Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mullahs & other A**-Holes of Islam

Subj: Mullahs & other A**-Holes of Islam
1. Women beat up Muslim clerics in Lucknow
IANS | Lucknow
Three Muslim clerics in a seminary here were Tuesday beaten up by three women for allegedly not conducting their "talaq" (divorce) proceedings in accordance with Shariat (Islamic) laws, police said.
Mumtaz alias Hina, Nishat Fatima and Arshi barged into the Madrassa Sultan-e-Madari in the Wazirganj area and assaulted the clerics - Mohd Afzar Zaidi, Sayed Musa Rizvi and Mohd Raza Sajid.
"The women alleged that the clerics conducted their divorce, keeping them in dark. We have initiated an enquiry," police spokesman Anand Srivastava told reporters here.
Meanwhile, the three clerics have registered a police complaint against the three women for assaulting them and damaging the property of the seminary.
2. My Take: Moslem women have as much right as the Moslem men, but Islam does not recognize this basic human right, Islam degrades its women, and relegates them to the status of inferior beings. These three women are:
It is about time some More BRAVE Islamic women paste these Mullas & other A**-Hole clerics. They have been maiming, mauling, & mutilating the women of Islam. They have acquired a vice-like hold on Moslems, especially on its women,.They are as fundamentalist as can be, and insist upon enforcement of Islam, like the true soldiers of Islam. They abuse & revile Kafirs & Islamic women. In a word, they practise intimidation and it works. They don't have to provide rationalization either, for their rules & actions.
3. They ( the Islamic Clerics ) have had and to this day, have a decisive role in the day-to-day life of an ordinary Muslim. They are the ones who preside over & conduct rites. They solemnize marriages and they also certify divorces. They are also the ones who cite, interpret, procure, and issue FATWAS. In other words, they encompass every detail of a Moslem's life. Note: This is also the claim of every totalitarian ideology, such as Nazism, Fascism, and Marxism. All these ideologies claim that, they have a right to regulate the totality of life.
4. Note: This Beat-UP Job is only a Start. If more Moslem women sally forth and follow the pattern of these three Moslem women, they will transform the dynamics of Muslim women in Islam, and in time may even, show the door to these A**-Holes of Islam.
Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, June 28, 2010

Circumcision of Moslem girls in Islam.

1. Subj: Circumcision of Moslem girls in Islam.
2. My Take: Did you notice this that, this load of savagery is a sacramental-ritual of barbaric/ruffian religion of Islam. It is a specific command of Allah, to wage war on Moslem women. So fond is Allah of cutting down Moslem women, to exalt himself & add luster to his Killer-Islam, that he orders the permanent disfiguring & dysfunctioning, of 50 % of the Moslem populace. It is an act of butchery, a decimation of womanhood, sanctified in the guise of religious command, and lauded as the righteous way of life, for a Moslem woman. It is an un-speakable crime.
Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More comments on Dr.Sarkar's message

Subj: More comments on Dr.Sarkar's message
1. How can a butcher [MUSLIMS ] & his victim [HINDUUS ] be Bhai-Bhai ?
How can a saint [ [HINDUUS ] & sinner [[MUSLIMS ] be Bhai-Bhai ?
How can a bank-manager [HINDUUS ] & [MUSLIMS ] bank-robber be Bhai-Bhai ?
How can a Hindu & Moslem be Bhai-Bhai ?-------VERY TRUE ---- well said ----

2. My Take:
Thanks for your comments, bhagavaandaas tyaagi Jee.

Notice the absurdity of this Bhai-Bhai political slogan, and the mindset of its adherents. What does it mean ?
It is this kind of phoney-liberal slogan that sounds good, but drives Hindu off the cliff.

