Friday, October 31, 2008


By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. Our Hindu people look upto to our Hindu Holy Men (HHMs), whom they extoll to sky. But our HHMs are not doing a damn thing right, for the safety, security, or survival of those who pay them so much respect. Their continued bearing as the Head-Honchos of Hindus, is a fore-shadowing of worse things to come to Hinduism. Our HHMs have no interest in dealing with either the evils of the world, or the evils that have crept into our Hinduism. They are much more interested in securing a place for themselves in the after-world, than in saving Hinduism from going to hell.
2. Many of our HHMs, not only subscribe to the Pseudo-Secular politics, but are also openly touting the Utterly Nonsensical Gandhian Slogans of:SARVA DHARMA SAMABHAVA
The imapct of their actions cannot be good on Hinduism. They are not only destroying the Kashatriya (Military) Spirit of the Hindu, but are also taking the mind of the Hindu, away from Hinduism-Defense. Several of our HHMs are openly praising Sonia Gandhi as:Sonia is welcome to be the Prime Minister of India. She is a good woman.
3. Our HHMs have no knowledge of the problems and challenges, that Hinduism faces in the world of today. They have less than zero understanding of the consequences of the practice of our Perverted Caste-System. They have no appreciation that every Hindu is equal, and that Dalits have as much right as Non-Dalits, to enter any temple, and to chant Mantras and Bhajans, in any temple, any where in India. Because they (our HHMs) do not have this understanding, they are not going out in the Hindu-Society, to secure the Hindu-Rights (Vedic-Rights) of our Dalit-Brethren.
We cannot ignore the damage that this attitude is doing to our Hinduism. Any HHM who does not feel and work towards the equality of all Hindus, should be IMMEDIATELY kicked out of his position as Shankar-Acharya, Swami, Priest, etc etc, and helped out of the temple.
4. Whose duty is it to do this Dirty-Job? Answer: It is the duty of all of us Hindus. All Hindu Organizations must aggressively move into tackling this problem. They must kick out our Rotten HHMs, and replace them with the Right Kind Of people, to act as our Head-Honchos. Time is running out for us Hindus, the world is not going to wait for us Hindus, to get our act together. The world has no hesitation, in spitting us and our Perverted Caste-System out, by the forces of global competition. Our Perverted Caste-System is our own problem, our own garbage, and it is our job, to clean our garbage. Our HHMs are the Head-Honchos of our Hindu People, they are the ones who build and develop Hindu-Opinions and Hindu-Attitudes. We must have the right kind of poeple to develop Hindu-Attitudes, to clean out our Perverted Caste System.
Our Perverted Caste System is the cause of Disunity within our Hindu-Parivar. The Barbarians of Islam and Christianity (who have murdered hundreds of millions of Non-Moslems and Non-Christians), take advantage of our caste-based disunity. They go to the weakest sections of our Hindu Society, as Liberators from Hindu-Tyranny.
5. Elimination of our Perverted Caste-System, is a Wake-Up Call to all Hindus (around the world). Our Knowledge-Based (Vidya-Based) Vedic System, has no place for superstitions and blind-beliefs, of the type that are found massively, in Islam and Christianity. Hinduism is knowledge-based, and is a Reform-Religion by definition. We Hindus must kick out our Perverted Caste-System, that has destroyed our Hindu-Technology for centuries.
Our Perverted Caste-System is BAD-BAD NEWS for our Hindu-Technology. Reason: It is a Static-System, it keeps our Hindu-Technology at the same place, where it has been for centuries. But the world in which we are living, is a Highly-Dynamic World, in which technology is changing and advancing at break-neck speed. We cannot afford to keep a Bullock-Cart Hindu Technology System, in the world of airplanes and rockets. What we Hindus need to do is to join hands, and get rid off the Bull-Sh** of our Perverted Caste-System. To do that, the people that we appoint as our Head-Honchos, must be the Right Kind Of People.


By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. Everything of significance that is undertaken in Islam, involves theservices of Islam's Greese-Monkeys. The greese-monkeys of Islam are:Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis, Qazis, and other members of Moslem-Clergy.These monkeys are the only class of people in the whole of Islam, that iseducated in the doctrine of Islam and Quran (An average Moslem is neithereducated in Islam nor in Quran). The enormity of the role of Greese-Monkeyscannot be judged from the look on their faces, but from the job that they doon their Moslem-Followers.Almost the entire job of indoctrinating (Educating in Islamic Law and Duty)the Islamic-Followers is done by these humorless greese-monkeys, they are theones who produce the so-called heroes of Islam, the Jehadis. The Jehadis arethe Hit-Men and Mass-Killers of Islam, the greese-monkeys make sure that theperformance of Jehadis is upto standards of Islam. They do this by teachingthem how to fight in the ways of Allah, and how to establish Allah's Supremacyover Non-Believers (Non-Moslem Kafirs/Infidels). They not only expose them tothe tenets of Islam, but also show them the green-gardens of Islam, temptingthem with after-death rewards that await a Jehadi in Janat (Moslem'sParadise), this always includes choicest sex with 72 Houris. It is because ofsuch attractive rewards, shown to the Moslems by their Greese-Monkeys, that aMoslem becomes ready to kill and get killed.In both outcomes, the Moslem wins, he ends up in Janat. These rewards are sortof "Eye For Eye" compensation for their sacrifices of undertaking Jehad in thename of Allah, this Jehad always involves killing of Hateful-Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels). In other words, the greese-monkeys teach Sullas, the gospelof hate, the hate of Non-Moslems whom they label as Kafirs (Infidels).And what is Jehad?Jehad is the Perpetual-War that a Moslem engages against Kafirs, the Greese-Monkeys convince the Moslem that:"A person's biggest crime is to deny Allah and Mohammad's Exclusive Right To BeBelieved In And Adored."2. It is from these greese-monkeys that a Moslem learns, his hatred of Non-Moslem religions, and his attempts to deny Non-Moslems all rights, except theright to serve their Moslem-Masters. There is little hatred that a Moslem canlearn, without the coachings from these Greese-Monkeys of Islam (That is why,for practical purposes, breaking down these greese-monkeys is breaking downIslam itself). This hatred is a sufficient factor, to inspire a Moslem to tryto raid and subjugate Non-Moslem territories (labelled as Dar-Ul-Harb/TheBattle-Ground). There is little that a Moslem can do without teachings andservices of these greese-monkeys, these greese-monkeys are the ones who keepthe Donkey-Engines of Islam going, and running at full blast. Essentially,these greese-monkeys are the Sanctuaries of Islam. Eliminating this sanctuaryis eliminating Islam for practical purposes.One Greese-Monkey influences the lives of at least 40,000 to 50,000 Sullas, atleast half of these Sullas are Potential-Jehadis.Because of this ratio, disaster to greese-monkeys means