Saturday, February 28, 2009


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1 We are face to face with Islam’s barbarism, that is polar-opposite of our concept of sanctity of life. We ( Hindus ) want to save & salvage life, they ( Sullas ) want to extinguish life, kill, catch & haul Kafir-convertees, & establish Allah’s Empire all over the world. The Janat-Happy Jihadi-Hoodlums want to kill & get killed, they are blood-thirsty ( for Kafir-Blood ). Islam claims to be a religion of peace, love, & brotherhood. This is a shameful-mockery of truth, and a stunning & wayward inconsistency of Islam. Islam is an apex of barbarism, inhumanity, & atrocities. What is needed to handle these horrendous-hoodlums, is not flower but a sledge-hammer. Civility has to go outside the door, when defeating these Islamic hordes of criminals. The Jihad & Jihadis need to go to jail & not to janat. The jihadis need to rot in Jhanam ( Allah’s Hell ).
2. Islam’s Sharia laws are far-famed for their brutality & savageness, they dictate decapitating heads, amputating limbs, among a whole variety of beastly & barbaric punishments. What is overlooked by Hindus & other Kafirs is that, the context of these horrible laws is Quran itself, which documents & commands these ruthless punishments. There is no humaneness or kindness in Sharia laws. Barbarism & Senseless-Killing is manifested at its peak in Islam. The conflict between Islamic & Non-Islamic societies has been named as " Clash Of Civilizations " by Prof. Hutington, but actually it is a " Clash Of Ignorance,
" because Islam can hardly be considered civilized. Islam is barbarism, it is a cult of stupidity & ignorance. Its priests & politicians are the worst culprits of barbarism, they are using the teachings of Islam, as the source of their livlihood, as a means of securing followers, and achieving their ambitions, through the preaching & practice of barbarism.
3. At this point in time, the specter of Islam is hovering over the continent of Europe, and the potential flutter & flitter of Allah’s Wrath, is hanging over the heads of European-Kafirs. The frightening vision of future Islamic might & Islamic rule, is staring them right in the eye. Their nightmare is just beginning & there is no European-Shield against Islam, with the present attitude of phoney-liberal politicians of Europe. Some concerned Europeans argue that, Europe has only two options before it:
a. Islamization of Europe or
b. Europeanization of Islam
The latter option has less than zero chance. It is Zilch, Zip. Those who suggest this as an option, don’t know a didly about Islam.
This option would be like a Crash Of Islam, it would be totally against the word of Allah’s Messenger, Imbecile Hazrat Mohammad, who has the intercessory power, for each & every Moslem. Islam will never agree to modernity, even in the name of Europeanization or any other fancy, imaginative label. This will be viewed as " Attack On Islam, " and slogans of " Islam Khatrey Mein Hai ( Islam is in danger ) " shall bluster & clamor the skies of Europe.
Thus Islam will remain as " Enemy Number One Of Europe. "
4. What is more likely to happen is that, Moslems living in Europe, as well as in the United States, shall perpetrate their " Barbaric Medieval Arabic " customs inside the Western societies, regardless of whether the Western societies recognize this as a threat or not. The continuance of these barbaric Islamic customs in the West, is guaranteed due to a malaise wide-spread in the West ( as well as in India ), this is the " disease of political correctness. " The phoney-liberal politicians of the West ( as well as of India ) will not do anything about the barbaric laws of Islam, especially the oppression & persecution of women ( even inside Western societies ), such as female circumcision, mutilations, and other social calamities inflicted on women, these shall continue.
5. The sixty-four thousand dollar question is how, the educated Moslem women inside the Western societies, will act/react. It would seem logical that most educated Moslem women will feel foolish, if they continue to take the Moslem abuse. This realization will force the educated Moslem women to scratch their heads, to figure out their problem inside the camp & control of Islam. Most of them are likely to find it difficult, to forge a a close friendship with Islam. Eventually, they might decide that, they are fed up with the backwardness of Islam.