3. If the Phoney-Liberal bunch can lump the savage-Sulla ( who maintains the practice of his religion with terror ) with the thinking, rational, Dharmic Hindu, without feeling the least bit ashamed of their mis-classification, then why don't they include Marxists, Nazis, and Fascists as well. These ideologies ( every one of these ideologies is exclusivist, separatist, & imperialist ) have much in common with Islam & Christianity, and nothing at all with Hinduism,

4. Our Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders are being too accommodating, under the guise of synthesis, and in the process are giving props to these barbaric ideologies, whose historical record stinks in the nostrils. It is a disservice to the Hindus to be told that, these barbaric ideologies are worthy of equal respect. It is an injury & injustice to the Hindu ( who is Dharmic & Secular ) to don the robes of equality & secularism to the Uncivilized, Barbaric, and Brigand Bedouin Sulla, and to enunciate that they are worthy of equal respect. It is this kind of Bull-SH** coming from the wilfully-blind, phoney-liberal Hindu bunch, & their determination to stay ignorant, that is extinguishing all traces of Hindu culture from India.

5. Hindus must draw a line, must make a clear distinction between Dharma ( Hinduism ) & Dogma ( Islam, Christianity, Marxism, Nazism, & Fascism ) and reject in " Totality " the false & absurd preachings of the phoney-liberal batch.

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comments on reaction to Dr. Sarkar's message

Subj: Comments on reaction to Dr. Sarkar's message
2. My Take:
Thanks for your comments, Bhagavaandaas Tyaagi Jee.
COMMENT: Yes, that is exactly so.
Moslems never sing Hindu songs. This is because their commitment is to Islam. Hindus sing Moslem songs, because their commitment is Not to Hinduism, but to Phoney-Liberalism. That is the difference.
Hindu loves being a Phoney-Liberal. Hindu attitude is Crumbly.
3. What we are seeing is a Fracturing of the Hindu Power. It is Not a coincidence either. Hindus are relying on a bankrupt Hindu Leadership & Worm-Eaten HIndu Holy Men ( HHMs ). Relying on this Bad & Good-For-Nothing bunch & a multitude of Ignoramuses, is totally destitute guradianship of the Hindu. The Ruffian-Sulla is acquiring power in India, at the cost of the Hindu. Sullas are tough S.O.Bs. They are creating a hostage situation on the Hoi Polloi of the Hindu. Why should a self-respecting religion like Hinduism, be a captive of a degraded, debased, and shameful Sulla.
4. Hindu is in a slammer, as an outgrowth of our incompetent stewardship. Our Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders preach the pernicious concept of Composite-Culture. Composite culture is Moslem culture ( and Christian culture ). Islam & Christianity preach nothing but extreme hatred against the Hindu. Both have been & are hatching for the liquidation of Hinduism in India. They do not at all show respects to the religious sentiments of Non-Moslem & Non-Christian religions ( Hinduism included ). They reject all accommodation & assimilation. Composite culture can exist only among well-wishers & friends, not among followers of hostile religions. Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders cannot catch hold of this simple idea. They continue to remain stubbornly-ignorant & like Gandhi's monkeys refuse to see & hear evil.
5. Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders are preaching:
" Hindu-Muslim Bhai-Bhai."
How Foolish ? As if the Phoney-Liberals are not aware of the Hell, that Islam has been raising in India for the last 1200 years.
How can a butcher & his victim be Bhai-Bhai ?
How can a saint & sinner be Bhai-Bhai ?
How can a bank-manager & bank-robber be Bhai-Bhai ?
How can a Hindu & Moslem be Bhai-Bhai ?
Besides, there is a ban on Muslims to befriend Non-Muslims ( Kafirs ). Allah himself forbids Muslims, not to have any Non-Muslims ( Kafirs ) as their friends.
How asinine is the message of our Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders ?
6. What about our Hindu Holy Men ( HHMs ), what are they preaching ? Our HHMs are even worse, they are taking Hindu downhill. They are saying that all religions are one & the same, and that Hindu God & Muslim & Christian God, are one & the same. Ishwar Allah Tere Naam.
It is this kind of preaching by our HHMs, that is responsible for the humiliation & slaughter of the Kafir-Hindu. There has Never been anything like the sameness of Hindu God & Muslim or Christian God, anywhere in India, in the past or in the present. There is a world of difference between the Hindu God Ishwar & Allah ( Muslim God ) & Jehova ( Christian God ). Hindu God ( Ishwar ) is Omnipresent & Omniscient, and is God of all human beings, he is a Universal-God, he is Not the God of any particular class, race or community.
Muslim & Christian Gods are Not Universal Gods, they are the Gods of Muslims & Christians Only.
7. Have our half-witted HHMs educated themselves on the history of either Islam or Christianity ? How many Pagans of Europe & Americas, were slaughtered by soldiers of Jesus Christ, during their Christianization process ? How many Pagans of Arabia, Persia, Turkey, India et al, were murdered by the soldiers of Hazrat Mohammad, during Islamization ? The number runs into hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs.
Neither Moslems nor Christians can be cured of Islam or Christianity.
8. The lesson for the Hindu ought to be to:
" Totally reject the Non-Sense preached by Phoney-Liberal Hindu Leaders & by Ignoramus HHMs. "
Hindu population is smart, there is lot of talent among the Hindus. This talent has not been marshalled & disposed to the defense & strength of the Hindu & his Hinduism. Our Rotten Hindu Leaders & our ignoramus HHMs, do not have in them, what it takes to do the job of Hinduism Defense-Strength. They Cannot cut the mustard !
Hindu ought to TOTALLY-REJECT this Incompetent-Bunch.
9. Finally, Hindu's problems are Completely-Solvable, provided Right-Techniques ( not the techniques that are presently in use by our rotten Hindu leaders ) are used.
Let us Hindu get going on Right ( Smart ) techniques.
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reaction to Dr. Sarkar's message

