Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Film set in Iran, examines death by stoning

Subj: Film set in Iran, examines death by stoning
By Christine Kearney

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Iranian woman is framed for adultery, then bound, gagged and buried to her waist in dirt before being stoned to death in a bloody and harrowing sequence in a new film in U.S. cinemas this week.

The movie, "The Stoning of Soraya M.," is a dramatization based on the bestselling book of the same name by a French-Iranian journalist about a woman's death in an Iranian village in 1986.

The film opens in U.S. cities on Friday, amidst an international furor over protests and bloodshed in Iran over its disputed presidential election. Its director, Cyrus Nowrasteh, said the timing was not planned.

The film aims to give a dramatic condemnation of the practice, which still occurs in countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, Nowrasteh told Reuters.

"This is overdue and it has been too long suppressed as an issue for open discussion," said the U.S.-born director, who is of Iranian descent and spent part of his childhood in Iran. "Fundamentally this film is about injustice."

The film was shot in Jordan and stars exiled Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, whose character tells a passing journalist the story of her murdered niece, who was framed for infidelity by her divorce-seeking husband.

"Those who say the stoning in this film is graphic should see a real one," Aghdashloo said.

Aghdashloo, who received an Oscar nomination for "House of Sand and Fog," called "Stoning" effective in "opening people's eyes to what is going on behind the curtains in certain areas, especially in rural societies in the Islamic world."

COMMENT: This film exposes the fiction & hypocrisy of Islam, Quran, and their Allah, as the ambassador of :
Equality & Human Love.
In fact, Hazrat Mohammad himself divided humanity into, Moslems & Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels ). He raised the superiority of Moslems sky-high. and a corresponding inferiority of hateful-Kafirs. According to Mohammad's categorization, Moslems are the rulers, and the Kafirs are to be ruled ( and converted to Islam ) through the yoke of Islamic Jehad.

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Caste Injustice

Subj: Caste Injustice
1. Quote:

You are as usual attempting to shift the blame from the root cause of Christian discrimination of non Christians including converted Dalits, Blacks and Red Indians. By cutting their cultural roots, dreams, aspirations, and self-esteem they lost their innate abilities to transcend injustice imposed on them by their slave masters (The Christian Church)

Freedom, justice and fairness are mere mechanical abstractions prevalent in Christian thought. Christianity erroneously thinks that converted Hindus, Dalits, Blacks and Red Indians automatically enjoy economic freedom, justice and upward movement. How can they grow once their life sustaining roots are cut. Christian freedom and liberalism are catch words only to protect the Christian aristocrats and the fat Church. Christian thought is only a rationale for perpetuating privileges for the church. instead of an ideology (Justice) of radical change, upper class Christians in India made freedom and justice an end in it self not a means toward liberating Dalits.

2. Quote

Instead of addressing the root cause of the sufferings of Dalit Christians who are forcefully converted from their cultural roots, you are playing the blame game. Christian Churches in India have been hiding behind a thick wall of denial. You are not an exception. Understanding precarious conditions and discrimination faced by Dalit Christians by the Church requires the Church leaders remain aware of their fallacies and discriminatory policies. A mechanical notion of "justice", and "Human Rights" keep the subject matter safely and squarely within the Church. It is a crude way of keeping an intellectual distance from the pressing problem (Discrimination of Dalits by the Church).

3. Quote:

I am not blaming anyone but am only speaking of injustice that all of us have committed and are continuing to commit in the name of caste. I guess you do not want to speak about it so you speak of justice and injustice in the terms you have used. You are free to make your choice and if you want to do it by shifting the blame to someone else, that is your choice. I have nothing more to say on that.


Dr Walter Fernandes
North Eastern Social Research Centre
110 Kharghuli Road (1st floor)
Guwahati 781004
Assam, India
Tel. (+91-361) 2602819

4. My Take:
Dr. Walter Fernandes is lumping everybody together ( Christianity & Hinduism ) regarding caste injustice. But everybody is Not alike nor equivalent. Hinduism does not profess to be casteless, even though Hinduism is trying to eradicate, evacuate, and expunge caste system altogether.