catastrophe to Islam.In other words, eliminating of Greese-Monkeys is sentencing Islam to death. Infact, if 10,000 Greese-Monkeys of Islam are eliminated, then Islam wouldn'tlast more than a week.Why is Islam so fragile? Answer: Because of the BASACKWARD-PYRAMID structure of Islam (as well as ofChristianity). This structure is stunning in its constitution and application.NOTE: A full explanation of the BASACKWARD-PYRAMID of Islam/Christianity, isbeyond the scope of this message, which is intended to be kept short. I shallwrite up a separate message to explain the Basackward-Structure of bothIslam/Christianity.3. Given the absolute reality (fully backed by mathematical-probabilities)that, you can NEVER completely eliminate Violence from the world, you can onlyminimize it. A logical question becomes: Which is better, removal of 10,000Greese-Monkeys of Islam or 140 million Sulla-Followers?Why remove 140 million people later, if removing 10,000 now can accomplish thesame thing? Why expend more time, effort, and money than what is absolutelynecessary? Isn't it a smarter way of doing an effective, and more professionaljob?4. In the fulfillment of his Karma, man has to do a wide variety of jobs. Butof all the jobs, the waging of war is the most unpleasant. If one can avoidwar, so much the better. But in the real world, situations arise in whichwaging of wars becomes inevitable. In our world, in which there are alwaysaggressive people, who come to burn and loot your country and people, wagingof wars becomes inevitable and essential Karma of man, to defend his peopleand the safety of his nation. The 1200 year long history of Muslim Rule inIndia, is evidence of murder of hundreds of millions of Hindus by Barbarian-Sullas, coached into action by these Greese-Monkeys of Islam. It is beyondupsetting that we Hindus have learned neither any lesson of history, nor theduty of our Karma, to defend our people. In defending his people, it becomesthe duty of a soldier, to wound and even to kill his enemy. There is anabsolute and essential need to implement that duty. That is the only way tokeep our Hindus people safe from assaults of career-barbarians (Sullas andKharistas).Isn't it obvious that instead of moaning and groaning, bitching and barking,over tragedies of lost Hindu lives, we now need to figure ways to fend offsuch tragedies in future.5. We need to be aware that, our enemies (Sullas and Kharistas, together withtheir Greese-Monkeys) are scarcely above the degree of savage life, theirrespect for life is not very much, and violence comes natural to them,murdering, looting, and raping Kafirs/Non-Moslem Infidels is their compulsivetrait. Their hatred of people of religions other than their own, is beyonddescription. This hatred cannot be dissipated, because without this hatred,there is no reason and no justification, for the existence of either Islam orChristianity. If Islam and Christianity ever stopped hating other religions,then that would be the end of both Islam and Christianity. It should beobvious, that Moslems and Christians wouldn't choose to commit suicide, byabandoning their hatred for other religions.Consequently, this in-built hatred of other religions in both Islam andChristianity, is guaranteed to continue, and their blood-thirsty violenceagainst these Kafir (Infidel) religions shall continue, it is foolish toexpect that Moslems and Christians shall abandon their well-established andhighly successful methods, just to be nice to other religions. In fact, thiskind of nicety towards other religions, does not come within the jurisdictionof morality, as understood by Sullas and Kharistas. Much more likely is theprospect that, colossal Sulla-Violence that occurred against Hindu during thelast 1200 years was just a skirmish, compared to what is yet to come. SullaViolence against Hindu is not over, it has not been defused, and it cannot bedefused. Instead of sleeping on the couch, we Hindus need to wake up, andfigure ways to beef up our security.6. Can 10,000 Greese-Monkeys be replaced? Yes, some of them can certainly be,no doubt there shall be serious attempts to replace all of them. But theycannot be replaced much more often than once or twice. If we Hindus stay thecourse and do the swift job of Greese-Monkey Elimination, then soon therewon't be many more Monkeys to go around, and that is the end of Islam, forgood. What Hindus are doing here is, to take the fight to the enemy, to thesite of Enemy's Power. They are eliminating the exporters of terror,barbarism, and violence of Islam. They are eliminating the Sanctuary Of Islam.7. Hindus must understand and understand it CLEARLY that, Sulla-Attacksagainst Hindu are Not invited by Sulla-Strength, but by Perception Of Hindu-Weakness, on the part of Sullas. We Hindus have been tested again and again bySullas (those Thugs, Terrorists, and Barbarians) for 1200 years, and dangersto Hindus have not passed, in fact threats to Hindus have taken on a Nasty-Turn.What this suggests is that:It is an Act Of Absolute Decency (which involves absolute minimum loss ofhuman life), to remove 10,000 Greese-Monkeys now, rather than having to remove140 millions Sullas later on (which shall surely be needed). The latter optionis a Dumber-Way of doing the same job, at much higher cost, with much greaterdifficulty, and much greater loss of life.8. It is a matter of common observation that, every job of significancerequires the right tool and right technique. We have made tremendous stridesin understanding the beast of Islam. We know where Islam is the weakest, weknow the location of the soft-underbelly of Islam. The soft-underbelly ofIslam is the class of Islam's Greese-Monkeys. For practical purposes, thesegreese-monkeys are the Battle-Staff of Islam. These Monkeys have become toobig for their breeches, they need to be eliminated.Hindus would be doing themselves a favor by hitting this soft-underbelly.Immediately after we hit this soft-underbelly, something wonderful will happento Hinduism. War-Dance with Islam shall be over, and Islam shall be:Out Of Circulation, For Good.9. Hindus are smart people, they understand the value of time (you might haveheard that "time is money"). It behooves us Hindus to make Smart-Choices,keep collateral damage to a minimum, apply focused and determined force, todo the job that is required.Hindus: Eliminate Greese-Monkeys Of Islam now.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HANG-MAN HAZRAT, THE MEAN-MOHAMMAD: His Aggressive-Imperialism

HANG-MAN HAZRAT, THE MEAN-MOHAMMAD: His Aggressive-Imperialism
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The Holy-War ( Jehad ) against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), started by Hangman- Hazrat some 1400 years ago, continues this day, beyond Hazrat’s grave. But the Phoney-Liberals of India and of the West, continue to ignore this aggressive-imperialism of Hangman-Hazrat. Islamic scholars point out that, the real purpose of Islam is to identify evil in the world, but in actual practice, what Moslems identify as evil in the world, are the Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, and the existence of this evil ( the hateful Kafirs ) cannot be overlooked by the Moslems. This is a distortion of the right orderliness, but it does not matter a bit to a Moslem, who does what he thinks his religion teaches him to do.