Subj: Reaction to Dr. Sarkar's message
1. Dear Dr. Suseelan:
We all protest against the intrusions of the Muslims, but the unpleasant history tells us that written protests never work. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries do not allow any non-Muslim to practice their religions while staying there. Saudis would not even allow any Christian to carry a Bible there. India was a Hindu country and thanks to our religious tolerance, we allowed every other religion to come to India. Shouting does not work. The Hindus had always been most cowardly and passive and they never learned to fight. We do not follow the examples of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna and go to kill the devils, but worship Thakur Ramakrishna, Chaitany, and now Gandhi, who not only misguided us but caused our failure. The Muslims can burn our temples, kill the Hindus and molest our women, but we are too cowardly to kill even one Muslim rapist. Unless we do what the Muslims did and are doing to us, nothing will stop the Muslims. They know that we are the most COWARDLY people on earth. I wtote all about it in my books but the Hindus do not even bother to read them for free.
Anil K. Sarkar. MD

2. My Take:
Dr. Sarkar appears to be a " Down-To-Earth " type individual, getting into the Nitty-Gritty ( that is, what is essential & basic ) of Hindu's problem.
Quote: but the unpleasant history tells us that written protests never work. .......Shouting does not work.
COMMENT: The value of both written ( formal ) protests, as well as shouting, is extremely disputable. Shouting-Slogans may be good for your lungs, but its clout or cogency, is immoderately questionable.
There is " NO " prospect of getting Hinduism-Defense going, through either of these two " Fishy " techniques.

3. Quote: India was a Hindu country and thanks to our religious tolerance, we allowed every other religion to come to India.
COMMENT: Let us not be silly. We Hindus did allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry ( i,e. every other religion ), to come to India. But it was Not due to our religious tolerance. Let us not invent excuses or apologies.

4. Quote: The Hindus had always been most cowardly and passive and they never learned to fight.
COMMENT: Yes, indeed. Hindus have been passive & defensive. Generally, Hindu has avoided scuffles & bouts of battle, but Hindu is Not cowardly ( there is plenty of fight in the Hindu ). Cowardice is Not Hindu's problem, Hindu's problem is Something-Else.

5. Quote: We do not follow the examples of Lord Rama or Lord Krishna and go to kill the devils
COMMENT: You can say that again.
We Hindus have learned next to nothing, from the lessons of either Ramayana or Mahabharta. We have acted contrary to the teachings of our Vedas ( of confronting/smashing the evil/rakshishas ), and examples of Warrior Lord Rama & Lord Krishna, and allowed barbarians of Islam & Christianity, to trample on us. Shame on us Hindus !

6. Quote but worship Thakur Ramakrishna, Chaitany, and now Gandhi, who not only misguided us but caused our failure.
COMMENT: Using Yanke terminology, these guys were Peace-Niks. They strongly opposed violence, as a means of settling disputes, and preferred Ahimsa ( avoiding violence ) to Himsa, as the cornerstone of ethics & morality.

