Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shri Dewanand's request for Wendy Doniger's address & E-Mail

Subj: Shri Dewanand's request for Wendy Doniger's address & E-Mail
1. namaskar surinder,

I want to attack wendy doniger, but I need her address and email. can you find it for me.

I will sent a waction letter to her and the paper next week.
look on my site, then you will find the waction letters section. public letters. it do works in Holland already. now I am going global with these actions.

send me more information if you have it.

thank you for mailing me

delft the Netherlands
critical podium dewanand

2. My Take:
Namaskar to you also Shri Dewanand Jee.

3. I am passing your message around amongst our Hindus. Some amongst them are Red-Blooded Hindus. They either know Wendy Doniger's whereabouts or can find out. I am biding my time, to make out how you bang Wendy Doniger. It will be much more fun-filled for me, than watching a Kick-A** Video. If I were anywhere near Wendy Doniger, I would love to kick her A**.

4. Hindus out there: If any of you know Wendy Doniger's address or E-Mail, would you mind passing it around either to me or to Shri Dewanand at his E-Mail address of:

5. Shri Devanad is a plucky & gutsy Hindu from Netherland. He will put Wendy Doniger in her place.

6. Thanks for all the helping-hand, that you provide for the good of our Great Hindu Order.

Surinder Paul Attri

Friday, October 30, 2009

My reaction to Prof. Wendy Doniger's nonsense

Subj: My reaction to Prof. Wendy Doniger's nonsense

Prof. Wendy Doniger Unmasked

Dear Colleagues/Supporters:

I am very pleased to enclose herewith an article that appeared in Outlook India, dated October 28, 2009. Aditi Banerjee wrote this article in response to Prof. Wendy Doniger’s interview in the Outlook India issue of October 26, 2009. I am also providing the URL for the web article in Outlook India below:

In the interview Doniger has unfairly tried to vilify and demonize traditional Hinduism, through a mixture of factual errors, half-truths and inaccurate translations from the Sanskrit language of the Ramayana.

BBC has this to say about Doniger:

“Professor Wendy Doniger is known for being rude, crude and very lewd in the hallowed portals of Sanskrit Academics. All her special works have revolved around the subject of sex in Sanskrit texts ranging from Siva: The Erotic Ascetic to Tales of Sex and Violence”...

Aditi Banerjee in her article quotes the Wales Professor of Sanskrit, Harvard University who has said that Prof. Wendy Doniger’s translations are “unreliable” and “idiosyncratic.” Several other sources have not only systematically demolished the myth that Ms. Doniger is an expert on Hinduism but also exposed her false and superficial scholarship.

It is a matter of pride and satisfaction that many young, energetic and highly educated Hindu boys and girls all over the world are taking up cudgels on their own to challenge these phony experts on Hinduism. They surreptitiously sabotage traditional Hindu culture, traditions and Dharma.

We are very proud of Aditi, and congratulate her for vigorously convincing and forceful refutation.

I urge you all to read and widely circulate Aditi’s article. If you have contacts / friends in the media please ask them to reprint her article so that even more people may get an idea of Hinduism as practiced by its adherents.

Narain Kataria

(718) 478-5735

2. My Take
Yes, give Hell to Prof. Wendy Doniger.
She is sexually-obsessed, is inventing lies, and is Anti-Hindu.

3. What is needed is:
a. Demolish the circus that surrounds her name.
b. Explode the myth of her being an expert on Hinduism.