2. The Phoney-Liberals ( of India and of the West ) totally fail to grasp that, the aim of Hangman-Hazrat’s followers is, to destroy all the Non-Moslem religions/cultures of the world, and to forcibly bring them into Allah’s Islamic-Empire, via the Holy-War, which they label as Jehad. Dhimmi is the name given by Moslems to Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) which includes Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and other Kafirs.
3. The most noticeable feature of Hangman-Hazrat’s Islam, is its total unwillingness to subject its system, beliefs, and rules, to critical analysis, as well as its total opposition to toleration of alternative viewpoints. Concepts like rationalism, secularism, democracy, and human rights, have no business in Islam. In fact, darkness of illiteracy, ignorance, fundamentalism, corruption, and decadence, run rampant in practically all Islamic societies. In addition, half of the population of these lands ( the women ), continues to be brutally trampled upon, in the name of Allah, faith, and laws of Islamic Sharia. Women of Islam, who are suffering under the brutality of Islamic laws, are unable to break the fetters of slavery, that Islam imposes upon them. Will the women of Islam ever wake up, and arise from the humiliation and degradation, that Islam imposes upon them ?
4. In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly came out with a declaration:a. To separate church and stateb. To establish democracyc. To abolish gender apartheidd. To establish equality of sexesNearly all Islamic countries, are in total violation of UN declaration and guidelines of 1948. As a result, freedom of women has been sliced apart, and the horror of Islam’s cruelty on its women, continues unabated.
5. Question: What is so special about Quran, that makes it supersede the Universal Declaration of Freedom, issued by the UN General Assembly in 1948 ? In addition to women, Non-Moslem Infidels ( the so-called Kafirs ), are the victims of Islam’s religious apartheid, and Islam’s cruelty and intolerance continues without interruption.
Yet when you go and talk to any Moslem-Mullah, the first thing that he will tell you is, that “ Islam is the religion of peace.” What horse-sh** ? This has got to be the biggest distortion and falsehood. The entire history of Islam is bloody. Moslem murdered tens of thousands of Non-Moslem Kafirs, in broad daylight, again & again, and again & again. Mean-Mohammad, during his lifetime, had reduced the population of Jews to a bare minimum.
6. In spite of all this atrocious record, Mullahs ( and Moslems ) are not even bashful about telling us that:“ Islam is the religion of peace. “What a Joke ?
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, October 26, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Christianity ( like Islam ) claims superiority over Non-Christian religions & alleges that Christianity is a perfect religion. Diligently brainwashed with this delusion/deception, the Christians of Kandhamal are saying:
“ Don’t make poor little Christian Me suffer. We Christians are superior to Hindus, and Hindus are persecuting us for that reason.”
This is a very bad joke, because the Hindus don’t regard the Christians superior to Hindus. Hindus look upon the Christians as “ Mlecchas.” This term is considered a Put-Down expression , and sometimes even Racist, even though it is contextual at best.
2. But the problem is not terminology, the problem is bad-mouthing ad infinitum of Hinduism, by the Christian Missionaries, as well as their unlawful activities, to gain converts from the disadvantaged sections of the Hindu society. The problem is not un-equal wealth, among the various members of the Hindu society ( as sometimes declared by the Missionaries ). There are strong affirmative action programs, for the uplift of weaker sections of the Indian society, and there are plenty of opportunities for the citizens of India. The solution of the economic problems of the Indian society, neither requires the services of Missionaries, nor needs the mixing of religion with economics.
3. Christian Missionaries want an extension of the Reservation System, to the Converts, without giving up their Organized Conversion Activities. This is Not acceptable to the Hindus.
Christians cannot have it both ways, that is, the right of conversion as well as the privilege of reservation system.
Christian demand is also hypocritical, because Christianity claims to be a casteless religion, but wants the privileges of caste-based Hinduism. If Christianity wants extension of the Affirmative action to the Dalits ( Converts ), then it must first denounce Proselytism as a Pre-condition.
4. Christianity also sounds phoney when it mocks the caste system of the Hindus, but keeps totally ( and shrewdly ) quiet about what its scriptures say about the un-believers ( that is, the Non-Christians ), what kind of treatment they should get in this life, and what kind of punishment is in store for them in after-life. The institutionalized condemning of the rest of humanity ( that is, the Non-Christians ) to Hell, and treating them as unclean & inferior sub-humans, is much worse than the caste system of the Hindus, but the Christians go out of their way, to prevent any discussion of this issue, from taking place. This is a slick-trick that they play, while mocking the Hindu caste system, but keeping their big mouth shut, about the Institutionalized condemnation & in-equality of the believers & un-believers, that their religion slaps on humanity. There are also verses in the Bible, that describe how to treat the slaves, but no Christian talks about them.
5. Caste system is not integral to Hinduism. If caste system vanishes today ( and it is headed in that direction, although it will take a generation or two to get there ), Hinduism shall not be harmed in any way at all. But the differences between the believers ( the saved, clean, & privileged ) and the un-believers (doomed, unclean, & slaves ) are Absolutely-Central to Christianity, they cannot be taken out of Christianity. If theses differences are ever taken out, then the whole of Christianity would collapse, because then there is no rationale for the existence of Christianity. No Christian wants to talk about the True-Personality of Christianity ( because it does not look right ), its Ingrained-Inequality between the believers ( the Christians ) & the un-believers ( the rest of humanity ), and the utter condemnation of the Non-Christians, and the division of the entire humanity into two warring camps, that Christianity puts in place, is not any thing to write home about.