Smart people of the world know that:
Use of Ahimsa, ALWAYS enormously-multiplies violence in the world. It emboldens barbarians ( rakshishas ), and transforms them into TESTERS. They keep coming at you again & again & again, to determine how far they can push you. On the other hand, confronting the barbarians Always reduces violence in the world.

7. To be completely fair to Gandhi, Gandhi was No coward. In the state of Panjab, there used to be a saying:
" Majboori Ka Naam Gandhi. "

Gandhi was no dummy. In fact, Gandhi was quite smart ( even though he was peace-nik ). He knew Very Well that Hindu, will not pay the price of Freedom or Hinduism-Defense. Consequently, he adopted the technique of Peaceful non-cooperation against the British. It was an Ad hoc solution, invented by Gandhi, for securing independence of India.

8. What about Dr. Hedgewar, the founder of RSS ? Is RSS what Dr. Hedgewar had in mind ?
Answer: Not by a long shot !
Dr. Hedgewar was a Tiger. RRS ( Rashtriya Rakshak Sang ) is what he desired, but he knew darn well that, if he set up RRS, it would be banned by the British in less than a week. He conceived that, Hindus would modify RSS, as time passes, and make it a Hinduism Defense organization. Such a thing has Not happened.

Why has it not happened ? Is RSS leadership too dumb ?
No. RSS leadership knows darn well that, more than 80 % of Hindus of India, are Phoney-Liberal of one type or another, and they will Never support anything like RRS.
9. Quote: They know that we are the most COWARDLY people on earth.
COMMENT: No, that is Not correct, let us not Misname things.
Hindu is Not coward. Hindu is selfish, damn-selfish. He wants to defend Hinduism, but does not want to pay the price of Hinduism-Defense. He wants someone else to pay this price. In other words, Hindu desires a Free-Lunch. But there is No free-lunch in life.
This attitude of us Hindus, creates a PARADOX, a self-contradictory situation.

10. Question: What is the Causation of Hindu's Selfishness ?
Hindu's Highest-Priority is on his Personal-Welfare, his Lowest-Priority is the welfare of the rest of the Hindu community.

This problem is inherent to the Hindu. More than 80 % of the problems of the Hindu, are due to the Hindu & due to his attitude. To blame it on other activities or external structures, is mis-diagnosing the problem.

11. This does Not mean that, Hindu is not confronted with external enemies or challenges. The above discussion is only designed to describe, the RELATIVE- position of Internal & External challenges, confronting the Hindu.

And don't forget that:
" World is based on Relativity. "

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, June 19, 2010


1. PURGING THE PESTILENCE OF ISLAM - Might happen byyear 2020
Mohan Gupta to me

Sh. Attriji,

Many astrologers are predicting that pakistan would cease to exist by year 2015/16. Swami Aurbindo Ghosh predicted in year 1947 that pakistan would not survive for long time.
i read one article many years ago that Pakistans exists due to charity or alms of America. The day America stops giving money to America, Pakistan will break up as Pakistan has not got major industry to survive.
It is upto Hindus to become aggressive either to destroy Muslims or to convert them to Hinduism.

2. My Take: Shri Mohan Gupta Jee: Pakistan could very well have a Breaking-Point, but it is a formidable-task to put a date on that.
Quote: Many astrologers are predicting that pakistan would cease to exist by year 2015/16.
COMMENT: Regarding accuracy of astrology, I can't swear one way or the other. But Pakistan certainly could become a boneyard ( of Allah's soldiers ), one of these days. If that happens, I shall be elated mightily.

Quote: Aurbindo Ghosh predicted in year 1947 that pakistan would not survive for long time.
COMMENT: Yes, and many other Indians were saying virtually the same thing, at that time. One prominent Indian ( I don't recall his name distinctly, but I think he was Rajagopal Achari ), stated that:
" The merger of West Pakistan ( Urdu & Panjabi speaking ) and East Pakistan ( Bengali speaking ) is an artificial-amalgmation. This merger will Not last more than 25 years."

It actually lasted only 24 1/2 years.