Surinder Paul Attri

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Response to Shri Nablith

Subj: Response to Shri Nablith
1. Hi Surinder Attri,
nablith has made the following comment on your profile:
hello mr.surinder attri i feel that mr.pope must no fear about the welfare of christians in india as theres no threat for christians in india instead he must concern about the growth of islam all over the world rapidly which is definitely not good for humanity and for other religions .in india hindutva groups must concentrate on muslims and islam rather than on christian missionaries in india muslims and islam is the real threat for welfare of hindhus and hinduism if hindhutva groups take no steps against muslims and islam in india i m sure that there will no hindus left in india sooner or later as india is the only last hope of hindhusim where lifes and future of hindhus are stake in the name of secularism ,globalisation and modernisation so i urge all of hindu brothers who ever possible form a group and take necessary actions to prevent islam and muslims from taking over our future,life and welfare stop discussions and chating and work upon it as actions against muslims and islam cannot done by a single person it is a group actitvity so i request you to unite and do something which will make hindhus proud and feel safe in their home land if at all possible i will pleasured to join to save my hindhuism and hindhus from evil forces of islam and make india a hindutva rastra thank you waiting for replyu can also contact me at my email
Original comment »
2. My Take:
Thanks for your comment, Shri Nablith Jee;

3. To be brutally-frank & straightforward, I have no use for either Christianity or Islam. I neither approve the lamebrain-barbarism of Christianity, nor the Bad-A** barbarism of Hazrat Mohammad's ( SBUH: Sh** Be Upon HIm ) Islam.

4. Pope is a Sh**-Head, he is propagating Devil's religion ( Christianity ). Hazrat Mohammad is indulgent in sexual orgies, like there is no tomorrow. Humanity needs neither.

5. Quote: instead he must concern about the growth of islam all over the world rapidly which is definitely not good for humanity
COMMENT: Not true.
Islam is Not growing all over the world. In the continent of Africa, six million Moslems are converting to Christianity every single year.
In Indonesia, several thousand or perhaps a hundred thousand Moslems are converting to Hinduism every single month.

In India, it is Much Much easier to convert Moslems to Hinduism, than it is to re-convert Christians to Hinduism. The Hindu's problem in India is " The Rotten Hindu Leadership. " The Hindu Leadership in India does Not have what it takes to do the job, of Hinduism Defense & Hinduism Strengthening.

6. Quote: so i urge all of hindu brothers who ever possible form a group and take necessary actions to prevent islam and muslims from taking over our future,life and welfare stop discussions and chating and work upon it as actions against muslims and islam cannot done by a single person it is a group actitvity so i request you to unite and do something which will make hindhus proud and feel safe in their home land if at all possible i will pleasured to join to save my hindhuism and hindhus from evil forces of islam and make india a hindutva rastra

COMMENT: This approach sounds good but will Not work. Reason:
We Hindus are selfish, too damn selfish. Our highest priority is on our personal welfare ( and on the welfare of our family ). We have the Lowest priority on the welfare of the rest of the Hindu community. That is the REALITY of life.

7. Conventional methods ( that is, methods that have been tried during the last 1200 years ) will NOT work. Their chance of success is a BIG FAT ZERO.

New & Smart methods " ONLY " can work, to demolish both Islam & Christianity in India.

8. New & Smart methods are " The Muscle Of The Hindu. "

Surinder Paul Attri

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pope's plague of persecution-complex

Subj: Pope's plague of persecution-complex

Dr. Babu Suseelan

The Catholic Pope Benedict has issued a statement requesting Catholics around the world to pray for Catholics against persecution of Christians in India. As usual, the Pope love to claim falsely that Christians are persecuted. Catholics generally suffer from "Martyrdom Complex" and persecution complex. Phobia of Christians is an irrational and persistent fear of non Christians and their pluralistic way of life. Since Catholicism is a closed, totalitarian, rigid and reductionist dogma, the persistent irrational phobia almost invariable provokes an immediate anxiety response. Pope Benedict's statement against Hindus and prayer services for Christians to highlight perceived irrational fear of persecution is a futile attempt to invigorate Catholics around the world. Catholics are under severe pressure around the world due to Nun Running, atrocious news about coercive religious conversion, and Clergy sex abuse. Several Catholics diocese in the US were forced to declare bankruptcy. The Church was forced to pay millions of dollar as compensation for sex abuse victims by Catholics priests. Pope's statement is quite obviously an attempt to boost morale during this trying times. During the day of Via Crucis, the Pope was trying to make too many biased statements as a diversionary tactic.

