Monday, February 22, 2010

Message to Hindu Samhati

Subject: Message to Hindu Samhati
1. Dear Colleagues and Supporters:
Message sent to Hindu Conference in Kolkata from Indian American Intellectuals Forum
Enclosed herewith please find a massage sent to Hindu Samhati. The message was translated in Bengali and read to 15,000 strong Hindu audience on February 14, 2010.
Narain Kataria
A Message to Bengali Hindus from Narain Kataria in New York
My Dear Hindu Brothers and Sisters: Saadar Pranaam!
§ On behalf of the Hindus in America and the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, it gives me a great pleasure to know that on February 14th the Hindu Samhati has successfully completed two years of its valuable service to Hindu Samaj.
We are happy to note that in these two years the Hindu Samhati has awakened a new sense of confidence and pride in the Hindu people of Bengal. Bengali Hindus now feel themselves confident and a power to reckon with.
§ We from America congratulate you for reinforcing a sense of unity and consolidation within the ranks of Hindu society in Bengal.
§ As you are fully aware we are the worthy descendants of great Rishis and Munis of Bharat. Our Hindu Dharma is the mother of all religions. It has no rigid dogmas and it adjusts itself with the needs of the time and situations.
§ The history is testimony to the fact that whenever there was a decline of Dharma and the Adharmic forces rose, Dharma has organized and mobilized itself to establish its supremacy over the Adharmic forces.
§ In 17th Century when Hindus were suffocating under Islamic domination and there was absolutely no ray of hope, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great Hindu warrior, rose in Maharashtra to root out the powerful and cruel Islamic rule in India. When Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur was martyred by Muslim rulers in Delhi, his son Guru Gobind Singh ji transformed the Hindus into Khalsa, rejuvenated them, and created a human wall of warriors on the Northwest frontier of India. Sikh Army chased out the Islamic invaders all the way back to Afghanistan and saved the Hindu Dharma.
§ Still more recently, the Bengali Hindu revolutionaries have played a crucial role in India’s long freedom struggle. At one point, the entire India was looking to Bengal for inspiration and direction.
§ Bengal has given India many leaders. The multi-faceted luminary like Sri Aurobindo Ghose was a freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and a philosopher.
§ Swami Vivekananda, another very famous Bengali before Aurobindo, was the living embodiment of sacrifice, chivalry and fearlessness. His powerful words uttered a one hundred years ago are stilling ringing in the hearts of millions of Hindus to galvanize the Hindu nation:
­ “Do you feel in the heart of your hearts the pangs and sufferings of your fellow brothers and sisters? If so, why are you not doing anything for them? Be at once active and dedicate yourself in their service.”
­ “This is no time to sleep. On our work depends the coming of India of the future. Arise, Awake and Stop not till thy goal is reached.”
§ Still more recently, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the great revolutionary who established the Indian National Army, fought ferociously against the British Imperialism. His famous call to countrymen was, “Give me blood and I’ll give you freedom.”
§ Unfortunately, at this moment, Hindus in India find themselves completely leaderless and rudderless. They are looking for the courageous leadership and an immediate action. Obviously, they are looking towards the Bengal for it. Can we in America hope that the Hindu Samhati of Bengal will step forward and fulfill that expectation of the countrymen?
§ In these times, Hindus are at the crossroads of history. They are under siege again. They are being attacked from the within and without. An undeclared war has been imposed on them. Hindu has to identify his enemies and formulate an effective strategy to face them. To that effect, every Hindu has to work with other Hindu groups who are trying to do the same.
§ Hindus – in their very own country – are being controlled, manipulated and ruled by the minorities. They feel suffocated. The influx of 50 million Bangladeshi Muslims inside the West Bengal has added another serious dimension of terrorism to the earlier law and order problem.
§ The only way to handle these situations is for Hindu to take the political power in his own hands and establish a pro-Hindu government in country. Actually, this could easily be done by using the voting power of Hindus who form 85% of India’s population.
§ Once again, we commend the courageous and brave groups like Hindu Samhati who have been doing a laudable work to unite the Hindus. We congratulate you for your indomitable determination, unshakeable courage and strong will power to strive for winning the political power and freedom for Hindus in India.
§ We have to be ready to play the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Govind Singh ji, Subhash Chandra Bose and Shyam Prasad Mookherjee to safeguard the freedom of our Hindu brothers in our Puniya-bhoomi Bharat.
§ My dear brothers and sister, please rest assured that in this historic struggle you are not alone. We American Hindus are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Bengali Hindus. Bengali Hindus have taken up the task of leading the freedom movement in India all over again. We, the American Hindus too, will try to mobilize Hindu forces in America in your support.
Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum, New York

