Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Mohandas Gandhi in Hell?

Subj: Is Mohandas Gandhi in Hell?

1. Quote: On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 9:46 PM, Prathiba Sundaram wrote:

Hinduism (Sanathan Dharma) is truly great and from GOD. But the existing hinduism of Togadia, Singal, Modi and likes are not based on any dharma. It is absurd.

COMMENT: Pratibha Sundaram appears to be heart-broken & under intense pressure of choice, between good & evil, between Heaven & Hell, presenting a posture of purgatorial-existence in a tortured mind. But she may not be alone, she may very well have company with Gandhi ( the leading law-man of morality ).

The original question was:

Is Mohandas Gandhi in Hell?

We don't want to march away from that question. Some people have set him up in Hell. We have many questions about that. Lots of us want to know where exactly he is. Gandhi earned his mileage for both Heaven & Hell. But a standard investigation will get no where. You cannot match him with either Heaven or Hell. He may be in a unique residence i.e.

A place of Heaven minus a few joys, or a place of Hell minus a few torments.

To put it simply, he may be in PURGATORY.

Surinder Paul Attri