The phoney-liberal politicians of Europe ( and India ), who are celebrating multi-culturism through the existence & influx of Moslem immigrants, and are foolishly hoping for reform & modernization of Islam, are ignoring the brutality & barbarism of Islam. They fall way short of recognizing the fundamental-reality that, it is Impossible To Situate Islam Within Modernity. And Islam will continue to get away with, its ceremony of murder ( Jihad ), due to the stupidity of phoney-liberal politicians.
6. Any association of Islam with Enlightenment, leads to " failure of Islam, " and cries & crisis within the Islamic Community.
Dr. Wafa Sultan says:
" Moslem is an irrational creature, and the things that he has learned, overpower his mind, and inflame his feelings. That is why he has turned into an inferior creature, who cannot control himself, and respond to events, which criticize Islam, in a rational way. "
7. The opposition to uncouth & ruthlessly-militaristic Islam, and to its imbecilic clergy, is not an easy task. But that does not mean that, a potent reaction & defense against Islam, cannot be put together. Not only it can be formulated, but Islam itself can be rebutted & defeated, by people who have courage & are willing to put in resolute effort.
Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Roja becomes a Slumdog

1. Subject: A Roja becomes a Slumdog one is hate and which one is love, Dilip Kumar Mudaliar@A R Rahman?S V Badri25 February 2009This is not to belittle the genius and success of A R Rahman. This is just to connect his recent statement at the Oscars to his background, and to reveal the unknown face Rahman was so clever as to keep under wraps. This is to bring to surface the second Rahman – one who took to hating his natal religion the moment he took to Islam.To the entire world, he is humility personified. He is pious, religious, genius, the very best. So be it.His second Oscar acceptance speech gave him away. It allowed us a sneak preview of the core of Rahman:“All my life I had a choice of hate or love. I chose love, and I’m here”To understand the statement, one must dig into his early life. It shows deeply hidden hatred for Hindus and Hindu Dharma, ever since he converted to Islam.Even I, who had seen him work from very close quarters on two projects in his pre-Roja days, was bowled over by his simplicity and humility. He nurtured this fine art for years to win over many of his producers and the public.The early days of A.S. Dilip KumarHe was born as A.S. Dilip Kumar to R.K. Sekhar and Kasturi (now Kareena Begum) in a Tamil Mudaliar family, the second of three children. His sisters are Kanchana (Rehana after conversion, which resulted in divorce with her staunch Hindu husband), and Fathima.Kanchana’s son, G.V. Prakash, who has shot to fame as a music director having already scored music to many films starting with Veyyil and Rajnikant’sKuchelan, is also a staunch Hindu like his father. G.V. Prakash was the synthesizer player for Chettinad Vidyashram’s music troupe as a nine-year-old when my son, Aditya Kasyap, then in class XI, was the music club secretary and lead singer.R.K. Sekhar (Dilip aka Rehman’s father) was an immensely talented musician, with no real breaks in the film field. He was more a conductor of orchestra for Salil Chowdhary and Devarajan in Malayalam filmdom (Mollywood). Yet his father’s passion for music was so embedded in Dilip’s genes that when he was just four-years-old, he started playing the harmonium. Later he learnt piano under the famous Dhanraj Master. His father gifted him a Synthesizer bought on a trip to Singapore, and this instrument so fascinated young Dilip that it became the source of sounds that would change the Indian film music world later.In an interview, he says: “My father passed away when I was 9 years old. My mother used to narrate many tales about my father which used to make me very happy. My father was regarded to be highly knowledgeable in music by many people. I still listen to many of the old songs tuned by him. I think that it’s his enormous knowledge of music that has come down to me by the grace of God.”Sekhar died ironically on the day of the release of his first film. Young Dilip had tagged along with his mother, hopping from one hospital to other, including CMC, Vellore, and to Bible-toting pastors and Sheik Abdul Qadir Jeelani (Pir Qadri), but it was too late…He became an atheist. When 11 years old, he joined as keyboard player in Ilayaraja’s troupe, struggled hard and slowly made a name with his popular jingles. His loss of faith in God continued through his teens when in 1988 one sister fell seriously ill. Medicines, havans and Bible-reading pastors failed to revive her. The family