In fact, Christians in India have been colluding with foreign Christian colonialists to obtain undue advantages for hundreds of years. Christians in India have more constitutional privileges, quota system and financial incentives than the majority Hindus. Most of the educational institutions, Banks and political institutions are managed and controlled by Christians. India, in fact is ruled by the Italian Catholic Sonia and her Vatican gang. Keep in mind, Christianity in India represents totalitarianism, tyranny, and autocratic tendencies. The Pope's false statement of Christian persecution in India is part of Christian psychological warfare to mentally misguide and misdirect gullible Hindus.

The Vatican and the Catholic Church has, over the past several decades, played an important role in promoting conversion, subversive activities, terrorism, psychological warfare and social crisis in non Christian nations. It would be correct to paint the Catholic Church as a negative influence on world events. The Vatican promotes "Martyrdom Complex" and "Persecution Complex" as a defense mechanism to divert attention from Christian subversive activities in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timur, and South America. The Pope's deliberate ignorance on Vatican's complicity on Holocaust, Witch hunt, slaughter of the Native Indians and Africans is part of the Vatican's anti Hindu political strategy.

Vatican's Good Friday to focus on Christian persecutions in India
VATICAN CITY: The faithful will be invited to reflect on the persecution of Christians in India in prayers at this year's traditional Good Friday Way of the Cross ceremony at Rome's Colosseum, the Vatican said Tuesday.
Pope Benedict XVI is set to preside the evening ceremony - also known as Via Crucis - which commemorates Jesus' final hours, including his crucifixion.
Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil of Guwahati, India, has been given the task of writing the meditations for this year's Via Crucis which will focus on 'evil in the world, on pain and on the various forms of suffering,' the Vatican said.
'In this context, he (Menamparampil) will also refer to Christians who suffer persecution in India and in other countries, as well as to the violence that destroys ethnic and religious groups, and to conflicts fuelled by economic interests,' the Vatican said.
Violence aimed at Christians have increased in India in recent years including in the eastern state of Orissa, which witnessed widespread anti-Christian violence after the Aug 23, 2008 murder of Hindu leader Laxmananda Saraswati an attack police blamed on
Maoist rebels.
Nearly 40 people, mostly Christians, were killed in the Hindu-Christian violence in the state that continued over two months.
The Vatican notes how for the 'second consecutive year, the Pope wishes to draw attention to the continent of Asia' given that last year the Way of the Cross prayers then penned by Hong Kong's Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun also focused on the 'persecutions the Catholic Church faces in various part of the world.'

2. My Take:

Pope's persecution complex is Completely out of place & bizarre.

3. Pope is designing an outlandish hypocrisy, requesting prayers for protection of Christians in India ( against persecution ), but Not saying a didly about persecution of Non-Christians by his Christians in NE India.

4. Pope's two-faced perspective is Satan's affliction & disease of Pope's mind. If Pope Benedict fears God & shuns evil, then needs to come clean. Otherwise he is headed straight for Hell ( on the chariot of hypocrisy ).

Surinder Paul Attri

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

India Should Declare Tibet as a Separate Country

Subj: India Should Declare Tibet as a Separate Country
1. India Should Declare Tibet as a Separate Country
Recently China declared Jammu and Kashmir as a separate country. The whole world knows that Jammu and Kashmir are part of India. However, they did not include the part of Kashmir which has been grabbed by Pakistan. I see this as China slapping India. I would recommend India make a map declaring Tibet as a separate independent country. This means we slapped them back. The way the congress party is ruling they might like to turn the other cheek. What we have to use is a Chanakya-gheri strategy. China has already claimed part of India’s territory as part of China. At this time, Pakistan and China know that India is getting strong and prosperous. Their strategy is to split up India into many many pieces and weaken it. At this time, India is being attacked by many sides so what we have to do is unite and remain strong and may God help India. Jay Hind!
Bharat J. Gajjar
2. My Take:
Most definitely yes. Chinks need tit for tat.
3. Neither Tibet nor Xinjiang belongs to China. Both are victims of Westermost & Inglorious-Imperialism of Chinese Warlords. Both have been swindled out of their dignity & respectful deportment. India has no need to award deference to the Chinks, which they do not deserve.
4. Tibetans are racially different from Han-Chinese & do not want anything to do with the Pekinese. Uighurs ( of Xinjiang ) are more like the other Central-Asians ( like the Tajikstanis, Turkmenistanis et al ) than the Pekinese. They are Moslems, they have no use for the Han-Chinese, they are getting ready to start their Jehad against the Chinks. If it creates hell for the Chinks, then let it be.
5. Chinese control of both these places is an unmitigated cultural disaster. By recognizing Chinese control ( manipulation ), India is buttressing bossy & arbitrary, imperialism of Barbaric Chinese Warlords.
Surinder Paul Attri