3. The same guy, after hearing the slogans of Muslim League of India:
" Leke Rahenge Pakistan ," stated in 1940:
" If the movement for Pakistan continues unabated like this, then we shall have to give Pakistan to the Muslims of India. "
That happened 6 1/2 years after his statement.

Note: Rajagopal Achari was the First Indian Governor-General of India, after Lord Louis Mountbatten ( an Englishman ).

4.Quote: i read one article many years ago that Pakistans exists due to charity or alms of America. The day America stops giving money to America, Pakistan will break up as Pakistan has not got major industry to survive.
COMMENT: There is lot of veracity in the observations of this article. Of course, Americans give this money for their own reasons, but they also have a prolonged-habit of:
Pakistan is a sick-horse, Its propects are Not good. Americans are needlessly squandering their money.

5. Quote:It is upto Hindus to become aggressive either to destroy Muslims or to convert them to Hinduism.
COMMENT: I concur.

Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, June 18, 2010

Plight of Kafir-Ahmadiya, Zafrullah Khan

Subj: Plight of Kafir-Ahmadiya, Zafrullah Khan
1. Also, Sir Nasrullah Khan, Pakistan's First Foreign Minister
was an Ahmedia and all his serrvices, including venomous
comments against India, have been pushed under the
carpet by "true and pure" Muslims.

2. My Take: Chaudhary Sahib: You are probably referring to Zafrullah Khan, First Foreign Minister of Pakistan, a sworn Muslim-Leaguer, and a wind-bag at the UN. But he was no match for Krishna Menon,
Although his long speeches & verbal-Jehad against India & israel, did win him praise in Pakistan, but did not get him accepted as a Moslem, he remained a Kafir-Ahmadiya.

3. LIke other Kafir-Ahmadiyas, he was licking the boots of Moslems, for favor of being accepted as a Moslem. Chance of that happening is Zilch. But Zafrullah is too dumb to grasp that.

Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Subj: Kafir-Ahmadiyas

1. Why Pakistan's Ahmadi community is officially detested
By Mohammed Hanif
BBC News, Karachi 16 June 2010

Rescuers remove a body from a mosque in Lahore, 28 May
More than 80 Ahmadis were killed last months in two atacks in Lahore
When a Pakistani Muslim applies for a passport or national ID card, they are asked to sign an oath that no Muslim anywhere in the world is asked to sign.
The oath goes like this: "I consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad an impostor prophet. And also consider his followers, whether belonging to the Lahori or Qadiani group, to be non-Muslims."
Like millions of other Pakistanis, I have signed this oath several times without giving much thought to exactly what Mr Ahmad stands for, or what the technical difference between Lahoris or Qadianis is. I want my passport, and if I have to sign up to a fatwa to get it, so be it.
But like millions of people from my generation I also remember that when I was growing up, the minority Ahmadi sect were considered just another Muslim sect.
Like scores of others I had friends who were Ahmadis. We played cricket together, and sometimes, when our parents ordered us off to the mosque, we even prayed side by side.

An injured man outside the Garhi Shahu mosque in Lahore, 28 May
Ahmadis are despised by many Pakistanis
Last month, when more than 90 Ahmadis were massacred in two mosques in Lahore, I remembered the precise moment in 1974 when it all began to change.
There were street protests by religious parties against Ahmadis demanding that they should be declared non-Muslims.
One day I saw some bearded activists standing outside a clothes merchant's shop in our town, chanting anti-Ahmadi slogans and turning customers away, telling them that buying clothes from Ahmadis was haram - forbidden.
At the time I was learning to memorise the Koran from a very kind, mild-mannered teacher.
I asked him what exactly was wrong with the Ahmadis.
He explained to me that they didn't believe that the Prophet Muhammad was the last and the final messenger.
I said OK, maybe that makes them kafirs, infidels, but who says that kafirs can't sell cloth?
My teacher's response was a full-handed slap, so sudden, so unexpected that it rang in my ears for days to come.
That same year Pakistan's first elected parliament declared Ahmadis non-Muslims.
Then in 1984 Pakistan's military dictator and self-appointed guardian of the faith General Zia-ul-Haq inserted that oath in the constitution that we are all required to sign.
Because of the new laws, Ahmadis have been sent to prison simply for using the Muslim greeting Assalamu alaikum, or putting a Koranic verse in a greeting card.
Over the last three decades the hatred against Ahmadis has become so widespread that Pakistan is now embarrassed by the only Nobel laureate it has ever produced.