finally tried the same Pir Qadri, whom they called very late in the case of Sekhar. Dilip’s sister made a miraculous recovery. This was attributed to the Pir and Dilip slowly came under his influence. Gradually, the entire family converted to Islam; Kanchana even accepted divorce as the price of conversion.Thus A.S. Dilip Kumar became Allah Rakha Rahman. Today, Rahman says “Islam has given me peace. As Dilip I had an inferiority complex. As A.R. Rahman I feel like I have been born again” []Asked what prompted him to convert to Islam, he said: “I remember my father suffering. He was taken to eight to nine hospitals, including the CMC hospital in Vellore and the Vijaya hospital in Madras. I saw him suffering physical pain... I remember the Christian priests who would read from the Bible beside his hospital bed... I remember the pujas and the yagnas performed by the pundits... by the time the Muslim pirs came it was too late. He had already left us. After my father passed away, for some years when I was a teenager, I believed there was no God. But there was a feeling of restlessness within me. I realised that there can be no life without a force governing us... without one God. And I found what I was looking for in Islam. I would go with my mother to dargahs. And Pirsaab Karim Mullashah Qadri would advise us. When we shifted to this house, we resolved to stick to the faith.”The family’s penchant to check with astrologers did not desert them even after converting to Islam; an astrologer chose Dilip’s Islamic name! He gave him the name Abdul Rahman, but insisted that he should have two initials, so he became Abdul Rahman Rahman. Later, Naushad turned ‘A.R.’ to Allah Rakha, and Dilip Kumar became Allah Rakha Rahman.It is reputed that G. Venkateshwaran of GV Films and his brother Mani Ratnam had some misunderstanding with Illayaraja, and that is how Rahman was picked for Roja; the rest is history.A Roja becomes a slumdog - Hate vs. Love“All my life I had a choice of hate or love. I chose love, and I’m here.”Was the Oscar stage was so intoxicating that the truth had to come out? Dilip alias Rahman must explain what ‘hate’ is and what ‘love’ is. Does he mean that Hindu Dharma is ‘hate’ and that is why he deserted it; that Islam is ‘love’ and that is why he embraced it? Could he achieve these musical heights in any of the known Islamic paradises now blooming in the neighbourhood? Above all, is not this music itself the gift of Hindu Bharat?A colleague and Rahman apologist mumbled that the musical wonder actually meant ‘Wahabi Islam’ when he spoke about ‘hate,’ and that ‘love’ referred to Sufi Islam – I am too old for such stories. If that is indeed what Rahman meant, then that is what he should have said – that too at a moment when he had the whole world’s attention, and adulation.Tail PieceIt is pertinent to recall that in the immediate aftermath of Partition, the Peshawar-born and immensely talented Yusuf Khan took the film name Dilip Kumar to deflect possible non-acceptance by a Hindu audience. In the same era, however, Waheeda Rahman boldly stuck to her maiden name, and proved that Hindu Bharat was above petty prejudice and openly nurtured talent.Certainly Dilip-Rahman deserves his success. But I am disappointed with his ‘hate’ versus ‘love’ acceptance speech. This was actually the moment for him to say Vande Mataram. 2. MY Take:A funny thing happened to Dilip Kumar Mudaliar, he found Allah's wonder-wuzzby. Consumed with stress, this mixed-up screw is mistaking Islam's abuse for love. More power to Dilip Kumar Mudaliar. Jai HO ! Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, February 21, 2009


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Allah’s religion of Islam claims itself to be a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood. Yet, the followers of this very same religion ( of peace, love, & brotherhood ) have annihilated & mercilessly cut down, hundreds of millions of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), with the sword of Islam’s bigotry, its militarism, and the cold-heatedness of its fanatic-followers, establishing inescapably that, Islam is not what it claims to be. Its claim makes no sense at all and the records of history fully expose, the barbarism of Islam, from head to foot. There is no truth whatever in Islam’s deceitful assertion as a religion of peace, love, & brotherhood. This claim is extremely-fraudulent, highly-misleading, and " as phoney as a three-dollar bill. "
Islam is a far cry from either peace or love, it is a killer on the loose, its calamitous-followers have a dark outlook, on the fate of Kafirs of the world, they are ready to shot-gun these hateful-Kafirs to death, to please their stupid-Allah.