6. Inequality is the central tenet of Christianity, not of Hinduism. In Hinduism, everybody is empowered to attain salvation, based on his or her own Karma ( merit ). Christianity is political in nature & seeks to expand. It depends upon expansion to survive, we have seen it for centuries. It is not that we have not given Christianity a chance. Christianity has been given plenty of chances, and it has brought untold misery & suffering upon the populations far & wide. Two-thirds of Pagan-Europe was murdered by the soldiers of Jesus Christ during the Christianization of Europe, and 41 million native Americans of North & South America were murdered by the Christian Immigrants to North & South America.
If somebody desperately wants to pray to Jesus Christ, he can do so privately, no body even needs to know that he is doing so. But the usage of the church for expansion, is not just a matter of personal faith, it affects social stability, it is dangerous. The terrible historic record of Christianity ( Christianity is totally naked ), is more than enough to justify banning the conversion process. This ban along with massive Hindu effort to re-convert Christians to Hinduism, will end the problem of conversion in India.
7. Christianity has sinned more than Hinduism, in perpetuating inequality & social injustices against Dalit-Christians. In Indian Christian communities, caste system swings & sweeps far & wide. Caste discrimination takes many forms in Christian communities of India. There are some churches built specially for separate groups ( castes ). These places of worship retain their caste identity. Separate places are allotted in churches, usually the Christians of scheduled castes, occupy the rear of the church. A glaring example of caste distinction is found among the dead of the Christians. The dead of the Dalit-Christians are buried in separate cemeteries.
8. Out of 156 Catholic Bishops in India, 150 belong to upper caste Christians. Out of 12,500 Catholic Priests, only 500 are from the Dalit community, even though Dalits constitute 80% of the Indian Christian community. The control over the church, is in the hands of the 20 % upper caste Christians.
At least 10 million Dalit Christians of India, feel cheated by the church that converted them to Christianity, with the assurance that they would be given equal rights & status in the community.
9. To put it simply, Dalit-Christians are more un-touchable in Christianity, than they were in their original faith.
If any Christian sneers or scoffs at Hinduism, and talks about the inequality of Hindu caste system, you ought to tell him:
“ We know who you are, don’t play games with us. “
Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Comment on my rejoinder

1. Atri ji:
Fantastic. Wish I had the power you have.
Save your rejoinders somewhere so that future generation culd use that material.
Best regards.
Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735
2. My Take:
Kataria Jee: Thanks.
I am tickled pink that you endorse my rejoinder.
You are endowed with talents that I don’t possess. Because both you & I are on same side of the fence, that matters the most, for the good of our Hindu Order. .
4. I am starting to keep paper copies of my messages & articles. May be some day, these can be put together in a book, by a low-cost publisher. Until then, the free world of the Internet ( a few websites ) would make my write-ups visible..
Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, October 24, 2008

Missionary Menace1

Subj: Missionary Menace
1. swamijyoti to me Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Danger of Hindu Christian Riots in Andhra Prad...":
Hi All,
Yeah, let's wake up, whine and then go to sleep. Let's pick up swords against the Christians missionaries who atleast are doing something which we Indians never do. Do something good for the poor, build hospitals, build schools, provide free education, cleanup the caste system stench, provide something to feel proud about instead of feeling ugly with low self esteem, looked down by the upper castes, no jobs, not future, dont have anything to eat, etc, etc, etc,..the list goes on.If Christians are harvesting souls, so be it. A lost Indian soul is better than a empty stomach and a step towards suicide or possible crime.
Common guys!!! Stop whining!!! If you got the big balls, Donate time, energy, effort and money to do something what the christians are doing. Mimic them. Do something good for a change. Then watch your fellow disgruntled Indians retain their souls.
Frankly speaking, you really do not need a foreign power to provide you with the financial resources. You got ample lagpatis/millionaires/billionaries at every corner of India. Wake them up to do something good.I bet, every person who is reading this comment is atleast a lagpati who never donated a rupee or an hour for social work.
No. That, you dont want to do. Like Saaju Bhaskar says in the above 'we never donate a rupee at charity'. But we bitch and bitch about someone else doing something good for a change. We Indians just cannot digest when someone else is doing good.
All I hear is - typical Indians complaining and complaining but doing nothing like what the christians are doing.
I dont know if I should laugh or cry at the pathetic stand we educated and or so-called cultured Indians take when some poor/uneducated/lowCaste/etc Indians are getting benefited. If their souls are going to someother religion, so be it. Put yourself in their shoes, go on empty stomach for few days and then see who will come do something for you, especially when you are in some rural area. Nobody, my brother. Chances are high that some Christian will feed you something.
When Mohd Gazhni slaughtered us, we complained. When BritishRaj robbed up, we royally licked their bottoms for 200+ years and complained. Now, when missionaries are doing something good, BINGO!!, we complain. Looks like complaining is in our genes.
Give me a break and decide what in the above three scenarios is benefiting Indians.
One thing seems to be clear, the missionaries want your soul. Not your blood, sweat, money, or your women or your lands or cattle. They are willing to sacrifice all their personal monies, blood, sweat and efforts to do some good. The net effect is simple - some pathetic/poor Indian getting a free benefit!!!
WHY DONT YOU DO THE SAME???STOP WHINING!!!DO SOME GOOD!!!!GO, SUPPORT AN ORPHANAGE!!!GO, FEED A POOR BEGGAR!!!GO, DONATE AN HOUR EVERY WEEK OF YOUR TIME!!GO, DONATE 1 WEEKS PAY FOR FREE MEDICINE FOR THE POOR!!!GO, BUILD A FREE CLINIC!!!GO, SEND 2 POOR KIDS TO SCHOOL!!!GO, FEED 10 OLD PEOPLE IN YOUR VILLAGE!!!!DO 0.0000001% of WHATEVER GOOD MOTHER TERESA DID Oooops!! We Can't do it. Me donate? Just cannot do it. She did, because she was a crazy missionary. Me? No Way!! I'm a proud Indian!!! Just cannot do something for free. The word DONATE is not in Indian dictionary.What's left?? Let's pick up the sword!!

2. My Take:
Signor Anonymous has written a sarcastic message. I do not want to imitate his style with sarcasm of my own, I want to tell it like it is. Correspondently, I do not want to criticize only Non-Hindu religions, and give the benefit of doubt to Hinduism. If I did that, I will be replicating what others are doing, particularly the Moslems & Christians.
