Congressman Frank Pallone named the USA decision, as a Big Mistake on the part of USA.
3. USA government cites “ violations of religious freedom ,“ even though there is not a single case against Modi, in any of the courts, relating to Godhra riots. USA decision is more queer & outlandish, because USA did not have any qualms, about according a reception to L.K. Advani, who has a case against him, in connection with Babri mosque demolition. Modi is most popular in Israel, which is USA’s closest ally. Also American Jewish Committee, hails Modi as a hero.
Besides, if Zhang Zennin & his coterie ( the butchers of Tiennamen Square ), can get USA visa, then refusal of visa to Modi, makes no sense nor any sagacity.
To tell it like it is, denial of via to Modi, is a political-ploy designed, to please the Moslems & Christians of USA, other than that it is bereft of any wisdom or intelligence. Most of the people who worked to thwart, Modi’s entrance to USA, were Moslems.
4. What the USA government & the Secular media of India are ignoring, is the burning alive, by Moslems of 58 Hindu Karsevaks, aboard a parked train in Godhra ( where 75% of the population is Moslem ), which eventuated in Hindu counteraction. Is Hindu life not worth anything ? Is setting the train compartment on fire, not a crime ? What the hell were the Hindus supposed to do ? Take more SH** from the Moslems, same way that they have been taking for 1200 years.
5. Hindu counter-action resulted from the burning alive of 58 Hindu Karsevaks, many among them were women & children. To classify Hindus as violent & Moslems as innocent victims, is the height of indecency, inequality, & injustice. This kind of cock-eyed and crooked-view puts the Hindu at the short end of the stick, but it is all bogus.
It ignores the actions of the semitic faiths of Islam & Christianity, who have murdered hundreds of millions of Non-Moslems/Non-Christians, & who are based on intolerance & who aggressively pursue their superiority over Non-Moslem/Non-Christian religions.
6. Islam is a fierce & vehemently-violent religion & Moslems understand only ruthless force, applied without quarter. If the Hindu mouths Ahimsa ( Non-Violence ), and ties his hands behind his back, he will only a door-mat to the Moslems.
Narendra Damodardas Modi, has been repeatedly elected, as Gujerat’s Chief Minister. He has demonstrated outstanding performance, turned Gujerat into an economic powerhouse, and controlled terrorism ( Islamic-Terrorism ).
7. Therefore, have the moral courage, to reject 99% of the dispatches by the Liberal English press of India, which has no concept of objective reporting, & which is terribly biased in favor of Moslems & Christians, no matter what their actions are.
Even though Modi has been subjected to prolonged vilification, Modi stands tall & confident. We owe a great deal of debt to Modi, for his courage, tenacity, iron will, & anti-terrorism success. He is the second great Gujerati, after Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. India needs a Modi in every state of India.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


1. Writes Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan Jee:
Today, Hindu militarism alone can cleanse this nation of the evil forces left behind in this country, which corrode our national existence like cancerous germs. We sit before the TV watching films that depict heroes, who see the hypocrisy of people in power, the corruption and nepotism in the government machinery and the helplessness of the poor and downtrodden people, and raise their arms to annihilate the evil forces, take law into their own hands and finally put an end to Adharma, even at the cost of their own lives and that of their kith and kin. When we appreciate and admire such heroes in the films, we must earnestly pray for such living heroes to come up in the real life of the nation and society. That day, when we find such brave and courageous Hindu youth endowed with prowess on their shoulders and arms, will bring the salvation to our glorious Motherland, Bharatavarsha. Let us invoke Shri Bharata Bhavani to produce such valiant children in thousands very soon. Vande Mataram!
2. My Take:
Let there be no doubt in the mind of any Hindu, that at this point in time, there is an enormous challenge to the Hindu from Islam, which has been terrorizing the Hindu for over 12 centuries. It is a dreadful type of terror, which Sullas label as Jehad/Holy-War, while pretending simultaneously that, Islam mean peace, and that Islam is a religion of peace. Actually, Islam is nothing of the sort, this phoney-nomenclature is only a camouflage, and Islam is a cruel scheme of terror.
3. How can the Hindu deal with this, cruel & cunning scheme of terror against the Kafirs ( Hindus included ) ? First thing is for the Hindu to recognize clearly that, Islam is not at all Dharma, and that Islam is 100% Adharma, and that Islam is a lethal doctrine designed for the destruction of Kafirs. Islam has destroyed dozens & scores of civilizations, and surely will destroy more, as long as it survives.
4. Non-Moslem civilizations, Hindu civilization included, cannot survive or live in peace, as long as the evil creed of Islam survives ( or is allowed to survive ).
To try to change Islam or to pacify it via dialogue or concessions, is a colossal misguided-folly. Like a disease, Islam has to be totally eradicated.
5. So far, the Hindu Organizations & Hindu Leadership, have totally failed to defend Hinduism, and the Sulla continues to terrorize & brutalize the Hindu. This is because the Hindu Organizations are Not led by the Right Kind Of people ( RKOPs ). RKOPs are the people, who have in them, what it takes to do the job. In other words, the RKOPs can cut the mustard.
6. Lest there be any confusion, I want to spell out clearly that:
a. Hinduism Defense is largely a job of the Heads, it is largely not a job of the hands.
b. The intellectual, educational, job skill, and financial resources of the Hindu, are far greater than corresponding resources, of either the Sulla or the Kharista.
c. What this means is that, the Hindu can lot more muscle, than either the Sulla or the Kharista.
d. Yet, the Hindu continues to suffer from the sacred-violence of Islam ( that is, Jehad ), because the Hindu has not used his Enormous-Muscle.
e. Hindu also has not made up mind, and needs to make up his mind, to totally destroy his enemies & Adharma. Unwillingness of the Hindu, to totally destroy the Adharma, has always been, & shall continue to be Hindu’s Undoing.
Lessons of Ramayana & of Mahabharta, bring to recollection, the absolute necessity of totally destroying the Adharma. Any other method or procedure, is way off the mark.
Surinder Paul Attri