2. Islam is a disgustingly-brutal & barbaric religion, which conducts aggressive wars against Non-Moslem Kafirs, who refuse to accept Islam, and want to worship God the way they like. But this is Not acceptable to Allah, who does not accept the validity or veracity of any other religion. Islam ardently desires to exterminate all other religions, and all those who follow these Non-Islamic religions. That is why the wolf-packs of Islam’s sworn-Jehadis pounce upon the Kafirs, and conduct acts of terrifying barbarity against them.
The damaging evidence against Islam, which is corroborated & supported by pages of history, conclusively-demonstrate that, Islam’s Allah is not All-Merciful, as the Moslems would have you believe, but is a tyrant, despot, and absolutely-evil. Islam’s Allah is a blood-thirsty autocrat, who commands & authorizes Kafir slaughter, pillage, plunder, & rape of Kafirs on a permanent basis., for the only crime/fault of the Kafirs, of not believing in this good-for-nothing stupid Allah.
3. Even more astonishing is Islam’s claim of Allah being " the Creator and Almighty, " despite the fact that humans are born as Non-Moslem Kafirs, whom Allah hates with passion, and wants to either annihilate them or convert them to Islam, through the process of Jehad, which is the most horrendous & repulsive crime against humanity. It also unearths Allah’s incompetence as a creator, for not being able to create all humans as Moslems, to forestall the necessity of committing atrocities against Kafirs, to convert them to Islam. Allah’s incompetence is stripped absolutely-naked, because Allah depends upon his followers, to do his dirty-work of Jehad.
Is there any doubt that Allah is not Almighty at all, but is strictly a creature of Hazrat Mohammad’s mind, whose hunger for attention as a child, matured into a full-blown desire for controlling ( and dominating ) people, to lock them inside his cult of power. Hazrat Mohammad’s puffed-up narcissistic personality disorder, marshaled him to have power over people, creating a world of his own. Hazrat Mohammad was a Sickie ( sick-man ). It is well-established that Hazrat Mohammad was munching dates, and hearing voices ( a psychological-sickness ) inside a cave, and feeling happy as a gofer in soft-sand.
4. A Bible-Banging Christian once told me that, his Bible says that even Satan can appear as an " angel of light, " and that Hazrat Mohammad met an angel, who claimed to be Gabriel. But Bible says that Satan is the Father Of Lies, and can insist that he is Gabriel, which Mohammad believed. Mohammad was badly-fooled by Villainous-Satan, and all that Mohammad heard in the cave, was from the Devil, and his entire Quran is a bunch of bunkum, and that Islam is Devil’s preaching, and all Moslems should reject Quran & Islam.
Be that as it may, I don’t have much confidence in Bible’s Malarky ( Bible is a book of fiction ). It is much more rational & deducible to mark-off Hazrat Mohammad as a Sickie ( as explained above ). This Sickie effectively-exploited the natural fear & sense of uncertainty ( of future ) of humans, to goad his followers to commit the most heinous crimes against humanity, to fight in the way of Allah, to kill & get killed, to enjoy more than abundant pleasures of Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ) particularly wildest sex with 72 houris, through a promise that is binding on Allah.
