Sunday, October 2, 2011

The nature of Islam

Subj: The nature of Islam

1. Quote: you are 100 % right --------- not only ''the EXTINCTION of Hindus from Hindusthan.'' but ''the EXTINCTION of all non-muslims from the whole world.'' and FEEDING THE WOLF- ONE AT A TIME.

2. COMMENT: Is this assessment of Islam correct ?

Let us take a peek at Islam. Islamic clergy claims loftily & loudly that:
" Islam is a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood."

This is a serious misrepresentation of the fundamental doctrine of Islam. In fact, it is a mockery, it is designed to make people believe that, lamb is cruel but wolf is courteious. If Islam were really that peaceful, loving, and brotherly, then why would it engage in terrorism & Jihadic-Imperialism, then why would it seek conversion, through the most vitriolic means, then why does it regard Jihad as the most sacred-violence ?.

3. If you talk to a Moslem, he would deny all these allegations, claiming thunderingly that, Islam as a religion was Never involved in iconoclasm, that Jihad does not mean murder or mutilation of Kafirs, that Jihad only imples struggle against one's own lower instincts, to purify one's self, to qualify for entry into Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ).This is just a Big Fat Lie, designed to fool people.

Islam does have five basic cannons, that is, Kalma, Namaz,Roza, Zukat, and Hajj. Islam does not include Jihad in its Five Basic Cannons, The reason for this exclusion ( even though Jihad is a very important Cannon of Islam ) is to create ambiguity for believers, so that they can & should carry out acts of barbarity, without bothering to enquire into the nature of Islam. Further, even though the observing of the five basic cannons of Islam is good for a Moslem, they provide no guarantee of Janat for a Moslem. But the sixth cannon of Jihad, which invloves maiming & murdering of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), guarantees.a way, that leads straight into Janat.

4. Since Jihad is a serious issue for a Moslem, and it involves the fundamental doctrine of Islam, to lie about it ought to be sinful for a Moslem. But it is no more dishonest for a Moslem than, the big lie technique that Islamic Clergy regularly employs.

Then what exactly is the truth about Islam ?

Answer: To Islam, terror is synonymous with power. That explains the desire of some Moslems, to establish a Caliphate on earth, under Allah's vicegerent. The Caliph, ruling by Islamic law ( Sharia ), would impose rigid subservience & sacrilized discrimination, against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) and against Moslem women, without conscience.

5. That is why the assessment of the above quote, about the total eradication of all Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), Hindus included, as the fundamental aim of Islam, is absolutely correct.

Surinder Paul Attri

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