3. We Hindus are Not perfect, nor have ever claimed that we are. We are selfish, and welfare of ourselves & our family, carries the highest priority in our reasoning. Every body else, our neighbors, our community, state, or nation, take much lower rank. With the coat of arms of this blind-individualism, we Hindus cannot advance into being public or community-minded. We also blaze with troublesome Lakeer-Ke-Fakir ( we prefer to follow the beaten path ) syndrome. Even though our caste system has existed for thousands of years, and is inordinately hier-archical ( a system of in-equality ), our heedless-individualism has not permitted us a sense of urgency, to enable us to reform our social system, for the uplift of the socially-disadvantaged sections of our Hindu society. Even the enormous challenge both from Islam & Christianity, has not persuaded or provoked us Hindus, to set our social house in order.
4. The unperceptive-individualism of the Hindu & defects in his social system, have enabled Hindu’s adversaries ( Islam & Christianity ) to exaggerate, fabricate, and wholesale-distort the characteristics of Hinduism, even though the picture of Islam & Christianity is hardly flushed with re-assuring beauty. Both Moslems & Christians have gotten away with their deceptive broadcasts regarding the greatness & perfection of their own religions, in spite of the degraded & degenerate characteristics of Islam & Christianity. Actions always speak louder than words & the slaughter of hundreds of millions of Non-Moslems & Non-Christians ( because of their refusal to subscribe to their barbaric religions ), by the soldiers of Hazrat Mohammad & Jesus Christ, and engraved on the pages of history, strip naked the barbaric nature of both Islam & Christianity, and totally nullify Islam & Christianity’s claims of being religions of peace, love, and brotherhood.
5. Both Islam & Christianity are proselytism-religions, they want to swell their numbers ( by all means possible, fair as well as fraudulent ), to acquire power to control things in the world. Christian-Missionaries do establish schools, hospitals, and other service institutions, but these are incidental to their real aim ( you will never get them to admit it ) of harvesting souls for Christianity. To harvest souls, both Islam & Christianity, have engaged in slaughter, terror, torture, trickery, temptation & taxation, with the greatest glee, gusto, & pride. It is a pity that majority of Moslems & Christians have not renounced nor denounced Islam or Christianity, for their sickening record of un-mitigated barbarism.
6. Mrs. Radha Rajan says that Islam is sword but Christianity is cancer. Mrs, Rajan is not exaggerating, her description is flawlessly accurate. Christians in US,UK, and other Western countries, raise money for financing Christian Missions in India, with miserably-contemptible slogans, such as:“ Hindus are living in Hell, they are headed for Hell, there is an urgent need to save their souls, by converting them to Christianity. “And so on….
The diligence with which they condemn Hinduism & praise Christianity, makes the Christian congregations in the West, donate money for Christian Missionaries in India. Missionaries target the weakest, the most disadvantaged segments of the Hindu society for conversion.
7. It is easily apparent that:Christianity is not a religion of care or compassion, but is a Gospel Of Hate. Christianity’s hatred of Non-Christian religions is not accidental, it is the keystone of Christianity. With an incredibly vast organization & huge financial resources, Christians go to town to harvest Non-Christian souls.
The Christian church employs 4 million full-time workers to harvest Non-Christian souls, it runs 13000 major libraries, publishes 22000 periodicals, operates 1800 Christian radio & TV stations, all for harvesting new souls. It is a Numbers-Game. Indian Missionaries had a goal of 2000 new churches in India, by the year 2000.
8. One Catholic publication describes “ The spiritual advantages of Famine & Cholera. “ Famine brings in miracles. Baptismal water flows in streams, & starving little tots fly in masses to heaven. A hospital is a ready-made congregation, there is no need to go into the highways & hedges, and compel them to come in. They send each other.Yes, to the Missionaries it is a Numbers-Game & the means take over.
9. Hindus do not have one prophet, one Text, & one church, which the Christians have. Their Prophet’s word ( true or false ) is the Last Word for them, it has been spread over 2000 years. Sedulous practice of 2000 years, has made Christians experts, in capturing converts for pure material gain, grabbing lots of converts during famine & cholera, converts are assured of food, cloth, & medicine supplies. Christians consider these conversion methods fair & square, not dishonest nor dishonorable.But are these methods fair & square, or cunning & crooked ?
10. Missionaries are: “ performing religious & cultural imperialism of India.”
Christian church has a strong sense of community, with a well-organized social, financial, and political network among its membership. Using wealth to purchase other peoples loyalty is a game as old as humanity itself. Rich men use wealth to attract women, un-scrupulous employers use material incentives and disincentives to manipulate their workers. But historical longevity of this practice, neither makes the manipulation nor the exploitation morally or ethically right.
11. Organized religions, such as Islam & Christianity, are inherently POLITICAL organizations. Their financial and political machination, differ mightily from Un-Organized religions, who have a mass of independent, unaffiliated believers, philosophers, and mystics. Christianity and Islam make an organized effort to gain converts. Un-Organized religions do no such thing. Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism show no zeal for gaining converts, that is why you never hear about Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist missionaries.
12. Modern medical and nursing schools teach their students, that the provision of medical services should never be used, as a means to proselytize or promote a religion, but that does not deter many Christian health care providers from doing exactly that. The USA’s Faith Based Initiative law provides Christian missionary organizations with taxpayer funds, that are used to proselytize indigenous populations throughout the world. When missionaries bring outside wealth to an impoverished Third World country and use that wealth to provide services to attract converts, they interfere with local social and economic structure, & destroy local cultures. 13. Many Islamic countries strive to protect the cultural identity of their citizens, by enforcing a ban on preaching any religion but Islam. The aggressive, insidious, and highly political Christian missionaries have no chance in a Moslem country, but they have a field day in the country of India. Perhaps India should become a Hindu State, in order to protect its indigenous religion and culture from the predatory missionaries, and State-sponsored cultural Imperialism, that are coming from both Christian and Moslem countries. If the Jews have the right to establish and maintain Israel as a Jewish State, then the Hindus certainly have a right to establish and maintain India as a Hindu State. When Western leaders talk about a Clash of Civilizations, what they really mean is Judeo-Christianity and its corporate Capitalism, versus all non-Christians and non-Capitalists. Christian missionaries are essentially colonialists working for Christian cultural Imperialism.
14. Hindus are slow to anger, but occasionally Hindus, do rise up to drive out the Christian missionaries. They do this to protect themselves and their indigenous culture, from wealthy and unscrupulous invaders, who have no respect for them or for their culture, whose goal is to replace indigenous Hindu culture, with Christianity.