2. My Take:
This is a Tremendous-Message, and Hindus of India as well as of Diospora, ought to ponder over it.
3. We are very proud of our brave outfit, called the Hindu Samhati. The Hindus of Bengal are great people, and we Hindus are worthy descendants of Warrior-Rama.
4. Hinduism is Dharma. Our enemies, Islam & Christianity, the biggest-bigots of the world, are certainly not Dharma. Moslems are followers of Merchant of Death, Hazrat Mohammad, they have murdered hundreds of millions of our Hindu People, they are committed to uprooting the Kafir-Hindu, from the land of his Bharat-Varsha. We cannot allow Islam to spread its tentacles across Bharat-Varsha. We must stop Islam & liquate it from India.
5. Hindus have a right as well as a need, to defend their Dharma, in their land of Bharat-Varsha. It is nice to know that, there is an outfit, the Hindu-Samhati, who is dedicated to organize Hindus, into a dedicated force, and build the sinews of the Hindu.
6. We Hindus of the Diospora, stand shoulder to shoulder, with the Hindus of Bengal as well as with the Hindus of India, to support Hindu Samhati, and to stand up to the cruelty of Islam, which is worse than Satanic.
7. Long live Hindu Samhati.
Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hinduism Debate

Subj: Hinduism Debate
1. Dear friends last day i had a debate with one of my musilm friend about religion .we had a good debate .and i woundred he know the who quranan very well dand what it says and on the other hand i could not answer some of his questions .he was not accpecting any thing of hinduism and want to convey me his islam is the best religioni under stood i was week in hinduism so now am trying for deep study in hinduism...he had some question to me which i could not give a good answer please help me to know the correct answer.
1)why hindus belive in lot of idols .?
2)what is siva linga ?he says its is male gentic organ
3)why brama created different cate people from his body sa mention in vedas.? is it good?
3why hindus dont ate meat and eat vegitables when it also have life?
4)why hinduism is so confious ?
5)why hindus cant pray direct to god.? why hindus need a middle man?
6)what is the real meaning of om?

7)why god have wife and childreen?
8)why hindus dont worship in at regular time?
9)why hinduism could not develop ?
Friends please give me answer .

2. My Take:
The nine questions of the Moslem friend of this Hindu ( he may not be Hindu at all ! ), are poorly-worded, and not all that understandable either.
Question # 1: why hindus belive in lot of idols .?
Answer: Hindus do not believe in idols. Hindus believe in the powers, that the idols represent.
Q # 2: why brama created different cate people from his body sa mention in vedas.? is it good?
Answer: Caste System is based on Division Of Labor Principle. It divides society into technicians of various categories. When it is practiced the way it is supposed to be, it is extremely-efficient, and very good in deed. When it becomes perverted, it is less than good.
Q # 3: why hindus dont ate meat and eat vegitables when it also have life?
Answer: Hinduism prefers vegetarianism, but permits non-vegetarian food. Some Hindus eat meat also. Hinduism believes that any food that, works towards the enhancement & elevation of health, is good. Hinduism damns & denounces the slow slaughter of animals, which Islam practices ( and calls it Halal ). Hinduism finds it extremely bizarre that Islam does not feel the least bit of pity for these innocent animals.
Q # 4: why hinduism is so confious ?
Answer: What is this word " confious ? " Does he mean confusing or confused ?
It is not Hinduism that is confused, it is Islam which is befuddled & mixed up. Islam does not confront evil at all. Islam blames all evil on a totally-imaginary creature, which it calls " Shaitaan ( Satan/Devil ). There is no accountability in Islam.
Hinduism confronts evil head-on. Hinduism is based on Karma & Re-Incarnation principle. It puts man in the driver's seat, and holds him responsible for all actions, good as well as good. He ascends via good Karma, and descends via bad Karma. There is FULL accountability in Hinduism.

Q # 5: why hindus cant pray direct to god.? why hindus need a middle man?
Answer: This guy is really mixed-up, his statement is un-adulterated balderdash. It is not Hindus who have a middle-man but Moslems who have a middle-man, Hazrat Mohammad, between them & their Allah ( just like Christians, who have a middle man, Jesus Christ ).