Pakistani media take cover outside a mosque in Lahore, 28 May
Attacks on Ahmadis are beconing increasingly commonplace
Dr Abdus Salam Khan won the Nobel Prize for physics and, as a proud Pakistani, accepted his award in national dress.
But he was an Ahmadi so there is no monument to celebrate him, no universities named after him.
The word "Muslim" on his gravestone has been erased. Even the town he is buried in has been renamed in an attempt to erase our collective memory.
This hatred was evident in the reactions to the massacre.
TV channels were more obsessed with making sure that in their broadcasts Ahmadi mosques were called "places of worship".
When you refuse to call a place of worship by its proper name, you are implying that it's not a mosque, it's not a church, it's not a synagogue, it's a place where godless people do godless things.
And all the various Islamic political parties, whose leaders often refuse to pray together, are united on this.
When Pakistan's main opposition leader Nawaz Sharif used the phrase "our brothers" for the murdered Ahmadis, leaders from 11 political parties came together to condemn him and threatened to issue a fatwa declaring him a heretic.
Over the last three decades the siege has been so palpable that those Ahmadis who couldn't afford to emigrate have taken to hiding their identity.
If you want to destroy someone in public life it's enough to drop a hint that they are Ahmadi.
In the 1980s, the former chief minister of Punjab and current federal minister didn't attend his own mother's funeral because there were rumours that she was an Ahmadi.
When the funerals of the massacred Ahmadis took place there were no officials, no politicians present.
Pakistan's liberal bloggers and some English-language columnists did write along the lines that Ahmadi blood is on our hands.
Others were adamant that it was yet another Friday, yet another massacre by the Pakistani Taliban, and we should just fight this sort of terrorism and leave the sectarian debates alone.
Two incidents in the past week made me realise how pathological our response was. At a vigil to mark the massacre, where a handful of people had turned up, a passer-by asked me "Are you an Ahmadi?" My own loud and aggressive denial surprised me.
Then an Ahmadi friend whose father survived the Lahore massacre wrote to me saying: "You know we have been living like this for decades. [Did] something like this have to happen for you to speak up?"

2. My Take:
Quote: Why Pakistan's Ahmadi community is officially detested
COMMENT: Because Ahmadiyas are on Islam's SH**-List. This list is only one foot away from Islam's Hit-LIst.
Yes, the Moslems invite the Ahmadiyas, but not to put coffee & donuts into them, but to push some bullets into them. That is the:
" NAZAR-E-KARAM " of Islam on its Ahmadiyas.

3. The Ahmadiyas have plenty to fear from Moslems, and not without reason either.
The Moslems say:
" Jeene Nahin Denge Hum Kisi Ahmadiya Ko
Murna to Parega Hi Har Ahmadiya Ko "

Ahmadiyas are gauged as Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), and Kafir-Hatred is what drives the clock-work of Islam.
The sooner the Ahmadiyas become aware of their delineation, and stop expecting harmony ( or oneness ) with Islam, the better it is for their health.

The Moslems are Not going to accept Ahmadiyas as Moslems. It is Not going to happen. Ahmadiyas are going to stay as Kafirs.

4. The Ahmadiyas need to wake up from their awful-dream ( actually, it is a nightmare ).

" Ahmadiyas have been & shall always remain extra-ordinary Kafirs. "

Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Although Hindus are heir to the great Vedic civilization of moral excellence, they have been suffering and continue to suffer the demonic & barbaric evil of Islam.Moslems claim this barbarism is sanctioned by Quran ( and of course, by Allah ). Under Quranic teachings, they behead criminals, stone to death female ( Note: only female ) adulterers, throw acid in the faces of women who refuse to wear Burqa/Chaddar, mutilate genitals of young girls, and brutally slaughter animals.