15. Honesty of expression requires, a level playing field. If Christian missionaries want to come to India, to make converts to Christianity, then they can come with empty pockets, and compete on a level playing field. Otherwise they are only interfering with the indigenous culture & way of life, and the indigenous people have a right to demand that they depart.
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


(718) 478-5735
2. My Take:
Shri Kataria Jee: I am glad you liked my rejoinder. Thanks.
3. I had to summon lots of courage, to make out the material of the Bible. I did try to steady my nerves with a cup of strong coffee, to read things that are absolutely-monstrous. But the un-easy sensation in the pit of my stomach, made me forget that cup of coffee. You cannot read this kind of stuff with a laid-back attitude.
4. The Christian God ( Yahweh ) is much more wicked, much more fiendish than, the Devil whom the Christians & their leader Jesus Christ try to dispatch ( exorcise ). How foolish ? The entire ritual of exorcism, appears to me to be a rogue’s ritual. Come to think of it, every ritual in Christianity is, a ritual of exorcism. That makes Christianity, Devil’s religion. In fact, if there had been no Devil ( a totally-imaginary creature ), then Christianity would have disappeared centuries ago.
5. As I reflect on these notations, my attention shifts to that imbecile Jesus Christ, who calls himself the son of God ( Yahweh ). That makes Jesus Christ the Son Of the Devil, and I expect him to take after his Father. People who worship such a terrible God, can expect nothing good really.
6. It is a pity that, Christians are trying to subject the people of this planet, to the evil Biblical-Doctrine. People of this planet ought to get wise to the shenanigans of Christianity, and show it the door.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


FM: swamijyoti to me
Pl give your rejoinder for publication along with comment.
SJ1. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The conversion tactics of the Adventist Christian ...":
Regarding this posting: I think if you are going to quote the Bible, it's important that you quote ALL the Bible that deals with the topic at hand...for example, Matthew 5:21 & 44 which says, "Thou shalt not kill. You shouldn't even be angry with your brother without cause." And "Love your enemies and bless them that curse you!" Christianity is not a religion of violence, but of LOVE.
Also, Christ instructs us first to rescue our own sheep (the house of Israel) but THEN to go and share his love with the world. Matt 28:19,20. And John 15:12, "This is my commandment that ye love one another, as I have loved you."
Our God offers his love freely, and He bids us to share it....but He does nothing by force or fear!! He wants everyone to have the freedom to choose...He even tells us we can choose our own gods. (Josh 24:15) Why can't our Hindu brothers and sisters allow this love and freedom as well??
Your Friend,Peace
2. My Take:Signor Peace is defending his Christian faith, with an iron sense of duty., but he is Not well-informed about Christianity at all. If he explores Christianity seriously, he would discover that Christianity is Not a religion of LOVE, that he has been led to believe (and which he claims ). That Christianity is a religion of Love is, what the Christians want you to believe Christianity is, but Christianity is Not a religion of Love. Christianity is a Gospel Of Hate. Its hatred of Non-Christian religions is legendary.
3.Quote: Matthew 5:21 & 44 which says, "Thou shalt not kill. You shouldn't even be angry with your brother without cause." And "Love your enemies and bless them that curse you!" Christianity is not a religion of violence, but of LOVE.COMMENT: Actions speak louder than words.The historical record of Christianity neither supports this quote, nor Christianity’s claim of religion of Love.Two-thirds of Pagan-Europe was murdered by the soldiers of Jesus Christi, during the Christianization of Europe, and 41 million Native-Americans ( the so-called American-Indians ) were murdered by the Christians in North & South America.If Christianity is a religion of Love, then it has a singularly-queer way of showing its Love.
4. If you read and quote the entire Bible ( as Signor Peace recommends ), you would discover that Christianity is Absolutely-Terrible. Christian God gives orders to exterminate entire nations, people who had done nothing wrong, and he gives their country & their possessions to their murderers.
“ And thou shalt consume all the people which the LORD thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them. “
Read the whole Bible and learn, how the followers of this Christian God, executed this command to perform large-scale murder & plunder. They committed slaughter after slaughter. They exterminated town after town, region after region. Men, old people, women & children: they killed everybody.
5. You read the entire Bible, to learn how this Christian God, demands unconditional obedience, and threatens his followers, in case they should be disloyal to him, to oppress them in such a way, that they will be compelled to eat their own children.
Many more passages from the Bible can be cited, they are all just as terrible.You also will learn how this Bible foretells that, one day in the future this Christian God will, destroy this planet Earth & all its inhabitants. You also read about the horrors that, will happen then.
6. Quote from Signor Peace:Also, Christ instructs us first to rescue our own sheep (the house of Israel) but THEN to go and share his love with the world. Matt 28:19,20. And John 15:12, "This is my commandment that ye love one another, as I have loved you."
COMMENT: Christ also told them to spread his gospel, and that is what the Christians are doing. Christians are told to make disciples of all nations. In the Christian churches of India, Christians are not only saying that their God is better than the rest, but also abuse, ridicule, & denigrate Hindu religion, Hindu gods & goddesses, every day of the week. They also publish a series of Anti-Hindu magazines & pamphlets, calling Hindu religions, and its gods & goddesses absolutely horrible.From kerala to Kashmir, the Christian missionaries are printing books in different names, denigrating Hinduism and Hindus so that they can carryout mass conversions.
7. Here is one example of Christian publications:‘Haqeeqat’ 8. (For Hindus) men can be Gods, women can be Goddesses... animals are gods, snakes are gods... they (Hindu Gods) fight among themselves, marry among themselves, throw out their wives, run away with others' wives, they steal, get intoxicated, drink blood, are reincarnated as animals, fish and tortoise, some of them can lift mountains... Some Gods are in same-sex relationships and are yet able to produce babies. These Gods and Goddesses are always armed because they believe in killing and plunder. Some Gods think their penises are more powerful than nuclear bombs. Others like animals live naked among their followers. Some of them spend their time in yogic exercises, others are in samadhi and happy to see the number of blind followers swell... You can wash away your sins by worshipping the penises of Gods.
8. Quote:Our God offers his love freely, and He bids us to share it....but He does nothing by force or fear!! He wants everyone to have the freedom to choose...He even tells us we can choose our own gods. (Josh 24:15) Why can't our Hindu brothers and sisters allow this love and freedom as well??