5. Hazrat Mohammad identified his fight against Kafirs & Kufr, in the name of his peaceful religion of peace, love, and brotherhood, and had his followers commit most horrific & nauseating crimes of Kafir-slaughter, pillage, plunder, rape, and humiliation of innocent Kafirs, who did no harm either to Hazrat Mohammad or his Moslems. It is shameful that the stupid Moslems blame the Kafirs ( who are the victims of Islam’s barbarism ), for all these Jehadic-undertakings of brutality & barbarism, and blatantly insist that:
Islam is a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood.
What a Joke ?
What a Farce ?
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, February 19, 2009


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. It is often narrated that God is love. If God is love, then on the heels of this statement, it follows that fear or terror of God ( such as Allah ) is a tort. Islam says that there is no God but Allah, and belief in Allah is imperative, and that Allah is “ All Merciful. “ If Allah is “ All Merciful, “ then why have the Moslems blessed the whole world with, their Kafir-slaughter ( slaughter of Non-Moslem Infidels ), Kafir terror, torture, loot, plunder, & inhuman rapes of Kafirs in the name of “ All Merciful “ Allah ? And why are the Moslem Jihadis, who have killed many Kafirs, in the name of their “ All Merciful “ Allah, regarded as such honorable warriors of Islam ? Doesn’t this “ All Merciful “ Allah feel the least bit of pity, for these Kafirs ?
Hundreds of millions of Kafirs have been butchered, in the name of “ All Merciful “ Allah, even though Islam claims to be a religion of peace. The raids undertaken & methods followed, by camel-jockey Hazrat Mohammad, became the model for other leaders who followed Hazrat Mohmmad. Kafirs were put to the sword, the surviving Kafirs were sold as slaves.
2. The pattern of Kafir terror & torture is written down in the Quran, and was practised, perfected, and prescribed by the prophet, in his own life time. This pattern has been closely followed by the Caliphs later. Even in present time, this pattern is followed by all Muslim leaders, who aspire to acquire name and fame in this life, and houris (beautiful virgin women) in the next life.
Does this not prove that, instead of preaching love of God & brotherhood of man, Islam injects hatred, alienation, prejudice & barbaric-violence, into the hearts of Moslems ?
The religion of Islam, which is all about killing ( of Kafirs ), cannot be a religion of peace. Islam has nothing to do with the love of God. Islam has created a race of ignorant & barbaric Moslems, who can kill humans faster than wild hungry cats. Moslems need to kill Kafirs, to protect their evil religion of Islam. Islam’s ideology is absolutely evil & damn-dirty. Islam is a religion of devil, and Mohammad is its Devil-Prophet.
3. Because Moslems define their identity in terms of Islam, they are unable to live in harmony with Non-Moslem Kafirs, much less play an effective role as citizens of a modern state. Their psyche & spirit of separatism & chauvinism, has continued for centuries, and shall continue in future as well. Nationalism is totally-incompatible with Islam, because the goal of Islam is to, establish Allah’s Empire all over the world. Moslems are deep & downward in darkness, because Hazrat Mohammad & his Quran, removed the possibility of thinking, reasoning, and reflection, away from them. The only thing that Hazrat Mohammad has given to the Moslems is, belief & false pride that as Moslems, they are the best thing that has happened to humanity. If Moslems have any smarts, they would throw Quran as a worthless piece of trash & foolishness, because Quran has made Moslems, blind to truth & away from the love of God & his humanity.
4. Moslem societies instead of ameliorating, try to purify their societies, by returning to its origin, in the hope that Hazrat Mohammad’s message, would provide the answer as it did in the golden era. But it does not provide the answer because Hazrat Mohammad, does not solve the problem, Hazrat Mohammad is part of the problem. Moslem’s misery is caused by his belief in Hazrat Mohammad & in the religion of Islam, which is a devil’s religion. But Moslems point their finger at others ( Kafirs ), as the cause of their problems, and their destruction ( of Kafirs ) as the solution.
Because Islam is based on fear, if the Moslem know that they can hit & hide, or hit & destroy the Kafirs, they would go for it. Kafirs need to be aware of the astonishing-brutality, shown by Islam through the centuries, it has not wavered or diminished its brutality. Islam constantly seeks blood & revenge against the Kafirs, and against anyone who thinks even in the privacy of his mind, that Hazrat Mohammad was munching dates, sitting in a cave, and hearing voices ( a kind of sickness ).