5. Dr. Fernandes concedes that Christianity ( like Hinduism ) practises caste-ism, and transacts injustice on Dalit-Christians. But he fails to behold the hypocrisy that is inherent in Christianity's disposition, because Christianity purports to be totally-casteless. And that is EXACTLY what the Christians want you to believe Christianity is. But Christianity is nothing of the sort. The emperor has no clothes. To put it point blank:


6. Christianity is on a very flimsy & flabby ground. Why ?
Because Christianity has a history of sexism, racism, and INTOLERANCE of difference, & desecration of Non-Christian religions.

The slaughter of two-thirds of Pagan-Europe, during Christianization of Europe, and butchery of 41 million Native Americans, during Christianization of Americas, are a Red-Hot Reminder of Christianity's TOTAL DISREGARD for human freedom, dignity, and self-determination.

Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, June 5, 2009

Response to message of Mukund Apte

Subj: Response to message of Mukund Apte
1. Mukund Apte to me
show details 5:57 PM (22 hours ago) Reply
Dear sir,
All the ills of Bhaarateeya people are because of loss of their faith in their own Vedas Shaastraas. The education system started by British people for Bhaarateey in nineteenth century is the main culprit in this.From then onwards Bhaarateey people (appear to be) convinced that GORA saheb is superior to us and hence he waited on Western people for any instruction for action. He stopped even thinking on hois own. ow we even know that our 'educated' bureaucracy is selfish and worst in the whole world.
What we have to do is CHANGE the education system. I am enclosing three articles written by me a few years back on education. They were published in TRUTH Weekly being published from KOLKATA. Kindly read them and ponder. Also please let me know your views on the articles.
I am confident, once we adopt this education system every ill will be banished from Bhaarateey mind and Bhaarat will once again become JAGADGURU.
With regards to all,
-----Mukund Apte
2. My Take:
We Hindus need to move away from, the rhetoric of blaming others for problems that, are entirely of our own making.
Even before the Gora-Sahebs ( the English ) came to India, our Hindu System was in a very bad shape. Hundreds of millions of our Hindu people had been murdered by Sulla-Sahebs, and millions more were converted to Islam. The dreadful genocide of the Hindu, was a cataclysmic occurrence and a record of Islamic bestiality. The foolish attitude of our Hindu Leaders & of our Hindu Holy Men (HHMs ), enabled the evil of Islam ( and also of Christianity ) to triumph in India, which is the land of the Hindu.
3. All barbarians ( such as Islam, Christianity, and Communism ) go where they can go easily, where they detect some weakness. This weakness is what helps the consolidation of the alien religious Mafia ( of Islam & Chrisianity ) in India. We might wonder why our Hinduism has been in such a pitiable state.
There are three causes. There have been three strikes against the Hindu.
Strike # 1: Selfishness of the Hindu. Hindu's top priority is on his personal welfare & on the welfare of his family. He has no priority on the welfare of his Hindu community. He is unwilling to pay the price of Hinduism Defense.
Strike # 2. Our Rotten Hindu Leaders during the last 1200 years. Even now, in the year of 2009, our Hindu Leadership is rotten. They do not have what it takes to do the job, of Hinduism Defense. They cannot cut the mustard.
Strike # 3. Our Rotten Hindu Holy Men ( HHM's ). Ninety percent of our HHM are rotten. They don't know which end is up.
4. Note. Strikes # 1, 2, & 3 are Incurable.
By uttering the word Dharma alone, we cannot defend or strengthen our Hinduism. We need to alter & re-arrange things in a massive way.
One thing is more than certain. By doing things the way we Hindus have been doing, for the last 1200 years, the results will be exactly the same, and the Hindu will confront more desperation.
But with a different technique, the Outflank Technique, we can repair the shattered fortunes of the Hindu, and expose the Lies, Deception, and Barbarism of Islam & Christianity, and hit the soft-underbelly of both Islam & Christianity. We can bring to an end, the naked dance of bestiality of both Islam & Christianity in India.
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, June 4, 2009