2. Islam is an insult to God and a blight on human society. In order to investigate & understand the source of Islamic-Barbarism, it is necessary to recognize that the culture of Islam is rooted in the habits & practices of Bedouins ( of Arabia ), who practised brigandage ( to survive ) for thousands of years. These practices are looting, plunder, and banditry but Hazrat Mohammad converted these malicious practices into the religious doctrine of Islam, which he called Jehad, gave it
Allah's blessing, declaring it Holy War against Kafirs ( Unbelievers, i.e. Non-Moslem Infidels ).

3. Moslems do not like any back-talk on Islam. They are taught not to question Islam. Any criticism of Islam is taboo, and is labelled as Kufr ( blasphemy ). In fact, Moslems go to all lengths to censure any criticism of Islam. They sincerely believe that all work in Islam is done in Allah's cause. It is done in Allah's name alright, but it is Islamic Bedouin code, which consists of socially & mentally backward thinking & brutal tribal customs, which have the sanction of Allah. It is social & cultural degradation, enforced under the power of Bedouin-Barbarism.

4. Today, this barbaric, backward-looking, fundamentalist & fanatic Islam, is bent upon exporting its brand of morality & terrorism, to all the Kafir lands of the world, from one end to the other. Even though the Kafirs of the world ( especially the Hindus of India ) have suffered colossal damage & degradation, at the hands of these Bedouin-Bandits, the Kafirs refuse to believe that, Islam has declared war on them. They do not connect the dots.

They refuse to see that, Islam is the most evil ideology in the world today, far worse than Hitler's Nazism, Mussolini's Fascism, and Stalin's Communism, a thousand times worse than any barbarism of the past.

5. Kafirs, especially Kafir-Hindus also are Non-Vigilant. They have become pawns in the politics of the Phoney-Liberal politicians. Phoney-Liberals are ready to drag Hinduism through mud, but are averse to any incisive criticism of Islam. They refuse to see the evil of Islam. They are not only ignorant about Islam, but refuse to educate themselves about the threat that Islam represents. They are blinding sinners. These Phoney-Liberals have highjacked & abused our Hindu people.

6. Alert Hindus need to recognize that our Hindu society is being invaded by a religion ( ideology ), whose values we totally reject, not because we Hindus are caste-ists or racist, but because Islamic values are degrading & offensive.

7. Smart & Alert Hindus ( and other Kafirs of the world ) need to confront the evil & horror of Islam, and figure out ways to smash the filth & horror of Islam, once and for all.

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Questions on Dr. Zakir's hallucinogenic nonsense

Subj: Questions on Dr. Zakir's hallucinogenic nonsense
Poonam Abbi to me
I do not understand one thing. These christians & muslims both hate India and Hindus. Then why are they here? What are they truying to make right about the "Hindu religion" & India" ? They have no connection with India except that their ancestors came fron desolate deserts, attracted by the stories of riches, beautiful fabrics, aromatic exotic spices, & abundance of fresh food & wise intelligent people, with the express purpose of forcibly taking things & lands that did not belong to them, & were not even in their neighborhood. In direct words, to put it simply, truthfully & honestly, they were robbers, looters, murderers & rapists who then cloaked their totally barbaric, inhuman, illegal & imoral acts in their concocted cacophony of "religious & moral high grounds" & religious reformation. Before they came, India was doing great, trading & exchanging knowledge peacefully with her neighbors. Then along come these barbaric brutes, take 1000 years to systematically destroy the country & enslave 7 demoralize its people & their knowledge base, replace it with their stupid & senseless kuran & bible that make absolutely no sense at all, & now want us to be grateful to them for being kind enough to be "tolerant" of us in our home, & allowing us into their "heaven" by killing us & destroying our property? And when we react, tell us that we are "intolerant & violent"?. Is it that there are no problems with islam & christianity? Why don't they focus on cleaning up their own mental & "moral" s*** first? their stink is destroying the planet. Don't believe me? People have to be real morons not to be able to see that. People were living on this planet long before AD started, that is long before both these barbaric violent religions came into being. Look what happened to the planet once these 2 religions "evolved"...they are worse than all the plagues put together.

2. My Take:
Quote: They have no connection with India except that their ancestors came fron desolate deserts, .....
COMMENT: They are Bloody-Intruders, but they are also Barbarians.