5. How dreadful are the curses which Islam imposes upon the Kafirs ? Here below is an invocation that an American heard in a Mosque in one of the Arab countries, that he visited recently:
“O Allah, perish America, Christians and all their allies! O Allah, destroy their homes, widow their women and make their children orphans! O Allah, destroy all the Jews and Christians!”
Any rational person would be shocked to hear, such curses poured upon the Americans, the Jews & the Christians, without any distinction. Is chanting of such invocations on all Jews & on all Americans acceptable ? It is acceptable to Moslems because Allah’s curse is upon, those who debar men from the path of Allah. Therefore, it is Islamically-Acceptable.
6.The fanatical frenzy of Islam is as dangerous in man, as hydrophobia is in a dog. The fanatics of Islam want all of us Kafirs dead. Islam is based on the teachings of Hazrat Mohammad who taught his Moslems that, it is Moslem’s duty to murder all Kafirs, that a Moslem can divorce his wife by simply speaking “ I divorce you “ three times, and that raping of concubines is A-O.K. and that all of this is revealed truth, from the one and only true God, Allah. In reality, there is no truth in Islam, it is all a bunch of evil-nonsense.
Islam’s truth & record are documented in blood ( the blood of Kafirs ).
Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zakir Naik Exposed Dis-Similarities Btwn Hinduism & islam

1. Zakir Naik Exposed Dis-Similarities Btwn Hinduism & islam

2. My Take:
Prof Zakir Naik is a Bone-Head. His odd & ends claims & comparisons, are rubbish. Don't believe a word of his hanky-panky hogwash.

Surinder Paul Attri

Response to Mrs. Aggarwal's observations

Subj: Response to Mrs. Aggarwal's observations

1. respected surinder ji
i have been reading your articles on muslims.
i can see the reason and truth behind your hatred for muslims. i am
the same. but nothing is achieved by writing. in fact the hindus are
offended by our views.
strange the hindus have forgotten the hindu holocaust very quickly. in
fact it is taboo to remind the hindus of the atrocilties of muslims.
BJP will win only if they do not remind the hindus of their hindu
blood. they should also call themselves a secular party and
concentrate on development projects and as obama said go for "change"

mrs. raksha aggarwal
2. My Take:
Mrs. Raksha Aggarwal: Namaskar to you also.
Thanks for liking my articles.
3. Your quote:
strange the hindus have forgotten the hindu holocaust very quickly. in
fact it is taboo to remind the hindus of the atrocilties of muslims.
Comment: Yes, it is peculiar behavior on the part of Hindus. But even when they are aware of these atrocities, and perceive the pain of these monster savageries, they do not want to pay the price of defending their Hinduism. They want some one else to pay the price of Hinduism Defense. In other words, they want a free lunch. But there is no free lunch in life.
4. You quote:
BJP will win only if they do not remind the hindus of their hindu
blood. they should also call themselves a secular party and
concentrate on development projects and as obama said go for "change"
Comment: BJP & other political parties consist of people, people like you & me. The problem of Hinduism is Hindu people themselves, and it is a fundamental problem. We Hindus ( at least most of us ) are too selfish, too damn selfish. Our first priority is on our personal welfare & the welfare of our family. We have no priority for the well-being of our Hindu community.
Butcher-Babar observed this characteristic of the Hindu, when he invaded India some 500 years ago.
Surinder Paul Attri

Rejoinder to Saad Bhatti's explanation of Jihad

Subj: Rejoinder to Saad Bhatti's explanation of Jihad
1. Shri S.P. Attri ji,
I had posted --ISLAM'S JIHAD ( HOLY-WAR ) AGAINST THE KAFIRS OF THE WORLD on face-book discussion on Islam.
