Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evil Islam & Evil Buddhism

Subj: Evil Islam & Evil Buddhism



2. COMMENT: Islam certainly is a Vulture, it is a cut-throat ruffian, rapaciously-plunderous, it is a scourge of the earth. But use of the term " Islamic Culture " is Not appropriate, because Islam has no culture, no enlightenment, no civilization, nor any state of refinement. Islam is low-bred, crass & coarse. To put it fittingly:

" Islam is a piece of SH**. "

3. In materiality, Islam is an aphorism of way of life of uncivilized Bedouin Arabs, who practiced plunder, robbery, & murder, in order to survive, except that permission for their plunder, robbery, & barbarism, is now found in both Quran & Sunnah of the Prophet ( a Bedouin-Goonda ).

4. But Moslems were Not alone in their plunder, they had company. Historians like Arnold Toynbe, who have studied modus operanda of barbarians, have detected that:
" Barbarians go where they can go easily, where there is already some weakness in the system."

Such conditions existed in Buddhist Central Asia & India ( dominated for centuries by Buddhist kings, who had destroyed the Kashatriya-Shield of the Hindu ). Confronted by Islamic invaders, Buddhist disappeared from India, in less than 6 months. Hinduism, with a broken Kashatriya-Shield, was badly-battered, but managed to survive by the skin of its teeth.

5. Gautam Buddha & Emperor Ashoka ( both of them totally unfit to be kings ) were not the first Anti-Kashatriya ( Anti-Military ). Arjuna of Mahabharat had turned Anti-Kashatriya & Anti-Vedic, before he was straightened out by Lord Krishna.
Buddhism is the Most Anti-Vedic, Anti-Kashatriya, & Anti-Hindu system in the world, but does not appear so, because it is Highly Deceptive. It appears noble, but is something Evil.

6.Many examples of Buddhist-Evil, can be cited from elsewhere. Many people in Europe acquired Buddhist thinking after World War I, as a result of their experience of the war. They refused to confront the Japanese, Italians ( Benito Mussolini ), and Adolf Hitler for at least ten years. Their Anti-Military thinking forced World War II on humanity, with a casualty of 55 million dead, proving beyond doubt that:
" Buddhism is something Evil. "

7. Why do so many people get trapped in Buddhism ? Because Buddhism is Very Very Deceptive, it is a Deadly-Infection, but appears noble. It is a poison that tastes like honey. It preaches Non-Violence ( Ahimsa Parmo Dharma ) but multiplies Violence in the world.

Many Phoney-Liberals of India, including lots of Hindu Holy Men, claim to be Hindus, but are in reality practicing Buddhism.

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Subj: Bakri-Eid’
1. Kolkata, Nov 12 (IBNS): The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Friday welcomed a judgement by the Calcutta High Court banning the slaughter of cows for religious purposes.
The weighty judgement comes days ahead of Eid Al-Adhha (Feast of Sacrifice) also known as ‘Bakri-Eid’ being observed by Muslims across India by sacrificing goats and even cows in some places.
The division bench of Chief Justice J N Patel and Justice Asim Ray of the Calcutta High Court on Friday declared the practice of sacrificing cow and its progeny for religious purpose as ‘unlawful’, the RSS statement said.
The Hindu volunteer organisation added that it expected the judgment to have “far reaching ramifications in the minority-centric domestic politics of West Bengal”.

2. COMMENT: Moslems observe their festival of Eid Al-Adbba ( Feast of Sacrifice ), also known as " Bakri-Eid ," by wholesale butchering of animals, goats & even cows, without showing the least bit of pity or concern for these innocent creatures of the Lord.

3. Moslems call this grossly-offensive, brutal, & despicable act, as an act of sacrifice. What a Joke ? Moslems are making no sacrifice, What are sacrificed are the blameless & guiltless creatures, who have done no harm to these beastly-barbaric Sullas.

4. This brutal & barbaric act, performed at the time of " Bakir-Eid, " has no connection with sacrifice, but has all the defining characteristics of Moslem's aggressiveness, and his cruelty on inculpable & innocent beasts, who have given no offense to either the Moslems or their Islam.

5. What is most wicked & nefarious is the method of slaughtering, that is used by Moslems. It is called Halal, which is a procedure of Very Slow Slaughter of the poor animal, slitting the throat, slowly incising & slashing the organs of these poor innocent animal, to cause maximum pain on these poor creatures. It is so horrid & nauseating, that is beyond description.

6. Society For The Prevention Of Cuelty To Animals:
Where are you ? Are you sleeping ?
Are you going to do anything about stopping this hideous cruelty, inflicted on these unfortunate creatures of this earth ? Isn't man responsible for the safety & humane treatment of all, man as well as the beast ?

Surinder Paul Attri

The Jesus Question: Will He Ever Return?

1. The Jesus Question: Will He Ever Return?

2 COMMENT: Superstitious-Christians who are victims of blind reasoning, take on trust in things that are false. They go hog-wild chanting, putting faith in the tale that Jesus Christ is returning. For them, the story is something very important, but you don't have to take their word for it, however touching the story might be, because it is something very false.

3. The story is no more true than the story of Santa Claus, that plump, jolly, white-bearded man, wearing a red-coat with while collar & cuffs. Both stories are phoney, as phoney as a three dollar bill.
Big mouths like Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck can shout their mouths off & rend the air, but they cannot cause a change of impossible into possible.

4. Make no mistake about it. Jesus Christ is Not returning, he cannot return any more than Harry Houdini can. This is the most famous spectacle of non-reality in this world ( Note: Harry Houdini also told his admirers that he is returning, but he is Not returning.

5. Jesus Christ's return is a statement of fiction. It is embellished with deception & falsehood, just like the untruth of Harry Houdini's return.

Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bushy-Faced Islamist Dick-Head

Subj: Bushy-Faced Islamist Dick-Head
1. Anjem Choudhary, is a bushy-faced Islamist spokesman in UK, he is said to have founded Al-Mahajiroun, an Islamist group. His specialty is Hell-Raising and organizing pro-Islamist demonstrations, including banned protest marches, for which he has been summoned to appear in court.

2. He is a loud critic of UK ( and USA ) for their involvement in wars of Iraq & Afghanistan. He advocated the imposition of Sharia law in UK & USA.

3 He used to be quite a party man before he became an Islamist, he used to blow out lot of sessions of wine & brandy. He is spreading hate & nuisance. Pat Condell calls him an Islamist Dick-Head, and dismisses him as an extremist nut-case..

4. But it is the media that broadcasts his revolting speeches, and in the process builds him up.

Surinder Paul Attri