COMMENT: If Christian God tells them that we can choose our own gods, then why are the Christians bad-mouthing Hindu gods & goddesses so lavishly ? Is this the kind of Christian love that Signor Peace wants, Hindu brothers & sisters to embody ?
People in India & elsewhere do not hear about Christian aggressions & terrorism, because Christians control Congress, and the Christian Mafia owns the media.
Messages of this type, denigrating gods of other religions, can neither be printed in literature, nor broadcast on TV, they border on criminal activity, and there are laws in the Indian constitution, prohibiting such activity, but these laws are Not enforced. Christians take full advantage of slackness in the enforcement of Indian laws.
9. Christianity’s claim as a religion of peace, love, & brotherhood does not equate with its actions of hate, violence, & terrorism. Its spurious claim only perpetrates & perpetuates fraud. The cruelty & barbarism that Christianity imposes upon Non-Christian religions & people, remains a horrible vision of reality. A rational mind will have plenty of trouble, explaining the Christianity’s Gospel Of Hate.
10 Because Christianity is a Gospel Of Hate, corroborated by its barbaric record, engraved on the pages of history, it hardly qualifies as a religion of peace.
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Pakistan has several claims to its fame, but Honor-Killing ( of women & girls ) is the biggest feather in the cap of Pakistan. This feather reveals the true extent of its madness for the honor of Islam, through the dis-honor of its women & lays bare its utter depravity & evil, through the degradation of its Moslem women. Some punishments meted out to women are even more cursed than death.
MULTAN, Pakistan July 2 — A Pakistani tribal council ordered an 18-year-old girl to be gang-raped in order to punish her family after her brother was seen walking with a girl from a higher class tribe, police said Tuesday.
2. It is not known to many that, the legal & social status of womankind in Al-Islam is Exceptionally-Low. Moslem wife has many disadvantages compared with her Non-Moslem sisters. A Moslem man treats his woman/women as if they were created by Allah, only for his pleasure, as his sex-objects. He carries no reverence, regard nor any respect for what she is, her worth as a vehicle of life or a vehicle of creation ( for which status the Hindus call her a goddess ). A Moslem man sees no such greatness in his woman/women, he only sees her as a source of danger to him.
Ibn Warraq quotes Shaykh & Abu Nuwas:
Women are demons and were born as such
No one can trust them as is known to all
If they love a man it is only out of caprice
And he to whom they are most cruel loves them most
Beings full of treachery & trickery, I aver
That man that loves you truly is a lost man
3. A complete inventory of a woman’s faults as seen by Moslem men & by their famous leader, Hazrat Mohammad ( such as deceit, guile, ingratitude, greed, insatiable lust, etc, in short a gateway to hell ) would fill a good sized book. It reveals the great contempt that a Moslem man feels for woman. It leaves no doubt at all that Islam relegates women to the status of inferior beings. That is why Islam degrades women.
4. To describe Islam as sex-positive, as is done by Moslems & some apologists for Islam, is huge Phoney-Baloney, it is the biggest insult to all Moslem women. Islam regards woman’s sexuality as something un-holy, something to be feared, something to be repressed, something that is a work of the Shaitaan (Devil ). That is why the Moslem man feels great contempt for the woman. It may seem incredible that Islam has been able to maintain such a terrible hold on the life of the Moslem people. But Islam’s control has been made easy because of its totalitarian nature. Islamic law controls the religious, social, and political life of all Moslems, without qualification. The all-embracing ( with total control ) Islamic law does not distinguish between ritual law, ethics, and good manners. It intrudes into every nook & corner of the believer’s life & of the Islamic community. In its simplicity, Islamic law is a doctrine of duties, these are the duties which are susceptible to control by human authority ( the Islamic Clergy ) instituted in the name of Allah.
5. Islam’s barbaric conquests, trampled under foot, and permanently destroyed many advanced cultures. Islam’s aggressiveness & its dark theology continue un-abated, cutting off generations of people from their rich cultural heritage, and destroying the well-being of the people, especially of the Moslem women, who are under its direct control.
Honor-Killing which is wide-spread in Pakistan is a by-product of the teachings of Islam, which prescribes male control of women. Most Moslem women accept the Prescribed ( Prescribed by Islam ) male control over every aspect of their life, their bodies, their speech & behavior, as part of their KISMET ( Fate ). But Moslem men regard their prescribed Islamic role as an established & un-impeachable proprietary right over women, and they exercise this right/control with violence.
6. A Moslem woman who has been subjected to rape, brings shame to her family, just as she would if she engaged in a consensual relationship, she is considered no damn good. The rapist often goes Scot-Free, largely because of the absence of male-witnesses to the rape (a queer code of Islamic Law ), a woman’s evidence does not account for anything. A woman raped shames the community, and dishonors her man ( her husband ) but does not dishonor the rapist. She has to be eliminated to restore the honor of the family, and of the community. But rape is not the only reason for honor-killing in Pakistan.
Honor-killing can occur during a divorce or during the choice of a marriage partner, or for a variety of other reasons. The perpetrators of honor-killing are seldom punished because the Moslem society, the police & the judges, have a well-marked gender-bias, in direct obedience to the teachings of Islam.
7. In civilized societies, both men & women are entitled to equal rights, but such is not the case in Islamic societies, and certainly not in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the right to life for women is “ conditional ,“ it depends upon Islamic rules, social norms & customs of Islamic societies. Women in Pakistan ( and in Islam in general ) are killed like hen, they neither have any say in what happens to them, nor have they any way of escaping. All kinds of violence & abuse are heaped upon the women of Pakistan, at the hands of male perpetrators, family members, and state agents. Violence include rape, domestic abuse, spousal murder, mutilation, burning, disfiguring faces by acid, beatings, custodial-torture, and HONOR-KILLING.
Hundreds of women of Pakistan are reportedly killed each year, in all parts of the country, all of them in the name of honor. Many more killings go un-reported. The teachings of Islam, which prescribes seclusion, and submission of women to men, bountifully contribute to the murder of Moslem women..
8. If women ever exert their own right, it leads to more repression & punishment. State indifference, Islamic teachings & Islamic laws, and gender bias of police & judiciary, ensure a total impunity for the perpetrators of honor-killing.