2. My Take:
Shri Sachin Gupta Jee:
There is a strong & savage connection between Jihad & Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise: the abode of choicest carnal delights & wildest sex with 72 houris ). Since Jihad is the surest means of, access to this Janat, it provides a potent motivation for a Moslem, to engage in Jihad.
I have written a multitude of articles, refuting the bogus statements of guys like Saad Bhatti, he is asking for Quranic quotations. Even though the 1400 year old blood-soaked history, of Islam tells what Jihad is, but let the Quran explain Jihad.
a. " God has bought from the faithful their-selves, and their belongings against the gift of paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill & get killed; that is a promise BINDING on Allah////"
( Repentance 9: 110 )
b. " Fight those who believe not in Allah, and the Last Day, who do not forbid what God and his Messenger have forbidden…such men as practice not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book…until they pay the tribute out of hand, and have been humbled. "
( Repentance 9: 25 )
3. What these two Quranic verses mean is that:
a. Jihad is a binding contract between Allah & his Moslems, with the effect that whatever a Moslem possesses, including his life & property, belong to Allah in exchange for Janat
b. Allah is BOUND by his promise to offer Janat to a Moslem, provided the Moslem kills & gets killed for his pleasure.
c. Moslems must fight the Kafirs ( the Non-Moslem Infidels ).
d. Kafirs are those people who do not believe in the religion of truth ( that is Islam ). The people of the Book, that is the Jews & Christians are also Kafirs, just as others like Hindus, Buddhists etc are. They are all equal-opportunity Kafirs, and must be killed, unless they submit before the Islamic sword, and live as tributaries ( Zimmies ), to acknowledge their humiliation, through payment of Jizyah.
e. Jihad is automatically obligatory upon a Moslem, against those who do not practice, what Allah & Mohammad have prescribed as the proper way of life.
4. Thus there is not only a strong & savage connection, but a Direct-Connection between Jihad & Janat. There is an abundance of other verses in Quran as well as in Hadis, which goad the Moslems to terrorise, tear, & tryrannize the Kafirs.
5. Saad Bhatti's quote;
In Islam there are two types of Jihad, one is with those who declare war against you and your religion...the other is internal, where you fight temptation....
COMMENT: This is the phoney-baloney that Moslems & their Mullahs want you to believe Jihad is, but that is Not what Jihad is. Jihad is all about massacre, mutilation, and misery of Kafirs, inflicted by Moslems. Commission of these atrocities makes Allah HONOR-BOUND, to offer Janat as a gift to a faithful-Moslem.
6. Saad Bhatti's quote:
Didnt you hear of the christian fanatics who use their religion to blow up abortion clinics? thats rligion and fantaticism...
Hiter did use Christianity as an excuse.....
COMMENT: Islam & Christianity are two sides of the SAME coin. Christianity is also an INTOLERANT religion like Islam, but the discussion of Christianity is, beyond the scope of this short rejoinder.
Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, February 14, 2009


By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Islam was founded by Hazrat Mohammad, the Bedouin Gutter-Pig of Arabia, whose Islam slaughtered hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), and sold them as slaves for a mere pittance. Islam demolished many highly developed civilizations.
Before the advent of Islam, the Pagan Arab women enjoyed an admirable status, worthy of respect, including Khadija, the first wife of Hazrat Mohammad. Pagan Arab women had the right to engage in business, and choose/dismiss their husbands, in a matrilineal fashion, they also took part in most activities of war & peace. Goddesses had special status, in Mecca, Medina, as well as in other parts of Arabia, their status was most revered.
2. A Pagan Arab man of Pre-Islamic Arabia, had only one wife in the house. Hazrat Mohammad introduced polygamy, to produce as many Muslim fighting men as possible. By treating Moslem women as breeding-machines, Hazrat Mohammad swindled them of their freedoms & liberties, reducing them to mere service-receptacles for man’s gaiety & access to sex. Hazrat Mohammad ushered in a new era of Arabian man’s dominance over the woman, and brought Arabia into dark age.