Q # 6: what is the real meaning of om?
Answer: OM is a sacred symbol which is chanted in Hindu prayers ( as well as in Buddhist prayers ). It is the shortest of all Mantras. It represents God, both manifested & un-manifested forms of God.

Q # 7: why god have wife and childreen?
Answer: This is strange English, to the last limit.
Any way, this represents Parity-Principle, which we see everywhere in the Universe.

Q # 8: why hindus dont worship in at regular time?
Answer: Hinduism is a religion of the Free. Hindu's life is spirit & devotion to God, not to a program of control or regimentation. Islam worships at regular times, but Islam is an ideology ( not a religion ), it is wedded to a doctrinaire approach, it carries barrels of barbarism, as well as many ugly warts on its face.

Q # 9 :why hinduism could not develop ?
Answer: Hinduism is a religion of the Free. Hinduism can develop, and has been developing, from its very start, which is far more ancient than Islam. It is Islam which is stuck in the mud, in the mud of seventh century Arabia. Because of the slavery of Islam & of its regimentation, Islam is totally unable to work itself, out of its archaic, antiquated, and barbaric modus operanda.

Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, February 14, 2010


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Moslems can cry themselves hoarse with chest-thumping echoes of:
" Geert Wilders Hai Hai, " but this will neither stop Geert nor other Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, from exposing the evils of Islam. These evils--- Kafir-Hatred, Intolerance, Fanaticism, Terrorism, & Disloyalty to Motherland, spew directly out of Quran & Hadis. Nothing else on this earth, matches the oceans of Islam's barbarism. If the Dutch people do not " soon " recognize the massive inventory of Islam's barbarism ( which is a Terrifying-Sight in any one's language ), then they are gong to succumb for sure, to Islam's barbarism & its Jehad.

2. There is a direct-connection between Jehad & Janat ( and that is not an alliteration either ) Janat is Moslem's Paradise, and murdering of Non-Moslem Kafirs is Islam's business, because it awards custody of Janat-Ticket to Moslems. Since every Moslem wants to go to Janat, he finds the prospect of choicest sex-after-death with 72 Houris, as highly charismatic & seductive. For this kind of wild-sex, Moslem becomes more than ready to, terrorize, tear apart, and slaughter Kafirs, NOTE: This offer is backed by Allah's guarantee, who is honor-bound to offer Janat ( in exchange for Jehad ), as a gift to a Moslem.

3. Hazrat Mohammad has prescribed Islam as the " Only " true religion, the rest are all fake & false. Non-Moslem Kafirs, who do not practise Islam, and do not believe in Allah & Mohammad, are felonious, and must be murdered or enslaved. From Day One Of Its Existence, Islam has rested & relied upon these savage pillars & planks of Islam, and these have been made holy, by Allah's words & by Hazrat Mohammad's own example. If Kafir-Hatred, Kafir-Slaughter, Idol-Smashing, Revenge-Killing et al, that make Islam Stagey-Spectacular, are discarded out of Islam, then nothing would remain of Islam. Then there would be no justification, for the existence of Islam either. Then Mullahs & Maulvies, would fold their Tind-Fauri ( Bag & Baggage ) and go home. Moslems would never stand for this, and would label this classification as, profane & Kafir-Conspiracy, to defile, desecrate, and pollute Islam.

4. But such is not the intention of us Kafirs. We Kafirs do not intend to defile or desecrate Islam. We unearth & uncover the characteristics of Islam, because we find them distasteful & disgusting, and seek to serve the cause of humanity. Geert Wilders warning to the Dutch people, cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered as fallacious, because Islam is not part of Dutch heritage or culture. Islam is a parasite on Holland. Its views are diametrically-opposed to the views of Dutch-Divinity,
Dutch-Culture, & Dutch-Soul. The two cannot be fused, harmonized, or melted into one pot to co-exist, without destroying one or the other. Islam is an enemy of the Dutch people, and the Dutch would be smart to recognize the menace of Islam.