Quote: These christians & muslims both hate India and Hindus. Then why are they here?
COMMENT: There are not here to invite Hindus, for coffee & donuts. They are here to exterminate Hinduism from India, and replace it with their own religion ( Islam/Christian ).

Quote: What are they trying to make right about the "Hindu religion" & India" ?
COMMENT: They are Not making anything right. In fact, they are making things foul, sinful, dishonorable & damn bad.
Question: What is at the bottom of what they are doing ?
Answer: They are doing what their ( Islam/Christianity ) religion teaches them to do. Their religion teaches them that, all religions other than their own ( Islam/Christianity ) are False & works of the Devil, and the followers of these Other religions, are headed for Hell. So by converting Hindus, they are saving Hindus from going to Hell.

This belief system is common to all Abrahamic religions. It is a Half-A** belief system, but has great strength because of the intensity of belief.
As long as I am calling a spade a spade, I must tell it like it is, that is:
" Father Abraham was the First Nazi, and the First Barbarian, and his God ( Yahweb ) was Damn-Damn Bad."
His God gives orders to exterminate entire nations, people who had done nothing wrong, gives their country & possessions to their murderers...and so on & on.
One of the Churchills said:
This God is SH**. Indeed, it is so.

3. There is no question at all that, both Moslems & Christians are barbarians, but responsibility must be placed where it belongs.
The responsibility for Hindu's fate, " Properly " belongs on the Hindu himself. Hindu wants to defend Hinduism, but does Not want to pay the price of Hinduism Defense. He wants someone else to pay this price. In other words, Hindu wants a free lunch, but there is no free lunch in life. Hindu is Not coward, but Hindu is selfish, very selfish. Consequently, Hindu prefers or pretends to be secular, bends like grass, lies low, when the Moslems & Christian horsemen trample them. This has happened many a times in our Indian history.

Another point: Moslems & Christians, being barbarians, act like all barbarians. They go where they can go easily. In other words, they do Cost/Benefit analysis.

What this shows is that:
Hindu's attitude & actions, based on selfishness, invite assaults from both Islam & Christianity.
Nuff Said

Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dr. Zakir's hallucinogenic nonsense

Subj: Dr. Zakir's hallucinogenic nonsense
1. They will go to any length and breadth to malign us and derogate us,
because we puit up with any nonsense and aqlso because we have
traitors (Secularist lots) amongst us.

How disgusting!

BK Chaudhari
2. My Take:
Quote: They will go to any length and breadth to malign us and derogate us
COMMENT: Yes, they will !
Leaving aside Dr. Zakir's quackery, his explanation of Lord Ram & Sita Jee's dietary practices, is a product of his own bias & Islamic predilections.
This should not come as a surprise, because Dr. Zakir has a motivation for doing that. Violence & Barbarism against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), and reviling of their books, rituals & practices, has been a perpetual-physiognomy of Sullas, this is a matter of credible historical record.
3.Islam's historical-hatred of Kafirs, is grounded in the teachings of Quran & Sunnahs of Hazrat Mohammad ( SBUH: SH** be upon him ), and have the sanction of Allah. All these Islamic sources, advise Moslems to give Hell to Kafirs. Islam is a machine of malice without parallel. Its Jehad is:
4. Islam's Singular Prizes to Moslems, for killing Kafirs:
Islam's rewards abound in Wildest sex with Beautiful-Houries in Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), plus pleasures of the earth, sex with captured Kafir women, debauchery & sexual merriment without restriction, which do not come within the jurisdiction of morality, as understood by us civilized Kafirs.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



2.My Take:
Quran Burning: Quran is a worthless gospel of hate, lies, violence, and barbarism. Nothing is true in Quran. This good-for-nothing & useless book, is best used as firewood.

3. For centuries, Moslems have been burning millions of Non-Moslem Kafir books, and replacing them with copies of this worthless piece of garbage ( Quran ). Now the shoe is on the other foot.

4. This rubbish of Quran, is the cause of lots of terrorism in the world. Those who are burning Quran, are doing something about controlling terrorism, a worthwhile cause.

5. Therefore, those who burn Quran, deserve praise, not punishment.

Surinder Paul Attri