By forcing women to wear Hijab ( Veil ), Hazrat Mohammad shut them out of social life, and as married women they were, merely maid servants & man’s social appendage. Hazrat Mohammad’s urge for Moslem man’s dominance over the woman, was tremendously terrible & violent, because as female sex-slaves, women were freely bought & sold, in open markets in all countries that, Islam conquered; women were loaned, rented, or bestowed as gifts to friends. Hazrat Mohammad himself bestowed women sex-slaves to his favorites. Hazrat Mohammad put no limit on the number of sex-slaves Moslems could own. The crumpled & crumbled status of Moslem women, exists even today in the 21st century, in practically every Moslems country. In fact, new laws are being passed in those countries, as lynch-pins of woman’s inferiority & humiliation, and as guardians of Hazrat Mohammad’s commandments to his faithfuls, which are supposed to have been created from Allah‘s light, bestowed upon Hazrat Mohammad.
3. Hazrat Mohammad told his followers that, they are Allah’s Party, and the Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) are Shaitaan’s ( Satan’s ) party, they are destined to be victorious against all Kafirs, therefore, wage wars against all Kafirs. Hazrat Mohammad himself took part in nearly 100 raids against Kafirs, for plunder & slaughter of the Kafirs. After his death, his followers continued his brigandage, because as believers they were obliged to follow his commands. The fierce Islamic Bedouins, with centuries of ruthless warfare experience, came in handy as shock troops of Islam, to the good-for-nothing Hazrat Mohammad.
Hideous-Hazrat did not look upon brigandage as sinful & wicked, but as a source of power, pleasure, and prestige, and labeled it as an act of piety, deserving the highest reward that, Allah can bestow on the perpetrator of this act of sheer-evil.
4. There is no way a Moslem warrior ( Jihadi ) can loose in a war against the Kafirs. If he survives, he gets the loot & becomes the possessor of the Kafirs women. But if he gets killed, he goes straight to Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), where rivers of wine, milk & honey flow, and where 72 houris & 28 pretty boys, anxiously await for him, to service & suffice his wildest sexual urges. Thus a Mujahid ( the holy Moslem warrior ) wins both ways, dead or alive, and there is nothing that, can stop a determined Jihadi.
Because Hazrat Mohammad urged war against Kafirs, as holy war ( Jihad ), it proved stunning in constitutions & application. No country of Arabia could prevent the victory of Islam. One by one, all of them fell to the sword of Islam, and became empires of Allah. During this holy war of Islam, millions of innocent Kafirs perished by the murdering swords if ruthless Bedouins. Those Kafirs who survived, were reduced to utterly-wretched malady.
In all the conquered countries, the female-hating instruments of Islam, were promoted & practised under the sordid legal code of Sharia, ensuring the un-abridged subjugation of women, under the yoke of Islam.
Multiplying the number of harems ( residing places for female sex-slaves ) in all conquered countries, Islam impelled the utter degradation of womanhood.
5. In India, Islamic invaders decimated the great Buddhist & Hindu civilizations. Islamic brutality & barbarity against the Kafir-Hindu, is without parallel in the history of mankind, whole groups & races of people were exterminated. The arrival of Islam in India, was the start of Islamic darkness in India, which turned the whole of India, into a giant open-air slave-camp. At this time, the center of Islam in Indian subcontinent ( Pakistan ), has turned into a horror, with hundreds of thousands of rapes, abductions, murders conducted on a regular basis, besides enjoying the enviable distinction of being the " epicenter of terrorism " for the whole world.
6. It is worse than senseless to expect Islam to turn into a liberal Islam ( a belief held by many Phoney-Liberal Hindu politicians ). It is not going to come to pass & it cannot come to pass, Islam shall cotinue on its old jolly way, murdering & plundering the hateful-Kafirs. Though these acts are putrid, these acts have been rendered pure & pious by Almighty-Allah, and categorized as Jihad, by the Perfect-Pig of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad.
Surinder Paul Attri