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Noted French journalist Francois Gautier, is disgusted at the sight of intelligent Indian men & women, debasing & degrading themselves in front of Sonia Gandhi, a white woman. He is dazed why we Indians have such an affinity towards the white skin.
Psychiatrists tell us that we humans are reasonable people. What this means is that, we do not do anything, without reason.
2. Signor Gautier is flabbergasted at this Indian proclivity for the white skin because:
He himself is a white man, is free from advanced-complexes that we Indians have developed ( and which he has not ) in abundance, and is also a possesser of French frankness ( and that is Not a pun either ). A frank come-back is befitting.
3. We Indians are Not attracted towards the white skin only, you have to have a face that goes with the white skin. Indians would Never fall at the feet, of any man or woman, from North China, North Japan, or North Korea et al, some of whom are dog-gone light complexioned, but lack the cosmetic effect of a European-Looking face.
Yanks have or used to have a joke ( this is just a joke ):
One Mr. Foo & one Mrs. Foo, do not make white. It is strictly occidental.
This softens up the cosmetic routine for us Indians, and we have it at the level of our instincts. Indians are only doing what their instincts are telling them.
4. Even though, in the past as well as in the present, many whites of Europe, America, South Africa, Australlia et al, have looked down upon the darker races of the world, their action is a consequence of a different factor, it is a factor of Superiority-Complex, that some or possibly many whites ( in spite of the modern spirit of toleration ) are possibly afflicted with. In the case of us Indians, the problem is different, as it an outgrowth of our Inferiority-Complex. We Indians are gloated & bloated with this Useless-Complex, and we need to spiral down from it.
How can anybody help what the color of his/her skin is ?
I am not trying to blame or excuse anybody. I am coming at the problem, from a factual point of view.
5. Question: Does preference for lighter skin have any practical use or serviceability ? Not much.
No body would give you a job, because of the lightness of your skin, neither in the USA, nor in UK, nor in India, nor at any other place in the world. Employers hire people who have qualifications & talents to do the job. Complexion does not enter into their hiring-decisions.
Inferiority-Complex may look like a choice, but it is Not much of a choice. It is an addiction, a chronic addiction that, unjustly punishes those amongst us, who have great skills & talents, but may happen to be dark-complexioned.
6. Sonia Gandhi is considered an Aryan by Indian standards ( Incidentally, Aryan is a Sanskrit word, it is not an English, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian et al word ). But standards vary all over the place. Sonia Gandhi is Not too much of an Aryan, by the standards of Adolf Hitler & Heinrich Himler, both of whom had a Strong predilection, for blond hair & blue eyes. Neither Hitler nor Himler was blond, neither Hitler nor Himler had blue eyes. The howl & hubbub of Hitler & Himler, was a ferment & fuss of no use or of reality, but propagated a lot of evil & wickedness in the world.
7. We do realize that it is a problem that, we are burdened with. We also realize that, there is not a damn thing that we can do about it.
But I strongly condemn spurious-connotations that, result from preference for lighter skin. In the case of us Indians, many amongst us believe that, there is a co-relation between white skin & intelligence. This is something Totally-False. There is No co-relation at all between, complexion & intelligence. None whatsoever.
8. I am Not expressing or implying that, white man is dumber than us Indians. What I am saying is that:
White man is neither smarter nor dumber than us Indians. White man is just a human being, like the rest of us Non-Whites.
9. To underscore the point:
Any believed or implied co-relation between, white skin & intelligence, is a crock of SH**.
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Armed Houries

Subj: Armed Houries
1. Much to their surprise, the Virgins awaiting Muslims in Heaven, were not quite what they expected.
2. My Take:
This is very keen indeed.
3. Murdering of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) is a Moslem thing, it makes the Sulla a Ghazi & his murder of the Kafirs an act of Jehad, the surest way of securing Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), the goal of every Moslem, where 72 Houries are awaiting for him, to satisfy his wildest sexual fantasies. But armed Houries in Janat is Not what Quran promised the Sullas. Sullas will not be going pit-a-pit, leaping into their mouths. Sullas would feel frustrated and cheated. It would appear as an abdication of responsibility, on the part of Allah, towards his devoted Sullas, who fight in the way of Allah, they kill & get killed.
4. Quran assures the Sullas that Allah is the best keeper of promises. But when the promise does not come through, the Sulla is going to get dazed & amazed, and ask " Why ? "
Of course, Islam degrades & insults women ( the weaker gender ) to the nth degree. In fact, the treatment of women is the shame of Islam, and the lynch-pin of Islam's barbarism.
5. The picture presented in this article ( of armed Houries ) should give warning to Sullas that,
Women will not put up with the demoniacal treatment of Islam.
And there can hardly be any doubt that:
Gun is a Great-Equalizer.
Surinder Paul Attri