Monday, June 27, 2011

Kafir Geert Wilders has been acquitted

Subj: Kafir Geert Wilders has been acquitted

1. Quote: Geert Wilders, the far-right Dutch Politician has been acquitted of all charges in his hate speech trial in Amsterdam. According to the Judge, comparing Islam to Nazism might be offensive, but it falls within the scope of free speech. Naturally, Geert stated, “It's not only an acquittal for me, but a victory for freedom of expression in the Netherlands”. The judge also pointed out that Geert Wilder’s comments are often “crude and denigrating”, however they are not illegal; they included racist remarks like “head rag tax”. Why the term “head rag”? It sounds like the pejorative racist term “rag-head”, frequently used by the Americans.

2. COMMENT: This news ought to be a heart-warming broadcast for every Kafir.

There is such a thing as " freedom of speech, " besides Geert is " telling it like it is. "

3. Of course, Sullas won't relish this verdict of the Dutch court, and we know why.
Islam has " Never " been accused of being tolerant or decent towards Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Moslems have assigned to themselves the right to criticize/demonize Kafirs & Kafi-Religions, without limit. And they expect us Kafirs to accept this Islamic claim/right, as the claim of the " Only True Religion In The World. "

4. But it is difficult for a reasonable/logical guy to submit, to this kind of Unreasonable claim, and Islam's " Exclusive Right Of Kafir-Pounding. " of Exclusivity, A reasonable & logical guy would regard this submission, as a terrifying threat to human liberty.

But Islam thrives on this unreasonable & nonsensical claim. The bitter truth of Islam is that, a Moslem's devotion to Islam is judged, by how much he can insult Kafirs & Kafir-Religions.

5. Every logically person in the world must ask himself:

Why does Islam deserve special protection from criticism, while rest of the Kafir-Religions are fair-game ?

6. Note: This Dutch Has The Touch. We need more Kafir-guys like him ( like Geert Wilders ).

Surinder Paul Attri.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Comment on Dr. Poojari's presentation of modern-day Mahabharat

Subj: Comment on Dr. Poojari's presentation of modern-day Mahabharat

1. bhagavaandaas tyaagi to me
very good one ----

2. Tyaagi Jee: Thanks for the pat on the back.

3. Even though there is varaiability across centuries, a peek through Mahabaharat-Window of present time, reveals what is valued and what is not, in our culture which is based on the phoney-liberal politics of India. A concise review of this politics reveals, demonic-consequences of this evil politics.

4. The Mahabharat-Window reveals political actions & techniques that, the Phoneys ( phoney-liberals ) have employed in the last 64 years, to subvert representative government, and caused destruction of the capital structure of India, inevitable consequence of which is poverty of the people of India. This wicked state-craft practices vote-bank politics, placates minorities, dragoons majority, and promotes socialism. It is a dangerous precipice, upon which India finds itself, at this time in our history.

Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dr. Poojari's presentation of modern-day Mahabharat

Subj: Dr. Poojari's presentation of modern-day Mahabharat

1. COMMENT: I must admit I got a Big-Fat-Laugh when I looked at these pictures, they all tickled my funny-bone, to say the least.

2. Bill Shakespeare says this world is a stage, we are all mere actors in it. That being given, there is always something about an act that can't be explained in terms of the scene alone. I realize that this entire presentation is meant to be a satire, but even this take-off on parody has a skeleton of truth in it.

3. Specifically, Sonia Gandhi has a perfect-fit as Gandhari, but other Johnnies & Janes are Not too far behind. The entire proposal in this presentation has features, the interpretation of which enables a viewer, to uncover parallelisms & paradoxes, not normally open to view in the day-to-day workings, of the Phoney-Liberal Indian Politics.

4. Is there anything to be learned from this sarcasm ?
Answer: Plenty !

5. The questions that we must ask are:

a. Is there anything new in this act ?
b. Is there any declaration of truth in it ?
c. Is there anything promising in this scene ( political-scene ) ?
f. Is this ( phoney-liberal politics of India ) some kind of sophistry ?

Surinder Paul Attri

Sunday, June 19, 2011



1. Mullahs of Islam, tout the highly fetching & seductive sex of Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ) to the followers of Islam. Their objective is to mold the minds of Moslems, towards the attainment of Janat, through the practice of Islam's teachings. This teaching is part of Islam's Jehad, which is the arsenal of Islam & is deadly. It makes the Moslem willing to kill ( kill Kafirs ) & get killed. An average Moslem is not aware at all that, this description of Janat-Sex, is patriarchal dominance of Moslem men over women, because this description goes hand-in-hand with the traditional teachings of Islam. In reality, this Janat-Sex of Islam, is based on Satanic-Social-Ethics of Islam, and is a total anti-theses of normal & standard sex. It makes the Moslem think like the lowest organism, such as the amoeba, that has desire but lacks the ability to make choices.

2. Signor Rushdie ( Salman Rushdie ) would probably label this kind of sex as Satanic-Sex ( IN PROSE ). Mullahs, who are essentially A**-Holes, have enshrined this Janat-Sex as normal-sexuality, which it certainly not. Islam is packed with lots of anti-women doctrines, which crush, hamper, and encumber the women of Islam. These shameful doctrines have been ignored & forgotten by Moslems, and by Phoney-Liberal Non-Moslems. But these doctrines are horrible subjugation & serfdom. Mullahs of Islam, make the Houris Of Janat, look like Satanic-Witches, shedding any pretense of gender-equality or of gender-bias.

Note: This wild sex of Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), together with all its fetish, flavors, and kinks, are planned & arranged for the benefit of Moslems, by Allah-Mian himself. This sex is symbolic of the religion of Islam, and has the authority of Allah-Mian.

3. This Janat-Sex is a Cookie-Cutter for every Moslem. It makes the Moslem feel that, he can have as much sex as he desires, it also means the kind of sex that he hungers for. It works because it makes a Moslem willing to kill & get killed. It motivates & drives the Moslems towards Janat, more than any other factor.

However, Mullahs propagation of Janat-Sex, is a tool of Lies. Rather than treating their statements of Janat-Sex as amusing, they should be treated as serious accounts of stupidity. They turn the logic on its head. Stupidity of Mullahs is a disease, but it is Not a curable disease.

4. When we talk about curing the disease of Mullahs stupidity, we are talking about altering something that, most Moslems regard as part of their normal Islamic teaching & of Moslem's future. Mullahs thinking cannot be psychologically altered, because it is subjective.

Regardless, however, Mullahs teaching of Janat-Sex has done more harm than good.

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan

Subj: Shah Rukh Khan
SRK is a perfect example of hypocrisy. His comments on Baba Ram Dev, are not only illegitimate, but hypocritical as well. When contrasted against his own record of comments, on topics of advertisement, his bluster & barrage against Ram Dev, sound terribly bogus, vain, and hollow. SRK would be well advised to keep his big mouth shut..

Film star Raj Kumar, in a Bollywwod movie, states:

" Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones at others. "
Though SRK is lying with utter sincerity, he ceases to perceive deception in his hypocrisy.

2. To be completely fair to SRK, he is not the only cat, who is playing this distortion/hypocrisy play. Distortion & Hypocrisy are the qualities, that gain the palm, in the cloister & character of phoney-liberalism, that abounds in India.

Surinder Paul Attri