5. Islam's purpose is not to contribute anything to Dutch country, but to accomplish total destruction of its Kafir-Culture. Warning signs are out there, for every Dutch person to see. Quran teaches that Allah has bought from the Moslems, theirselves & their belongings, in exchange Allah provides Janat to Moslems, who fight in the way of Allah, who kill & get killed, and Allah fulfills his promise to the Moslems. This promise is binding on Allah. Quran says :

Fight those who do not believe in Allah &.the Last Day. Such men as practise not the religion of truth ( i.e. Islam ), are the enemies of Allah. Because Jehad is a binding-contract between Allah & his Moslems, Moslems gleefully & systematically murder Kafirs. They are following the prescriptions of Quran, which is a :


6. Let no Dutch person miss the following cardinal point of Islam:

Moslems practice the strict-specifications of Quran, and the malevolent teachings of Islam. If Islam gets the upper hand in Holland, then the eventual-choice for Dutch people shall be:

" CONVERSION ( to Islam ) or DEATH.

Surinder Paul Attri.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dreamland as Pakistan

1. Subj: - Dreamland as Pakistan
2. My Take:

Is Pakistan a dreamland, a land of dreams ?

Answer: Pakistan is not a dream, it is a nightmare ! It is frightening.& horrid.

Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dog-Gone Doniger

1. Namaste Attri Ji,
Does it not seem that the western people are in arrested development mentally & psychologically? If measured by their oh so favorite Freud who they use so "intelligently" to discredit us, they (the entire "western christian (especially white) culture" is stuck in the Oral-Anal-Phallic phase of development, &c are so happy there that they don't want to move forward? For moving forward to the next level will mean accepting their own fallacies & deceptions.


2. My Take:
Namaste Poonam Jee:
Quote: they (the entire "western christian (especially white) culture" is stuck in the Oral-Anal-Phallic phase of development.

COMMENT: This is Freudian stuff. They refer to it as the Oedipal phase. Un-successful resolution of this phase, is said to result in several mental diseases. Individuals who have unsuccessful resolution of this phase are said, to be afflicted with Oedipus-Complex.

The West does seem to have a run-in with the Freudian-Complex. Possibly, that is why there is so much unconscious guilt in the West.

3. Quote: If measured by their oh so favorite Freud who they use so "intelligently" to discredit us,

COMMENT: I do not want to play psychiatry, but it might not be too far-fetched to suspect that, they ( that is, the West ) by running down others ( throwing them in the dumpster ), might provide them with some measure of relief, from the painful memories of their childhood ( the oedipal-phase ), when emotions are running high.

4. Quote: are so happy there that they don't want to move forward? For moving forward to the next level will mean accepting their own fallacies & deceptions.

COMMENT: It is not easy to move forward when, individuals are in the clutches of Oedipus-Comples. That possibly undermines the capacity to move forward.

Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dog-Gone Doniger


Doniger Does Doggie


Shrinivas Tilak

Let me begin with a clarification of the title, which was suggested by an “adult” film that had gained certain notoriety back in the 1970s. Called, “Debbie Does Dallas,” the film depicted exploits of a sex worker named Debbie with members of a professional sports team based in Dallas, Texas. I did not see the film but recollect from the newspaper accounts of the time that colloquially, the ‘doggie’ trick alludes to one of the more popular ‘positions’ in the sex act.

‘Doniger’ in the title refers to Wendy Doniger, who is the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religion at the University of Chicago. The connection between ‘Debbie’ of the film and Professor Wendy Doniger (hereafter Doniger) is that they both are in the business of providing entertainment involving sex. Both employ bodies: Debbie her own; and Doniger the bodies of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Dogs (along with horses and cows) loom large in Doniger’s latest work. The index contains a dozen or so entries under the main heading of dogs for instance. The 779 pages book is officially entitled, “The Hindus: An Alternative History” (New York: The Penguin Press, 2009; hereafter The Hindus). In Doniger’s ‘alternative history’ (in reality it is more like a work of fiction and not at all a history) unfolding India and Hinduism, "dogs" represent "high caste Hindu males" who have according to her oppressed and repressed everybody else in India since the ancient Vedic times. In Doniger’s reckoning, the traditional history of India (“a product of Brahmin imagination”), religious minorities and social outcastes are reduced to a status of a ‘scape-dog’ (or are they all underdogs) (p. 145) (these underdogs include Muslims who ruled over the Hindus and controlled territory larger than currently recognized as India for most of the last millennium; I told you this is a work of fiction!)

The main purpose of The Hindus, accordingly, is to provide a narrative account of alternative people who do not figure in the Brahmin-generated history — people who are "alternative" in the sense of "otherness," people of other religions, or cultures, or castes, or species (even animals)(p.1). Having read The Hindus from cover to cover, I can say that Doniger lives up to her promise but at a terrible cost for Hindus and India.