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two types of Dhimmies, those Damn-Dhimmies

Subj: Two types of Dhimmies, those Damn-Dhimmies
1. Marxist Academic Sree Sreenivasan Working Against Indian Interest

Narain Kataria
According to The Times of India dated October 7, 2009 (article attached), ISI of Pakistan has given an option to the surrendered Taliban either to go to jail or join Jihad against India. This is a very dangerous and frightening news.

On the one hand, Pakistan is deadly determined to destabilize and balkanize India with the help of sleeper cells in India and Taliban in Pakistan, and on the other hand, one far left Dhimmi from Columbia University, New York, Sree Sreenivasan of South Asian Journalists Association, with Hindu sounding name, is encouraging Indian journalists to write stories for the promotion of American Pakistan Foundation.

Please note that there are two types of dhimmis: (i) kafirs who become apologists for Islam, fear and defer to it and seek Islamic favor; and (ii) the subjugated dhimmis who suffer insult, humiliation, torture and brutalities under political Islam.

It is also a matter of great disgust that Sree Sreenivasan is misusing the resources of Indian journalists. He has to be stopped in his sinister design to harm India.

Thousands of Jai Chands and Man Singhs are masquerading as sheep in wolves clothing in our society to befool us, misleads us, weaken us and finally destroy us from within.

Hindus should put a system in place to keep a watch on wolves in sheep’s clothing, expose them, discredit them and boycott them socially.

By the way, Communist Party cardholder Sree Sreenivasan is the son of a former Ambassador of India to USA, Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan.

2. My Take:
Shri Kataria Jee's observations, besides being correct, are Absolutely-Astute.

3. Islam is an imperialistic-ideology, Jehad is its barbaric tool, to wage a relentless war against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, to Islamicize the world. The whole world Must be brought under the banner of Islam ( you will never get the Moslems to admit it, those damn liar Sullas ! ).

3. Yes,there are TWO types of Dhimmies, as very astutely observed by Shri Kataria Jee. But both types are DANGEROUS.
These Damn-Dhimmies have not only accepted the bestial-savagery of Islam towards innocent-Kafirs ( who have done no harm to Sullas ), but are also pushing the un-suspecting Hindus into the vortex of diabolism. Madness is in abundance in Islam, and serenity is in short supply. There is no way out of the darkness of Islam. We Hindus can ignore the threat of Islam, only at our peril.

4. We Hindus & our Hindu leaders Must re-hinduise out Hindus. Hindus must confront Islam & fight it at All fronts, at ideological, political, and theological fronts.

Surinder Paul Attri

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The grit & guts of Ms Wafa Sultan

Subj: The grit & guts of Ms Wafa Sultan
1. Quote: Needless to say, Wafa Sultan's views herein will raise some hackles. But, just listen to her before you make up your minds one way or the other.

2. My Take:
Yes, her views are going to raise hackles, but she is Not Allah's slave, nor is she Muhammad's flunkey. She has no duty to uphold the travesty of truth, that con-man Hazrat Mohammad's Islam is. She has every liberty & license to pick out the right one, from the mass of fiction & fabrication, to reverse the situation completely.

3. May she drum out the manipulation of Muhammad, and free the Moslem slaves from the deception, trickery, chicanery, and charlatanism that his Islam is.

4. God bless Ms Wafa Sultan. God bless Wafa Sultan's eloquence and her style of expression.

5. And may God condemn the obscenity & dirtiness of Islam.

Surinder Paul Attri