The use of the term “ Honor “ is as Dishonorable as can be. It is only a pretax to murder women & commit heinous crimes against them. Does anybody in Pakistan raise his voice when, women are openly sold in the market ? Is this an honorable thing to do ?
9. But in the Islamic system of Pakistan, the concepts of right & wrong are Basackward. The man to whom a woman belongs, whether a wife, sister or daughter, has to kill her, in order to restore his honor. In Pakistan, he becomes the victim, as he has suffered loss, first to his honor, and then of the woman he has to kill. Consequently, he becomes the aggrieved person, and the sympathies of the entire family ( tribe ) go with him. As a result, the killer ( the man who kills his woman ) becomes the GHAIRAT-MAAN ( one who possesses honor ), and he is supported morally & legally by all his relatives. On the other hand, a man who fails to kill a women of his household is considered BE-GHAIRAT ( one who is without honor ). As a result of this Basackward custom, honor-killings are not hidden away, but openly performed, often ritually & by spilling maximum blood.
The people who do these killings, take pride in their actions, when in fact they should be ashamed of their dishonorable act & not take pride.
The progressive brutalization of Pakistani society, over the past few decades, is partly responsible for increasing incidences of honor-killings.
10. The male control of woman in Islam, has turned woman into a commodity. This commodification of woman directly contributes to the honor killing. The woman is treated as a commodity or object, which can be exchanged, bought & sold ( as she is considered property of the males in the family ). A woman is thus equated with money. Even though the woman has monetary value, her worth is essentially that of a commodity, which means that she may be butchered if, she transgresses the conditions under which, she is bound to man for life. She may also be freely traded or given away, as part of a Karo-Kari settlement.
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, October 12, 2008

SLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain

  1. 1. Quote:SLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.
  2. 2. COMMENT: What is wrong with the Lymeez ?Do they ( the Britishers ) know what the hell they ( the British ) are getting into ?Sharia is going to get them into a heap of trouble.Why are they asking for punishment ? Don't they know that:Islamic law springs directly out of Quran & Hadis, & is sanctified by Allah's words.
  3. 3. Everything in Islamic law is diametrically-opposed to anything that, the British society stands for.
  4. 4. Crazy Lymeez !

Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, October 10, 2008


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. At this point in time, the Christians of Orissa are putting up, a great-big ( but un-dignified ) show of Christian-victims of Hindu Intolerance. Touting peacefulness of Christianity ( what a joke ? ), the non-violent Christian is now giving lessons of tolerance to the violent & intolerant Hindu. Look who is talking ? Would this peaceful Christian share a piece of Christian history with us ? Would this peaceful Christian dare to look at the murder of two-thirds of Pagan-Europe, during the Christianization of Europe, or at the slaughter of 40 million native Americans of North & South America, by the soldiers of Jesus Christ ?
2. Christianity is hardly a sterling example of tolerance or of peace with Non-Christian religions, and the strategy of the Christians of Orissa to conceal their crusading (largely fraudulent ) activities, is going to backfire. No matter how hard they try to camouflage their treachery, they are not going to be terribly good at it, Christianity’s connections with hatred of Non-Christian religions are too strong, to be hidden behind a camouflage of peaceful Christian intents. In the climate of today, the Hindus are waking up. They are more alert to the threat that they are facing, from an Intolerant & Crusading Christianity.. 2. Christians of Orissa have another problem. They cannot let go of their aggressiveness & intolerance of Non-Christian religions, this hatred is part & parcel of their Christian belief system. There are lots of un-ethical & imbecilic crusaders amongst the Christians of Orissa. These shady characters have flocked together for a serious campaign of proselytism in Orissa. They will not stop pushing the proselytism agenda of Christianity. They will not go against the letter of the Bible. For them, proselytism is the center-piece of Christianity.
3. Because of the built-in Christian-Compulsions & domineering posture of Christianity, Christians try to impose Jesus on every one they come across ( Hindus do no such thing to Non-Hindus ), pretending that their Holy Book is better than every one else’s, which is phoney-baloney. They put labels like “ animistic, “ “animal worship, “idol worship “ on the Hindu tribals, and they claim that they are better than any one else, which is certainly not the case, and their claim is as bogus as can be. Does this leave any doubt or room for skepticism that Christianity Is A Gospel Of Hate ( Hatred Of Non-Christian Religions ) ?
4. Christians have just written a book in the Kuduk language ( one of the main tribal languages in Jharkhand ). The book has been brought out by the Bible Society of India (BSI).
What this book says is:
"Destroy the trees and Sarna (tribals' worship places)."
Add to that the “ Gloom & Doom “ scenario & future for the tribals ( Hindu-Tribals ), which the Christians are predicting for the Hindu-Tribals, if they don’t embrace Christianity.
You will never get the Christians to admit their aggressiveness, but aggressive they certainly are, and their intention is nothing short, of the total destruction of the tribal society, culture, and the tribal Hindu religion. Yet these same Christians claim to be following the region of peace, love, and Brotherhood. The hypocrisy of the Christians is legendary. 5. One characteristic of Christianity is that, its treachery & aggressiveness is always cloaked in message/camouflage of peace, love, and brotherhood. This is a great fraud, it is not all that sophisticated either, but it does work, it fools a lot of simple folks, who are trusting by nature, and do not or cannot detect the trickery of Christianity. As a consequence, the fraud of Christianity, works like gang-busters., and lots of simple folks are trapped inside the prison-house of Christianity.
The simple truth is that Christianity has nothing but deep-seated contempt for “ all “ Non-Christian religions, it wants to replace all of them. Christianity can neither deny nor conceal this Christian design.
6. The situation in Orissa is bad, and it is getting worse. The aggressive proselytism campaigns of the Christians of Orissa are liable to lead, to more Hindu counteraction, and the crusading campaigns of Christianity, are liable to turn into pain & payback for Christian treachery, trickery, lies & fraud. Unfortunately, resentful-swipes of the Hindu counteraction, do not last very long, and conversion activities of the Christians, by fraudulent means resumes soon after.
6. To sum up: The kind of concealed-hypocrisy, that is conducted by Christians of Orissa & of elsewhere, not only creates hate & animosity, but is more likely to augment Hindu Anger, who might beat the crap out of the Christian goons of Orissa & elsewhere. The way things are going, the large-scale harvesting of Hindu souls ( souls of Hindu tribals ) as envisaged by Pope & his lieutenants, shall have to wait a long time.
Surinder Paul Attri