Under the guise of providing an alternative history, the real nefarious agenda of The Hindus is to drive a wedge between Hindus and non-Hindus in India and elsewhere. In order to show how Hindus are so utterly unlike others Doniger engages in denigrating, distorting, and demeaning all Hindus (low or high caste, men or women) and what is worse, ‘defrocking’ (both theologically and sexually) their gods and goddesses.

Selectively picking mythic episodes (stories) from the Purana and the Tantra texts Doniger describes relations between gods and gods, between gods and goddesses, between goddesses and animals. Here, a god beheads another god; there, a goddess ‘hooks up’ with a buffalo [demon] and so on. See for instance chapter
14,‘Goddesses and Gods in the Early Puranas’ and chapter 15 ‘Sects and Sex in the Tantric Puranas and the Tantras.’

I will leave it to professional psychiatrists (like Dr. Shreekumar Vinekar) to analyze and interpret Doniger’s preoccupation with sex and pervert joy she finds in abstracting from Hindu myths sexual encounters (natural and ‘unnatural’) between gods/goddesses and humans or animals. Doniger claims that she is a ‘recovering Orientalist.’ Orientalism, she asserts, refers to a cluster of attitudes that implicated the first European scholars of India in the European colonization of India, overwhelming reliance on textual studies being one of them, pp.34-35). In truth, Doniger seems to have added a sexual dimension to the textual one in her so called studies of India and Hinduism.

Elsewhere Doniger does betray an awareness that Hindu views of animals are far more complex to capture by words like “sacred” or “impure.” Other people’s zoological taxonomies look bizarre only to people who view them through their own rather ethnocentric lenses (p. 659). The fact is: Doniger continues to look at all Hindu taxonomies through her unique ethnocentric lens.

Here, I will deal with two specific instances where Doniger clearly abandons the role of an unbiased, academic historian. While discussing the Taj Mahal in chapter 24‘The Past in the Present’ she claims, “One advocate of Hindutva has argued, on the basis of absolutely no evidence, that the Taj Mahal, in Agra, is not a [sic] Islamic mausoleum but an ancient Shiva temple…"(p. 679). Doniger herself does not bring any clear evidence for her assertion that the Taj Mahal is an Islamic mausoleum nor does she refer to any legitimate archeological study of Taj Mahal. To date, the Archaeological Survey of India has not carried out a systematic survey of the Taj Mahal. Doniger does not mention P. N. Oak by name (the end note does provide reference to his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, 1989). There is growing evidence suggesting that it is still not clear who actually built the Taj Mahal or what its purpose was (see my blog “P. N. Oak: the lone fighter, etymologist, and historian” on for details).

After 686 pages, comes chapter 25 ‘In Conclusion, or, The Abuse of History,’ which is only 3 1/ 2 pages long! It begins with a long quotation attributed to Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar (1906-1973) who, claims Doniger, used the justifiable Hindu pride in religious tolerance to justify intolerance (p. 687). I have seen this quotation attributed to Golwalkar in dozens of so-called scholarly monographs by Western and Indian academics, historians, and Indologists who conveniently create a ‘straw-man’ out of Golwalkar as an iconic Hindu fanatic.

Like others Doniger demonizes Golwalkar and his thought as intolerant on the basis of just one paragraph from a small pamphlet "We, Our Nationhood Defined" (p 48-49). This is unhistorical, besides being incompetent and biased scholarship considering the fact that Golwalkar only translated that work into Hindi, originally written in Marathi by Balarao Savarkar, the younger brother of Vinayak D. Savarkar. It does not necessarily mean that Golwalkar, as the translator, endorsed or espoused all the ideas presented by Balarao Savarkar. Furthermore, Golwalkar was active in India’s public life thirty-five years after the pamphlet came out and his collected works run up to thousands of printed pages collected in twelve volumes. One would expect a more nuanced assessment of Golwalkar from “one of the foremost scholars of Hinduism in the world" as claimed in the blurb. Those interested in an ‘alternative’ perspective on Golwalkar may consult my "Reawakening to a secular Hindu nation: M. S. Golwalkar’s vision of a dharmasapeksha Hindurashtra" (Charleston, SC: Book Surge Publications, 2008).

