Saturday, January 24, 2009


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The arrival of Islam in India, was the biggest catastrophe & the biggest piece of bad luck, for the Hindu and for his sacred land of Bharat Varsha. The Moslem brigands who invaded our Bharat Varsha, brought with them bloodshed & butchery of the Hindu, on a scale unheard before, together with rape, ravine, and plunder of the Kafir-Hindu’s property. This brutality, butchery, and barbarism on the Hindu, continued for 1200 years. No Hindu knew what moment will be his last. To these repulsive & good-for-nothing Sullas, the Hindu was a hateful, idolatrous Kafir, who deserved no consideration nor any cogitation, he deserved only to be butchered in this life, in the next life he is headed for hell any way. The Sullas conducted this ceremony of murder ( murder of the Kafir-Hindu ), with the greatest of Islamic-glee, gusto, and pride, while cries of “ Allah-HO-Akbar “ rent the skies of India ( for full 1200 years plus ).
2. Before the arrival of these repulsive & good-for-nothing Sullas, peace had prevailed in India. After the arrival of these bootless & meritless rubbish of humanity, hell broke loose upon the Hindu,
The Hindu must not only denounce the repulsive & revolting record of Islam in India, but must also prepare, not only to confront this abominable enemy of Islam, but also to defeat & demolish it for good. Peaceful co-existence with Islam is Not an option for the Hindu, any more than placing confidence in the false notion that, Islam came to India peacefully ( and not with sword ), both will bring immense harm to the Hindu & to the Hindu civilization. The slaughter of hundreds of millions of our Kafir Hindus, is ample evidence that, Islam did not come to India peacefully nor with the idea of peaceful living in India Islam is a dangerous violent ideology, masquerading as a religion. There is no harm in exposing Islam for what it is in reality. But exposing alone will not solve the Hindu’s problem, unless the Hindu sits down & thinks seriously about defeating Islam and demolishing it for good. It is this concept which really matters.
4. The organized, semitic religions, particularly Islam & Christianity, proclaim monopoly of truth, labeling all pre-history ( that is what existed before their favorite prophet ) as mythology. The history of barbaric-brutality of Islam, deftly swept under the Islamic carpet, needs to be thoroughly exposed. It was with barbaric atrocity that Islam swept vast regions, of Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as sizeable parts of India, leaving no person professing any religion other than Islam. Islam still retains its wild & predatory cold-blooded ferocity. Islam continues to be maddened that it has a right to wipe out the thousands year old history, of its Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) ancestors.
In India particularly, Islam must be confronted with power, and compelled to abandon its absurd, stereo-typed pretense that, Hindus have no pre-Mohammadan history worth studying. The present hush-hush of the Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, over the way, Islam was quickly spread over vast parts of India, must go. The entire history of terror, torture, & tyranny unleashed on the Kafir-Hindu, by Allah’s Warriors, must be recounted, in all its gory details, in the school books of all India.
5. The Moslems have been trained by tradition, to look upon Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), especially idolatrous Kafir-Hindus as despicable beings, who deserve to be slaughtered, humiliated, and insulted at every stage. Actually, however, it is the Moslems who are despicable beings, who need to be punished for their crimes against Kafir-humanity. The shameless mis-representation of Pre-Islamic history of India, must be brought to account, and the hundreds of thousands of mosques built, over demolished Hindu shrines, must be viewed as ugly & unjustified activity, and brought down swiftly. There is no justification for giving these rapacious & predatory Sullas , the status of honored citizens of India.
Islam in India has been & still is, a warped & unjust alien tyranny against the Hindu, it must be denounced & speedily gotten rid off. Phoney-Liberals who hide the barbaric acts of these alien tyrants, must be branded as guilty of high academic treason. These sycophants of pseudo-secularism have been parading Islam, as the great contributor to secularism in India, and that Islam & Hinduism are two sides of the same coin. No word or term is harsh enough to disapprove this wild hogwash.
6. Hindu must be presented with genuine history & truth, about the hell that the Hindu has gone through, during the last 1200 years of Islamic reign in India. This history must be recognized as a foundation subject for every citizen, especially for every Hindu in India. Any attempt to falsify history or to conceal the ugly & hideous record of evil-Islam, must be assiduously countered. India’s history must represent the cream of Hindu warriors, who had waged a relentless war against the Moslem invaders. This history must redound to the ringing credit of the Hindu warrior race, the Kashatriyas & the Rajputs who waged a relentless & dogged war of 1000 years, in an attempt to save the Vedic culture in a massive way.
Only the genuine & true history of India, can mould the character of the Hindu, to prepare him for the job that lies ahead. Hindu‘s job is to preserve the Vedic culture of India, and eliminate evil Islam from the length & breadth of India.
Surinder Paul Attri