In sum, those who will rely on "The Hindus" to learn about Hindus in the history of India will do so at their own peril.
2.My Take:
Subject: Dog-Gone Doniger
There is one thing that, Dog-Gone Doniger ( Wendy Doniger ) does better than any one else, and that is, how to give Hell to Hindus.
We Hindus are Not perfect, but we are savagely hit, again & again by fake historians like Dog-Gone Doniger. For them, anything that is Anti-Hindu, is secualr, open, and fair. The elaborate hoax of her book: " Hindus: An Alternative History, " only pleases Anti-Hindus, and brings havoc upon the Hindu.

3. The title of her book is: Hindus: An alternative history. What history ? This is no history & she is no historian. She is a fiction writer, and her mission is demolition ( Hinduism Demolition ). Her specialty is providing entertainment through sex, and her turret-gun is aimed straight at Hindu gods & goddesses. As a historian, she is a complete-wreck. Doniger's obsession with sex is serious, she derives some sick joy out of it. That is why she demonizes Hinduism royally, and runs all over it. That is what she does for fun.

4. There is no turning point for Dog-Gone Doniger, and there is no easy fix, the wheels of her brain would have to come off completely. She is a lost cause.

Hindus: If you are wondering where the enemy is, Dog-Gone Doniger is right up there, along with Moslems. Both complement each other very well. Both Moslems & Doniger want to tear down Hinduism, and that is a fact.

Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jyoti Basu, a great leader or a lousy anti-Hindu devil.

Jyoti Basu, a great leader or a lousy anti-Hindu devil.
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The simple bare truth: Jyoti Basu has been dropping his mammoth payload of anti-Hinduism ( and anti-Indianism ) for decades. The swinish multitude of his ignoble-deeds, is a rough & rowdy, un-civilized dung-hill.
In 1947, he supported the partition of India, to create an anti-Hindu homeland for the Moslems of India, out of India, in the area now called Pakistan. In 1971, he stooped even lower, and went completely over-board. Bloated with Communist-certitude & proud as a peacock, Jyoti Basu refused to protest the slaughter of millions of East Pakistani Hindus, his own kind.

2. If Jyoti Basu had been loyal to Bengal & to India, he would have recommended that, India annex a fourth of East Pakistan,to settle the Hindu refugees ( more than 9 million of them ), more than 3 million of whom, were gunned down in East Pakistan during 1970 & 1971. But Jyoti Basu did no such thing, he did not even utter a word, to protest the barbaric actions of Pakistani-Government, against the East Pakistani Hindus. Jyoti Basu remains a memorial to Hindu-Horror in East Pakistan.

3. Does any action of Jyoti Basu inspire faith, among the great Hindu majority? Hell, No !
Jyoti Basu was an imbecile, and a traitor to the Hindu & to his Hinduism. He regarded Hinduism as the opium of the masses, and the non-sense that he floated in the air,was meant to fool the gullible Hindu population. How can Jyoti Basu hold his head high, in the face of such un-dignified ( infra digitatem ) attitude against the Hindu, by putting his forte in a napkin ?

4. Jyoti Basu was a Minister, but his actions were Sinister, and he was a Blister.
Moslems kill Hindus because, killing of Hindus is sanctified by Quran & Hadis. Communists ( Jyoti Basu's group ) kill Hindus because, they regard Hinduism as the opium of masses, and they are set against it. Their intention is to destroy Hinduism in India, in whole or in part, so that they can establish a so-called class-less & caste-less state, in their place. Both Islam & Communism are super-charged to wreck & ravage Hinduism in India.
This frightful truth ought to cause concern, among all Hindus all over ( In India as well in Diospora ).

5. What about Jyoti Basu's performance in West Bengal ?
Under his leadership, West Bengal became a cesspool of incompetence & corruption. He milked West Bengal for 30 years. Rather than the leader, he was the wrecker of West Bengal.
While Jyoti Basu was giving Hell to Hindus, Communist-China was having Hell Of A Joy.
Communists in general, and Jyoti Basu in particular, are the New Rakshishas of India. They have brought nothing but poverty, ignorance, and corruption into our Indian system. They have stolen our dreams, made our Hindu voice irrelevent, now they want to make us Hindus, refugees in our own land of Bharat Varsha.

6. Communists regard themselves as Reds. In India, they make Red with blood, the Hindu blood. They are barbarians, directionless, and appeal to some utopian peudo-concepts, which cannot be realized because,they are against the basic nature of man. Hindus ought to stop Human devils like Jyoti Basu. Instead of praising him, and treating him with kid-gloves, he ought to be damned, and given a no-bar, no-hold bashing.

Surinder Paul Attri